Fake render of a Nokia Lumia 1000 provides a laugh but could be awesome

Don’t get us wrong, we know for a fact that this is just a render of a Lumia 900 mashed with the 808 Pureview (back) with an E7 keyboard thrown in. After all, if you’re building your dream phone, why not go all out, right?

The image comes from a Chinese website (http://product.cnmo.com) and it’s actually listed in the database, including specs and everything.

At first blush, that might lend some credence to the idea that this ‘Lumia 1000’ could be real. But things like ship date as March 2012 and an Intel Atom Z2580 betray the truth. (And yes, just to be extra super sure, we asked Nokia who responded with a laugh). The rest of the specs though aren’t too unrealistic: 4.3“ AMOLED display, 1024x768 resolution, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a PureView camera to boot.

Granted the phone would be massive. As if a 41MP camera with a large sensor wouldn’t be big enough, tossing in a sliding keyboard would be pushing it--not that Nokia couldn’t figure out a way by using different materials (i.e. aluminum), but we just don’t see such a device coming to reality, no matter how awesome it could be. The fact of the matter is physical keyboards are out (ask HTC) and no one is predicting their resurgence any time soon in 2013.

Black slab phones for life, sorry folks.

What do you think--would such a device be the “dream Lumia” for you or would you rather opt for thin and svelte? Sound off in comments.

