Don’t get us wrong, we know for a fact that this is just a render of a Lumia 900 mashed with the 808 Pureview (back) with an E7 keyboard thrown in. After all, if you’re building your dream phone, why not go all out, right?

The image comes from a Chinese website ( and it’s actually listed in the database, including specs and everything.

At first blush, that might lend some credence to the idea that this ‘Lumia 1000’ could be real. But things like ship date as March 2012 and an Intel Atom Z2580 betray the truth. (And yes, just to be extra super sure, we asked Nokia who responded with a laugh). The rest of the specs though aren’t too unrealistic: 4.3“ AMOLED display, 1024x768 resolution, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a PureView camera to boot.

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Granted the phone would be massive. As if a 41MP camera with a large sensor wouldn’t be big enough, tossing in a sliding keyboard would be pushing it--not that Nokia couldn’t figure out a way by using different materials (i.e. aluminum), but we just don’t see such a device coming to reality, no matter how awesome it could be. The fact of the matter is physical keyboards are out (ask HTC) and no one is predicting their resurgence any time soon in 2013.

Black slab phones for life, sorry folks.

What do you think--would such a device be the “dream Lumia” for you or would you rather opt for thin and svelte? Sound off in comments.

Source: Product CNMO; Thanks, halamadrid, for the tip