Facebook Messenger might soon support Chat Heads on Windows and macOS

Messenger Beta Windows 10
Messenger Beta Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Facebook may soon add support for Chat Heads to the desktop versions of Messenger.
  • A reverse engineer spotted settings options for Chat Heads on the Windows and macOS versions of Messenger.
  • Chat Heads are floating bubbles that allow people to communicate through Facebook quickly.

Facebook's Messenger app on Windows and macOS might soon support Chat Heads. The Chat Heads feature on the mobile versions of Messenger creates floating bubbles that can stay on top of other apps. These can be tapped to send messages quickly. Now, the feature appears to be on its way to the desktop.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted evidence of Chat Heads coming to macOS over the weekend. Initially, Paluzzi couldn't check the Windows app code but later shared that Chat Heads are in the works for the Windows version of Messenger.

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There's no indication regarding when support for Chat Heads will roll out to the desktop versions of Messenger. It's also not officially confirmed that the feature will ship, though it seems likely based on the shared screenshots.

Chat Heads are an optional feature that make it much quicker to jump in and out of messages. They don't take up much space on your screen and appear whenever you minimize the Messenger app. They can be enabled or disabled through Settings.

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  • This would have been the ideal use case for My People but of course they didn't bother to consider implementing it until after it got discontinued because apps wouldn't use it.
  • My People only supported Email and Skype so was DOA. They needed ro open it up to third parties but never did.
  • It worked on Windows Phone years ago. You never needed the Facebook or messenger app because you could get it all via the people hub.
  • But Facebook changed their open protocol and forced people to use their apps.
  • I would prefer if the Chat icon on the taskbar could actually integrate all chat apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Teams for Consumer, etc.) just like the People Hub back in Windows Phone 7 did. Windows does NOT require persistent floating chat heads because of its multitasking nature. Let everything chat be hidden behind a centralized Chat icon for basic messaging and in the same way you can expand Teams to the full app, you can also go deeper to launch your preferred app if you want to do more.
  • This is about Facebook Messenger not Teams Chat. "Windows does NOT require persistent floating chat heads because of its multitasking nature." Android has a multitasking nature too.
  • Does anyone use Facebook messenger these days apart from the occasional Boomer or Gen Z?
  • I was wondering if a comment like yours would show up, and it did. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users each month. Whatsapp has 2 billion. So yes, Messenger is used, heavily. Just because it isn't where you live, doesn't mean it isn't elsewhere. In my country of Australia, everyone uses it, if you have a smart phone you have Messenger installed, young or old alike. Many other countries are the same. Messenger actually has almost the same number of monthly users as Instagram, here: https://backlinko.com/facebook-users