Source: Product CNMO; Thanks, halamadrid, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nobody cares about hardware keyboards
  • Says who? I mean I'm not a fan, but there needs to be wp8 devices with keyboards asap. Then my teacher will buy it.
  • And BB users
  • Except for the tiny contingent who want them badly (raises hand). BlackBerry evidently still believe in them ergo Q10. Remains to be seen if it sells though...
  • I'm curious too how the Q10 performs. My first smartphone had a keyboard but 3 months into using it, I completely switched to the virtual keyboard and never looked back.
  • I think most people have had similar experiences which is why hardware keyboards were once common but are now almost non existent.
  • It's a difficult sell since it's portrait.  Give me a landscape version of WP8 w/ keyboard and I'd snap one up for my wife and sister-in-law (It's the only reason she still uses BB).  They both love keyboards.
  • Of course it will. At least it will sell way more than the Z10. Physical Keyboard is practically synonymous with BlackBerry.
  • I don't know why someone hasn't tried the surface style of external keyboard, it would make a great case/cover too for the screen.
    And realistically when I'm sitting down is the only time I really will get a much bigger benefit from a real keyboard, having a stand+keyboard case that I could use when sitting down for office etc makes it far more useable and frees up a lot of screen real estate.
  • I like the one like dell venue pro though... If its thin like Motorola razr one I LL love it
  • myself I still miss mine from my Quantum, and would absolutely on the spot buy one if Nokia made a phone with the pureview and a hardware keyboard
  • I know plenty of people that wont even buy a phone if it doesn't have a hardware keyboard.
  • On the flipside, I wouldn't buy a phone if it did have one. The added weight and bulk are completely not work it (IMO).
  • Play with the current bold 9900, then tell me if it is a heavy phone.
  • Except blind people.
  • I would have a landscape keyboard, especially if it had a d-pad for games
  • Wtf I want a fuckn keyboard biotch
  • For people like me I cannot power text with onscreen keyboards as much as I did with my old Tilt!;)
  • I would buy any high end phone with a physical keyboard be it android or Windows Phone. I've been upset at the lack of available options and I have no interest in owning a BlackBerry.
  • I have to admit that it's not a bad idea.
    Tilting the phone didn't always make the keyboard tilt(on majority of apps), which makes it more difficult for me to type. I end up fat fingering and its really annoying having to go back to erase it and retype and make the same mistake again and again.
    Fortunately, wpc allows me use tilt the phone and type on the larger keyboard.
    On the other hand, it uses up the majority of the screen, in which is why I reason to have a sliding keyboard.
  • We certainly know who's wrong now, lol. (Need I add my input?)
  • I still care because  when  I use  the screen  keyboard  the screen keyboard  take  to  much  screen  size.. With the  Keyboard  you  got  the  screen  all  for you. I love my  Quantum
  • +1
  • I do. :(
  • You mean that, YOU don't care about hardware keyboards. Fair enough. But do not presume to speak for anyone else. I would have loves a HWK for WP8 to replace the excellent 7pro
  • BB Q10.
  • I have sweaty palms, I would like to get a physical keyboard.
  • When I got my g2 I really wanted a keyboard. My phone before that was the behold and I hated that phone. The virtual keyboard sucked. So after using the g2 for two years, I found that I didn't really use the keyboard. I guess I had big fingers and kept hitting the wrong key. Now that I have the 920, I don't even miss a keyboard.
  • This would be a dream device for me. Although these days I don't miss physical keyboards as much as I use to. So maybe give me a slightly thinner/lighter device without it. 
  • Has anyone else noticed the Windows 8 logo? This may not be a WP8 device. It may be an actual windows 8 PC
  • WP7 carried that logo.
  • Wp7 never carries that logo on the device. Laptops do. Well we can all dream a phone like this will exist
  • A phone sort of like that does exist, the Fujitsu F-07C phone with windows 7 and I think a symbian mode that the user can switch between, Japan only though... But the image of the phone in the article looks more cut-and-shunt then mashup :) I hope something without the weld lines appears if they do go for that look :)
  • Cool looking phone, but slide out qwerty's aren't for me. Also this phone looks really heavy and thick.
  • I wouldn't care if it was heavier, it would be great to be able to use a slide qwerty and be able to see the full screen.
  • Vertical slider or NO slider!
  • That render has been around for ages. It runs Windows 8 (not Windows Phone 8) and still uses the wavy, flag-like Windows logo.
  • Dude, we established it was fake, I mean...it's not like we needed any more proof of it or there was much debate. You want to analyze the pixels too? :) It's more about "What if..." than "OMG This is totally real!".
  • Heh.
  • Yeah, and its fake too!
  • Lmfao!!^^
  • Half Life 3 Confirmed?
  • That will never happen >  Lord Gaben knows how to troll
  • Never understood why people complained that the 920 didn't have a 41mp sensor, the 808 is hideous.
  • Thank you! ^THIS
  • You show off the pictures you take, not what you take them on.
  • A mother always loves her child, hideous or not.  The same can be applied to the 808 and/or 808 successor.  xDDDD
  • I'd love a Nokia with a hardware keyboard. Gives more real estate for typing on when it comes to emails and messages.
    I've never had a blackberry and don't want one - the keys seem exceptionally small and you'd need to concentrate to type. At least with the E7 its was a fairly decent keyboard. As long as the camera on any device with a hard keyboard wasn't FF like the E7 I'd be happy
  • yeah... I'd pass on this device. 
  • Im no keyboard fan but even if they released one version with it i reckon it would do well and could draw other user into the WP market.
  • This looks horrible
  • Anyone noticed the WCDMA band on it?
  • Fun idea but if you are going to put a slider on it, it would have to be a portrait one, that one the top few centimeters could avoid sliding and allow for the thick camera unit while the bottom section slides down. 
  • Lol Nokia Germany just did an interview stating that there is no demand for qwerty/keyboard phones.
  • I don't care for the back tumor.
  • Dude I would so carry a hunchback of notre dame phone if it brought me pictures like the 808. I'm so tired of taking nude photos of myself on the beach that always look grainy.
  • Ha! The patrons at reddit/r/selfies would appreciate it too.
  • lololol -Sadly, I occasionally navigate to that subreddit from time to time. 
  • Horizontal keyboards made playing she's emulators pretty good. Trying to hold turbo in SMB3 and jump is near impossible on touchscreen controls. I know with android u can pair a Bluetooth ps3/wii/xbox controller to the phone and it works awesomely but makes it less portable, I would love to see hardware keyboards return. Its also great for writing word documents so you can actually see what you see writing on the screen
