Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface 2 vs. Surface Pro 2

Today Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, a new tablet joining the Surface family of devices. Last September, Microsoft announced the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. Here we are, over half a year later and there’s a new device. How does it stack up against its siblings?

The Surface Pro 3 is really some impressive tech combined into a sleek, sexy package. To be fair, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are just as hot, but in their own, unique way. The devices come in at different price points, have different specs and will appeal to different users. That said, we can’t help but put sibling up against sibling up against sibling. Let’s see how these three machines compare.

Thinking of picking up one of these devices? Which would you go for? 

  • SP3 - huge upgrade from SP1&2. I'm getting it when it goes on sale later this year.
  • I just placed the pre-order, what are you waiting for?
  • Sales and accessories bundles.
  • I wouldn't hold your breath for a sale or discount. I honestly don't think I've seen discounts yet for 2nd Gen surfaces.
  • Or maybe the price to go down a bit :P
  • Yup, SP3 with i7, 8GB and 256GBand black type cover. Sweet! Now I have to figure out how I am possibly going to survive until August. Is it here yet?
  • Haven't you learnt yet? Day 1 releases always, always have issues and you'll be waiting around for fixes. Also, the deals (free games, free covers etc) come out a few weeks after release. Day 1 buyers always pay more and get less. I always wait minimum 3-6 months to buy anything new
  • I disagree. I bought the SP1 on the day it was released, still use it daily, and have had zero issues due to the fact that it was bought on the release date. I have installed the beta versions of Win 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 with few, if any issues. I'm also a day one buyer of the iPad 1 and 2, the iPhone 3GS and 4S, and the Nokia 1020. All have been excellent, more or less, and well worth taking the risk that something could go wrong, and I would have been better off to wait 3 to 6 months until the bugs were worked out. I love the new features and abilities, and have had almost no cause to regret this pattern in the last 34 years since I bought my Radio Shack Color Computer on the release date. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices. 
  • Day 1 gets hands on and gets to boast.
  • I'm waiting for a sale where I can turn in the Surface Pro 2 and get a huge cut on the SP3.
  • Just in case you missed it, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 this morning at a press event that was broadcast live. cell tower lease buyouts
  • I have a Surface 2, it does what I need. However, if I were wealthy, I would buy a Surface Pro 3.
  • You have me....
    Now, do you feel wealthier?❔
  • Trying to make NIST jealous?
  • Didn't think about that... Oh no❕❕
  • If you wanna buy me a SP3, go for it!
  • Can current surface pro /rt via update have pen supporting?
  • Nope
  • Speaking of the pen, is the edge accuracy improved?
  • I see Engadget is reporting full SD in their hands on. Any truth to that?
  • Current surface pros have pen support. But you can't use the SP3 pen on an SP2 if that's what you're asking.
  • You tried it?
  • doesn't need to try it. It's a matter of the technology behind the digitizer. The Surface Pro 1&2 both use Wacom technology. The new Pro 3 uses N-Trig technology. They are incompatible from my understanding.
  • There is no verification of N-trig use, just repeated and unfounded speculation.
  • They said they had moved to n-trig in the presentation.
  • Current pro, yes. RT, no, at least current ones...
  • So, there's not going to be a Surface 3❔
  • September ;)
  • Did I miss something????
  • Nothing you could have missed. It's just my bet =P
  • September?  Hmm... that makes me think that the Surface 3 will also be 3:2.
  • Not likely. The normal Surface is more aimed at entertainment with some productivity unlike the Surface Pro which is aimed at productivity with some entertainment ;) So the form factor of the current Surfaces is better. It would be very stupid from Microsoft to change what's good as it is.
  • What if the S3 really is cycled out.. I mean, they didn't show a new one.
  • There's no reason to release another Surface so soon. Specially one with Windows RT. Those get recycled yearly. And as for discontinuing...If anything, they'll replace the normal Surface with the Lumia tablets.
  • i hope it isnt, 16:10 would be perfect, 15" arm 4k please
  • No. RT has been R.i.p
  • Proof, link, evidence, source???
  • No. RT is where everything is going eventually. In time, everything will be available in Store and we wouldn't need to run any x86 software.
  • lol not likely. ARM processors won't replace x86 any time soon. Nowhere near powerful enough.
  • Indeed.
  • wrong. rt the"clean" version of windows is the apps only, self patching windows. its just on arm right now,but rt and cpu arent linked.    
  • RT = tablets Pros = laptops as you can see the high prices of the Pros and the spec downgrades, RTs are key.  
  • It does seem so considering the news they canned the Mini late in the game because it "wasn't different enough". I figured a Mini Surface would show that they hadn't given up on RT. Guess they have, if anything, at least for now.
  • Micro SD on the surface pro 2?
  • Yeah. Between the kickstand and the body.
  • Sam, you forgot to mention that the Surface 2 has an LTE option.  That's a BIG deal to some of us.  I'm really torn on what to buy now.  I really need LTE... but I really WANT the Pro 3.
  • LTE you want, on the SP3? GET A DONGLE! :)
  • I don't want a dongle! lol
  • Will add.
  • Tethering
  • That sounds like work.
  • use your phone as a router, lol.
  • I'm thinking of ditching my Surface 2 to get the one with LTE. My cellphone's data isn't good enough to use as a router now and then. I already make good use of it on the phone itself.
  • OMG.. lol I just found it.. except its not between the kickstand.. its like on the side with the charging port, above it..
  • I have a Surface Pro 2 and would love to upgrade. I use mine every day and the 3 would make it even better. Perhaps a trade in program??? Please?
