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Fable Legends will be free-to-play on both Xbox One and Windows 10

Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable Legends, the upcoming multiplayer game for Xbox One and Windows 10, will be free-to-play. The studio explains that everything will be balanced to ensure those who opt not to purchase anything in-game will be able to be just as strong as those who invest in their characters. They want you to have fun.

The team behind the title will be sticking to three commitments:

  • Open: you can play to the end without spending a penny.
  • Fair: everything affecting gameplay can be earned by playing the game.
  • Generous: continuous stream of updates with new quests for players to enjoy.

So how exactly will free-to-play work in Fable Legends? The team will deploy silver, the in-game currency everyone will earn through playing as a villain or heroes. This currency can be used to purchase things to make your characters and creators more powerful. Gold is the premium currency, which can be used to purchase many items also available for silver, and can only be obtained by investing real money.

The announcement also went into some detail about hero rotation, which will include four heroes that can be played for free. Silver or gold can be used to unlock heroes and progress is saved, even if you only play them when they're free. Loot can be obtained through playing the game, but is also available for silver and gold. A variety of outfits can only be bought with gold.

In Fable Legends, you'll be able to enjoy and play the game for free, but if you want to get ahead without investing too much time, or wish for some advanced customisation options you'll need to cough up some money. Fable Legends will be released later this year.

