Fable Legends will be free-to-play on both Xbox One and Windows 10

Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable Legends, the upcoming multiplayer game for Xbox One and Windows 10, will be free-to-play. The studio explains that everything will be balanced to ensure those who opt not to purchase anything in-game will be able to be just as strong as those who invest in their characters. They want you to have fun.

The team behind the title will be sticking to three commitments:

  • Open: you can play to the end without spending a penny.
  • Fair: everything affecting gameplay can be earned by playing the game.
  • Generous: continuous stream of updates with new quests for players to enjoy.

So how exactly will free-to-play work in Fable Legends? The team will deploy silver, the in-game currency everyone will earn through playing as a villain or heroes. This currency can be used to purchase things to make your characters and creators more powerful. Gold is the premium currency, which can be used to purchase many items also available for silver, and can only be obtained by investing real money.

The announcement also went into some detail about hero rotation, which will include four heroes that can be played for free. Silver or gold can be used to unlock heroes and progress is saved, even if you only play them when they're free. Loot can be obtained through playing the game, but is also available for silver and gold. A variety of outfits can only be bought with gold.

In Fable Legends, you'll be able to enjoy and play the game for free, but if you want to get ahead without investing too much time, or wish for some advanced customisation options you'll need to cough up some money. Fable Legends will be released later this year.

Source: Lionhead Studios

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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