You can now download Fallout Shelter for Xbox One and Windows 10 right here [Update]

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play apocalypse management game, which tasks players with the stewardship of their very own underground bunker sheltered from the nuclear wasteland outside. Fallout Shelter is based on the popular RPGs developed by Bethesda Softworks, and it debuted just before E3 2015 for iOS devices.

Since Fallout Shelter's launch, it has made its way across to Android and Windows PCs, but now, the game is hitting console for the first time on Xbox One, sharing progression with a Windows 10 Store version. The store listing is now live.

Update 1:30PM ET: Fallout Shelter is now live to download in the Store! Follow the Windows Store link below to get it.

Fallout Shelter has been updated continuously since launch, adding tons of new features. The Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the game will receive all the same content as other versions, complete with Xbox Play Anywhere integration for the synchronizing of progress and purchases.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Fallout Shelter will be supporting Windows 10 Mobile, at least for now. It appears that Fallout Shelter might be a direct Project Centennial port of its desktop version, without support for ARM devices.

Update 15:55PM ET: Microsoft PR has confirmed that there are no plans to release a Windows 10 Mobile version at this time. We're waiting on a response from Bethesda to see whether plans could change in the future.

We've reached out to both Bethesda and Microsoft to ask whether the situation might change in the future, but at least soon, you'll be able to enjoy the game on your Windows 10 PC, tablet, or Xbox One.

Download Fallout Shelter using the link below!

Download Fallout Shelter on the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
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  • This is why we need full Windows 10 on mobile
  • I wish Windows 10 Cloud with CShell will replace W10M on cheaper devices
  • I just might... :)
  • Shouldnt need a full blown desktop OS to play a phone game. Would have worked just as well on WP/W10M if not for the whole retrenchment thing....
  • This is why we need a surface phone.
  • if we have full windows 10 on mobile, does that mean *.exe files can be run from mobile? i just looking at security wise, prefer to just have apps from windows store , can anyone shed light, i don't know much about that area concerning it.
  • It's hard for developers to port games over to WM10 when it appears as though MS doesn't even truly know what WM10 is or what it'll be a year or two from now. I am definitely picking this up on my surface when I get home though. I can't wait. I loved it on iOS and I am psyched to play it on W10 and Xbox with achievements.
  • Sorry. Accidental double post.
  • Oh.. from just two years ago ... ramming up the pace! 
  • What?
  • And a touch centric game is not available on the most common touch centric device...
  • Yeah, not sure how great this game would be without a touchscreen or at least a mouse. Using an XBox controller can't be a good experience.
  • Yeah. Plague is also a touch centric game, and its sometimes a bit cumbersome with an Xbox controller, and I think this will be as well.
  • It works really well with a controller although I do agree that a touch screen is a better option for this style of game.
  • I just downloaded it onto my surface pro 4
  • Wasn't it originally (more than a year ago) released on the two most popular mobile platforms?
  • Which is a tablet? ;) Well, then it is.
  • They must've hurried up and pulled it from Xbox, because it's no longer there for download ☹
    Update: It's there and I have it😊
  • It seems to be live now! Downloaded!
  • yup, its live  
  • XboxPlay(Almost)Anywhere
  • Huh!!?!
  • No W10M support
  • ....yet!!!!
  • Psh, yea we'll see lol
  • That's awesome. Sad, but awesome.
  • Oddly it says you need at least a GTS250 to run it but I'm downloading it on my SP4 anyway
  • That's a 2009 GPU, we'll all do fine with integrated graphics with 2015/2016 devices.
  • Yep, running great on my CoreM based Samsung TabPro S.
  • Works fine on SP4. Sadly it cant see my android cloud save games.
  • Just tried it and you're right, the reason you can't see the save games is because this is an Xbox Live game not Google Play which saves games to the cloud. On the plus side it does mean that you can play it on your desktop and Xbox One with the same game save as on your SP4.
  • Here's hoping it works ok on my atom powered surface... Downloading as I type.
  • Not sure, let us know how it performs
  • Yep, works great. Looks like the advertised specs were a bit over the top then. Doesn't need great hardware at all.
  • Quite frustrating that this is only available on x64 Windows 10. I recently got a hold of the Alcatel Plus 10 which has 64bit architecture, but only x86 Windows 10. Major bummer!
  • I'm a Fallout fan. But a fan I'm not of Fallout Shelter.
  • You should give it a try if you haven't already, I'm a fan of Fallout but I love Fallout Shelter as well
  • Yes, I enjoy it as well.
  • This game is fun! Glad I finally get a chance to play it :)
  • I've been playing this for a while on my desktop and on my Nexus 5x for a while
  • Why can't they just put it on windows mobile fml
  • Downloading now, should be a fun time waster.
  • "Update 15:55PM ET: Microsoft PR has confirmed that there are no plans to release a Windows 10 Mobile version at this time. We're waiting on a response from Bethesda to see whether plans could change in the future." Just as I suspected. I'm not interested in this game but I am interested in improved application developer support for Windows 10 Mobile. What a letdown.
  • " plans to release a Windows 10 Mobile version at this time." That tells me that it's being considered.
  • Yeah that doesn't mean what you think it means, its a polite way of saying. "Don't hold your breath".
  • Crashes on launch on my PC...and judging by the reviews, for many other people as well. Hope it's not once again an AMD vidcard thing, like when they launched Kodi on the Store.
  • Are u kidding me... This is a mobile game and no mobile release? Sigh...
  • Xbox playanywhere was only meant for Xbox and pc. You don't see gears of war4 on mobile do u?
  • The achievements seem like they might take a while in this one. Now that I've unlocked quests it's a lot more enjoyable.