Source: Lionhead Studios

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Sweet
  • Awesome
  • So many free games!! This, the Happy Wars, then World of Tanks. I love MS so much!!
  • Can't wait to play it ! :D   Hope they will keep their promise ;)
  • Maybe they will showcase cross platform gaming? Any news on that?
  • Microsoft already showed that off over a month ago at a Windows 10 event
  • With fable? :-o
  • That was the only game showed with windows  10 and xbox one cross platform play
  • Look up windows 10 Fable legends on YouTube. :)
  • Well, Happy Wars and World of Tanks are coming to Xbox One and they are cross platform with the 360. Also the saved data is on one profile instead of between consoles. Pretty sweet
  • This is interesting news. I'm curious how awesome some of the Gold items will be. I like that it's not things to affect game play.
  • Maybe its like dota 2 , only visuals and clothes are premium.
    Everything else must be earned.
  • Free is good
  • Usually, it's not. F2P models pretty much completely ruin 99% of the games that use them. Killer Instinct is one exception, but it doesn't sound like Fable Legends will be as fair as KI was. In KI, every player is on the same level, no matter what. Anytime you start an online match, whether you have a free character or a paid one, whether you win entirely depends on your skills. In contrast, it sounds like Fable Legends is going the "currency" route where, "currency can be used to purchase things to make your characters and creators more powerful...[so] if you want to get ahead without investing too much'll need to cough up some money". This is not good. It creates imbalance.
  • Wow you've really thought this out
  • It really doesn't, as long as the silver requirements aren't too onerous; there's nothing that'll improve your character that you can't buy with silver that you can buy with gold. As long as it's possible to acquire enough silver to stay competitive in a reasonable amount of time, there is no problem at all. And it redresses the imbalances created in the other direction by being able to grind your way to gear; by default games benefit people with more time than money, but that's just as unfair as benefiting people with more money than time.   It cuts both ways and finding a good balance is better than just going all one way or all the other.
  • If there is ever a scenario where people can pay extra to accelerate a leveling-up process, it creates unfair advantages. Even if there weren't such a system, any leveling-up system automatically creates imbalances. This is why I like games like Killer Instinct: everyone is on equal ground, always. It's why, when I play Halo with friends, we play custom matches where everyone has the same weapons. Having said that, as much as I loathe F2P games, I think this is the right move for them to kick off Xbox on Windows 10. Have a big-name title, have it cross-platform, have it be good, and give everyone access to it. Then, suddenly, PC gamers who used to be on Steam are drifting over to the Xbox Store to see what's up. It's smart.
  • They said everything gameplay wise has to be earned... They have an in game currency and real currency. Both of those can purchase characters that go through the cycle, much like League of Legends. But leveling up and everything else is strictly through gameplay. Go watch the video announcement.
  • Normally, those concepts with all gear to be earned by playing means grinding months for something you could buy for 2$.
    Planetside 2 had this. It took weeks to get the money to buy one good gun.
    Hopefully, Fable won't go this way...
  • Any smart gamer knows F2P is the worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry
  • So I'm a dumb gamer because I don't mind spending ten minutes playing a game I didn't pay for?
  • Nice!!!
  • Neat
  • Can I play this on my PC without having a Xbox console?
  • Don't see why not. Seems to me MS confirmed there was a PC version during their January presentation and the article confirms it as well.
  • I know there is a PC version, but I think there's a catch there, where you have to own a Xbox console and have games originally on them in order to play on PC just as a secondary device. You know, just for the sake of selling more consoles....
  • I'm sure, they have clearly stated the game is multiplatform.
  • NO! A PC version is made like more other games, that DONT need an Xbox one to play it. U only need an Xbox one to stream games to PC and to play Crossplay against PC and vise versa. No catch or sneaky hidden things. @samir
  • Yes hope so!
  • I would like to know the answer too :]
    If it can be play on pc without xbox, I think the future of xbox console might not be that bright..
  • I don't like "free" games.
  • This doesn't look like a normal "free" game tho. The only thing the article explicitly stated was premium only was certain outfits. Other than that, everything that can be bought can also be earned for least, any of the important items
  • Yes, because people would buy a gaming PC over an Xbox if only they could play Fable Legends lol
  • On the contrary, if Microsoft fully brings Xbox to PC, that will only make things better for Xbox One the console, as it will encourage game development for the Xbox platform (Xbox on Windows 10, Xbox One on consoles), especially if they implement a universal store and Windows 10-to-Xbox One streaming, and vice-versa. Unify it.
  • Yes. Thing is, will it be through the Xbox app, ala steam or just plug into your friends list?
  • The gaming experience will be integrated into the windows 10 OS it uses the live network to record clips like you can on an Xbox and keep in touch with people that play on Xbox and PC merging the online play of PC and Xbox gamers. It's like Windows live games 2.0 merging the two gaming platforms into one where chat and online gaming is connected.
  • Cross platform is playing on the Xbox with someone else on a PC. The only reason you need a console is to play Xbox games on your PC via streaming. Which is for people that don't have a gaming PC yet sometimes won't have access to the tv that the Xbox is connected to in order to play on it. They can play these games on a PC or tablet and not have to be in the same room as the Xbox.
  • As long as stuff isn't overpriced (I'm looking at you warframe) I think free to play isn't a bad strategy. The stigma free to play games used to have is dying down, I think. This is Microsoft though. They find new and improved ways to kill their products, so we'll have to wait and see. I hope for the best.
  • I think it helps, at least in the case of MMOs, that companies are getting better at offering options where you can play for free and shell out money as needed or pay a subscription and have everything unlocked. Probably one of the best systems I've seen used is Wildstar.
  • Microsoft is hit-or-miss on F2P. They nailed it with Killer Instinct but botched it with Project Spark.
  • Awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Whaaaaaat?? This is crazy! Cross platform AND free to play?!
  • Not exactly free if you need Xbox Gold.
  • Waaaaah! It's also "not exactly free" if you need an Xbox, a TV, electricity, and Internet access... Gonna whine about them not including those, too? The game is free to play. Prerequisites are not.
  • ^You just won at internetting, congratulations!! :D
  • Internetting isn't even a verb...
  • You're right: it's a gerund.
  • Good for them, that is so cool!
  • Seems faster!!
  • Can Xbox One players play with PC players?
  • YESSSS! Windows 10 will allow it :)
  • I just signed up for the beta for both Windows 10 & Xbox One. For those who tend to live under rocks or just simply can't comprehend a simple message, this game is the first product of its kind to be released with the Universal initiative. Notice this game doesn't say PC even though it is the term used for gaming on Windows or Linux. The game, however says "Windows 10 and Xbox One" meaning the intended platforms since both of these will shere the same underspinings. People need to start seeing the difference from now on. I see so much confusions out there when the message has been delivered very clear on January.
  • It's not actually the first of its kind to do this. There was at least one or two GFWL and Xbox 360 games that did this, and Project Spark allows you to play both the Windows 8.1 and Xbox One versions and have progress sync (not sure about multiplayer play, though). But, yes, Microsoft will, I hope, beat that point into everyone next week at GDC: this is Xbox on Windows 10 and Xbox on Xbox One. They need to go all in on Xbox gaming on PC.
  • Yes!!!
  • Ohh this is a damn good move :)
  • Cross and FREE!!!! Heart Attack \o
  • I love this Game...
  • Wow! Did not expect this at all! Very cool. I will for sure be checking out fable legends now.
  • So will this be a Windows Store app or a Desktop/Steam Game?
  • And here I said to myself that I Won't invest in another Fable Game. Plan ruined. Cause I'll likely pay for Gold currency.
  • Just WOW!!!!
  • Bad news and im disappointed that's its a free game , of course that means its not the fable full experiences
  • So take the League of Legends approach.