Facebook to kill in-app messaging in favor of using dedicated Facebook Messenger app [Update]

Facebook is working on transitioning users somewhat forcefully to using their dedicated Messenger app. Warning messages have been sent out to some European users that in about two weeks time, they wouldn’t be able to use the core Facebook app to do their chatting. Though this change will be rolling out globally, there will be exceptions in place for lower-powered Android devices that apparently can’t handle the Pure Awesome of the Facebook Messenger standalone app, and for Facebook’s relatively fresh news app, Paper.

Though this means you’ll need to install and manage two apps, hopefully it will result in greater performance individually. What do you guys think of the change? Do you already have Facebook Messenger installed, or would you rather keep your Facebook chats bundled in the core experience?

[Update] The Verge has since updated their post to state that Windows Phone and 'tablet' users will continue to see messages inside their Facebook app. Their initial report did not specify that Windows Phone users would be exempt. And life goes on. - Sam

Source: The Verge

Simon Sage