  • The guy that did those fake Surface Phone concepts has also done one for the 1000. It looks way better than this LOL
  • Tungsten flash would be really cool, judging from the comparisons I've seen. I guess there's a difficulty with the "flashlight" feature, but it would be worth it to me. Once WP sells well, I think there could be enough market for a physical keyboard device among the lineup.
  • A fake render?  Man I hate slow news days...  Feb 25th can't come soon enough.
  • I know...every tech site I go to has been like this, this past week...Pocketnow seems to be the least trolling out of all of them. 
  • I would jump to a WP8 device with a keyboard. I loved my LG Quantum only to give it up because of lack of updates from AT&T.
  • Shut up and take my money!
  • I would love to see windowsphone with physical keyboard
  • make that a 4.5 or higher i'm there....I would love that on a good high end Nokia WP8.
  • I personally know many people who would love to buy such phone!
  • I'd have that... Camera on the 920 is plenty good enough - Windows Phone 8 with a horizontal slider keyboard would be awesome... I'd tear your arm off... 
  • First thing would be to axe that lame physical keyboard. Or make it a Xbox game pad, smart glass enhanced. Make it run Win8RT. Drop in a quad core and bump up the resolution on the 5.3" super amoled screen to 1080p. Then we'll start talking dream phone. Get crazy and bring back aero for them tiles with a nice little blue underglow when you press them.
  • I'd love a hardware keyboard again my E7 was brilliant with it and it always amazed people. Its so much easier to text email etc I can't wait for a Lumia 920E
  • This phone would be a perfect upgrade to my Arrive...I love keyboards. Makes typing more than a sentence much easier..
  • I'm neutral to the physical keyboard. What I care about is the fact that if this is truly what it looks like (knowing this render us fake), I'd wish for a 41 MP pureview phone without that embarrassing hump of a camera sensor protruding from the back. Totally ruins the sleek look.
  • The Lumia line is thin enough. I praise Nokia for unique industrial design. The last thing I want is for people to say "that looks like an iPhone". Screw aluminum, coloured unibody polycarb is freakin awesome. Dual shot bodies are freakin awesome. Keep innovating please, Nokia. Keep making phones that stand out.
  • Isn't there a rumor of a Nokia WP phone with 41MP camera called EOS? To house the camera, it'll probably have a similar look. But it won't have a keyboard because Nokia (just like HTC) already said there is no market for phones with a keyboard.
  • Bought an 820 on eBay to hold me over till teh 1000's a reasonable price and I'll re-eBay the 820 for it
  • Shut up and take my money!!! I don't know what the deal is with phone manufacturers ignoring the physical keyboard market. Survey after survey shows they are desired. If HTC released a GSM HTC 7 Pro with U.S. 3G frequencies, I would be using it today, even over this Lumia 920 sweetness that I'm on now
  • I think a physical keyboard would be nice, but it doesn't belong on a flagship Imo. I personally would rather not have one, but I know others would so if Nokia made mid range or low range WPs with keyboards that would be great! But I don't think they would release a flagship with a physical keyboard.
  • My ideal Windows Phone wouldn't be running Windows Phone at all, but Windows RT.
    Basically it'd be this:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/55/Samsung_GALAXY_Note_II.jpg/503px-Samsung_GALAXY_Note_II.jpg except running Windows RT (of course, with a phone app added, and maybe some portrait optimization.)  Okay, I'd also rather if Nokia built it instead of Samsung, but that's besides the point. :D
  • I'm in love with the Lumia's iconic design but they should step away from it a bit with the so called 1000 or it will be stamped as a re-hash, and we only need that label from Samsung.  *May I add a physical keyboard will be nice as an cover attachment, something similar to the Surface. That'll be cool.
  • Thin and slick for me. I can handle thicker if it's contoured like the Lumia 920, but I couldn't go any bulkier than that any more.
  • Absolutely every single WP7 phone uses that logo. That part of the render is just a Lumia 900, like the article clearly stated.
  • No offense to this concept, but if Nokia had an ounce of brains their next Lumia should be the FX800 concept...the most beautiful phone that I've ever seen.  In fact, a month or so ago I tweeted Stephen Elop and mentioned this to him and I also suggested calling it the Lumia 1000. Strangely, of the 2 tweets that I sent him, the one mentioning turning the FX800 into the Lumia 1000 was mysteriously deleted a couple of days later....hmmmm!   I've got my fingers crossed!
  • dude, I remember seeing that article at phonearea! I honestly think that this will be a future design in the works. The rumors of the next lineup of phones sort of push this concept. I would put money down that we will see a design like this at MWC this year.
  • I don't mind rolling without a physical keyboard, but give me a Lumia with an Arrive esque 5 row, except throw in a tab key and I'm sold. Otherwise I'll stick keyboard less.
  • This has given me an idea...
  • I miss my quantum... :-(
  • The keyboard on my Arrive sucked so I never used it. To me it was just added bulk. No thanks. That said, wp8's software keyboard ain't perfect, either, so Nokia can feel free to improve that all they want! :)
  • Ugliest phone short of a blackberry I have ever seen.
  • uh..  terrible.. who goes out of their way to provide a render of a phone no one is interested in.   No wait, seriously, i really love phones that have giant camera parts sticking out of the back, and hardware keyboards that take up space that could be giving me extra battery. 
    any phone that has a camera that they couldn't fit into the design, and then they had to design the phone to be bigger or thicker, or have a camera lens just kinda sticking out the back like that is just terrible design.  it's like they designed the phone, and then said,.... ohhh the camera wont fit... lets just make it stick out a bit out the back, no one will notice.    STOP this crazyness, no one wants their phone to be thicker where the camera is. 
  • I would like a really big, bulky phone with a huge battery and extreme specs
  • i'd have a landscape keyboard if it was good.  no need for it to take up much bulk these days.
    should be fairly easy to come up with a way for live tiles to turn landscape (know how i'd have them turn already).
    nothing wrong with premium features and some options and difirentiation in the market :)
  • Im sorry, but I will not buy a phone that does not have a slider.  I hate electronic keyboards.
    and as long as I can get a used phone on ebay I will not get a phone with a virtual keybard.
    If they made this phone I would buy it in a hot second... at retail $$$$ no contract...