Facebook app experiencing some errors

There appears to be an issue with the Facebook app for Windows Phone, with a number of readers reporting the same problem over on our forums. Should you install the Facebook app from the Marketplace and attempt to login you will be greeted by; "Sorry, there was an error." The app generally experiences problems when alterations are made on Facebook's end. A community moderator at Microsoft Answers has been made aware of the issue (opens in new tab), but let's hope the team addresses this soon. In the mean time, the Facebook integration still works flawlessly.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I never really use FB unless I need to add a friend.  Actually, does anyone experience photo album issues in the PEOPLE hub? I don't get to access every users photo album inside the People hub, but I can see them in the FB app. just wondering if anyone has noticed an inconsistent experience?
  • http://www.wpcentral.com/facebook-feed-issues-people-hub-you-re-not-alone
    I doubt it'll ever be fixed. I don't use the People hub for Facebook updates now as I'm missing updates from a bunch of people. The very essence of Widows phone, the People hub, and it's crippled because of this.
    The Facebook app would be fine, if they fixed the damn scrolling bug that was introduced in the latest version. And from what I can read from the app reviews, the picture upload from within the app is also broken.
    Get it together Microsoft.
  • Glad to see someone else talking about the scrolling bug...  After the fanfare of the new version last month, I tried it a few times, and found it completely unusable.  Plus, I don't know what they meant by "deep linking" because any notification I touched simply opened the app and went to my news feed... Total GarbageWare.
  • Totally agree.  Facebook is already intergrated into the phone, so I can't see the app getting updated quickly.
  • I always use the integrated facebook when I'm on the move and I wonder what more an app like that has to offer?
  • The FB "integration" is somewhat of a misnomer because if your friends have privacy settings to block 3rd party access to their feed then guess what, you won't see your friend's updates in the People Hub. I use both the app and the People Hub because of this.
  • With regards to your photo album issue in the people hub, the Facebook integration in the people hub is treated as an app accessing FB info, not an official Facebook app. Therefore, some users have chosen not to share photos or even wall posts with apps in the settings and I think that's why you can't see them.
  • I wouldn't say the integrated Facebook works flawlessly, sometimes I have issue with chat where it would say that no one is online until after several sign off/on cycles.
  • Yesterday was a bad day to be my first ever on WP7.  I was going mental trying to get the FB app working. 
  • the wp7 facebook app is below average ... i know we are going for integration but a facebook made app would be nice ... u know one that wasn't trown together in 2 mins for the sake of being metro but lacking functionality.
  • The app is just garbage.. Its already built into windows phone.. But I wish the fb chat was a little more tighter. It takes a while for it to pull in a message.. But really, I still use the web most of the time...
  • Pulls down messages just fine for me. Don't notice any delay whatsoever.
  • Regarding the People Hub, it's considered a 3rd party app and subject to privacy restrictions. See this article. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2494045 Facebook users can disable or configure their privacy settings for third-party platform apps, and control the information available to apps and websites that their friends also use. Windows Phone falls under this third-party app category. This means privacy restrictions set by your friends and contacts can affect your phone experience.
  • thanks to everyone clearing up the People Hub experience for me. Learned alot!
  • Can't say the FB app is perfect, but seems to work pretty well for me. I refuse to use the baked in FB, because IMHO it is absolute crap that you have no way to prevent all your contacts from being uploaded to FB. Ther is no excuse for that behavior.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "contacts being exported to Facebook." As far as I know, there is no way to transfer or import your phone/windows live contacts to Facebook from the phone. And I know it doesn't so it automatically...
  • The integrated, baked-into-the-OS Facebook connector (Settings -> Accounts) has full access to all your contacts, and happily sends them all to Facebook.
    The standalone app, downloaded from Marketplace, like every other regular app, does not have access to your contacts and so cannot upload them to FB.
  • The only thing I really use the app for is the toasts.
    I wish WP had an option for toasts from facebook by default without the app.
  • Too bad baked FB chat does not support facebook messages. If so, i would not have to use this app. it's slow, and often has problems. Nothing new here.