  • Same here, but I wouldn't hold my breath for a trade in, other than a DIY one via ebay. So far their trade ins have been for iDevices to get people to switch to Windows.
  • I am selling mine to a friend. Only losing $300. :)
  • Indeed. This device looks very promising. A few concerns, especially in regards to the wallet, but I'm still very trigger happy. I'll have to see what Nokia has up its sleeve for the rumored 1030 this summer, assuming the 1020 successor does come out over the summer. Still, looks juicy. Hope to try one soon.
  • As a former user of the original Surface RT I thought the Surface 2 was for me because I didn't mind not having full windows if I were getting a lighter and longlasting device, but the Pro 3 is really a no compromise device with a lightness and thickness similar to the RT one
  • I don't really think the Pro 2 vs Pro 3 matters much.  Microsoft is clearly going to be phasing it out (just try and find it on now).  Still, I personally dislike that the smaller 10.6" version isn't going to continue to be an option.
  • I think they will phase out the original pro instead an reduce the cost of the pro 2.
  • The Pro 1 was actually phased out as soon as the Pro 2 was released.  They just had stock to sell off.
  • Sadly, pro 3 is a substantial downgrade for digital artists. Pro 2 has 400% more levels of pressure sensitivity than Pro 3. going ntrig was a mistake.
  • I think they'll live.
  • I have the SP2 but I'd prefer the SP3. The only thing I don't like is the new stylus is not Wacom and has 1/4 the pressure sensitivity resolution. But maybe it will work accurately within a centimeter of the edge of the screen, unlike the Wacom. Photoshop wouldn't need big buttons if the pen would work on the menus.
  • New stylus is Wacom.
    Source: New York Surface Event
  • no, it isnt. it's NTrig.
  • I heard wacom during the event
  • Not crazy about the place where they put the windows logo and the size... I hope it will push down the price of the SP2.
  • Ditto.
  • Doubt the price of a pro 2 would go down, they sell at a loss as it is and are already at a similar price of a mac book air.
  • They should just make the Surface 3 with Atom, cut the ram, and keep the stylus.
  • With Atom???? I'm scared to even buy the one with i3
  • this is not your dad's atom. this is cherry trail.
  • *rolls eyes*
    Spec queens.
  • I want a 9 inch surface, preferably runs on cherry trail cpu
  • While I was skeptical after first seeing it, but after seeing the hands-on video: I now REALLY want a SP3. I mean, I love my SP2, but the 3 is just... Wow! I think the silver color and that new kickstand is what had me sold. The silver just looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and that new kickstand will be infinitely useful. However, a few concerns:
    * Part of why I love my SP2 (and one of the things Microsoft advertises) is the 16:9 aspect ratio. It's perfect for watching movies and snapping apps. How does a 3:2 aspect ratio compare?
    * Speaking of the screen: While the device is overall thinner, lighter and less bulky, I still feel like that larger display might get in the way and be less convenient portability-wise when compared to my 10.1 inch SP2. I'll have to see it in person to know for sure, but I don't feel I'd be able to fit it in my backpack as easily for school.
    * Finally: I've already got a SP2. These devices certainly don't come cheap, and I feel like Microsoft will end up releasing a SP4 this fall. While I realize this is mostly a personal decision: Is it worth upgrading? Looks likes solid device. I'm definitely headed to my local Microsoft Store soon to try it out.
  • I really want to upgrade from my SP1 to a SP3 but ya they arent cheap...Really want one though and it looks like it is a worth upgrade. Going to have to play with one in store to find out. I think the main things to determine if you want to upgrade are:
    1) Size. Do you like the larger size
    a. Yes
    b. No 2) Thickness. Do you like the thinner tablet
    a. Yes
    b. No 3) Kickstand. Do you like the new kickstand?
    a. Yes
    b. No If you answered yes to the majority of the questions then you should get the Surface Pro 3. If you answered no to the majority of the questions then you should stick with your Surface Pro 2. :P
  • 4) Price. Do you like the price?
    a. Yes b. No
  • 1) Unsure
    2) Well duh.
    3) Well duh.
  • I wanted to Surface 2 for months but waiting for the price tag to drop. I was hoping for an Surface 3 announcement so that can happen sooner but no luck.
  • 3 pro is perfect exept price and 256 pen
  • Some ppl say include touch cover too.
  • Does this means there wont be a SP3 same size as the SP2?
  • How is rt with IE plugins? I really want something light, small, great battery, cheap... But I'm a student. Some online classes require stupid crap plugins... I really wanted a mini!!!! Maybe the mini will be a surface nook...?
  • No plugins for RT
  • I just bought a SP1 back in March too :( oh well its still quite nice.
  • Even the i3 one is still so pricey.
  • Do we know yet if the 9 hour battery spec is applicable to all SP3 versions?
  • Atom has always been underpowered, especially in the graphics arena. It just can't handle the video/image editing (not to mention gaming) that the core I series does quite well.
  • Microsoft have lost the plot and have been focused on the MacBook air way too long. No one but a tiny few need a core processor. They have this stupid arm fixation on the other hand. Give me an amazing 10 inch super light weight 64bit 4gb Atom with 4gb ram, mini HDMI, full USB 3 a high rez screen and call it a day. This is all I want. Thank god Lenovo is about to give it to me. I don't want to be tethered to my keyboard. I like to set up away from the office like my office.
  • Do we have 64 bit atom out yet?  
  • So what leave the "tiny" few out of the equation? You get your Lenovo atom based tablet, I'll get my SP3.
  • Actually the new BayTrail series are 64bit capable, so yes we have a 64bit Atom. The problem is that noone has used them with 64bit OS yet. Look at Asus Transformer T100, if they put more RAM in it, you could easily have a 64bit WIndows 8.1 on it. The problem with such a device is that you would have a nice cheap machine but very low performance in CPU heavy apps and games. Atoms come with slow Intel GPU Gen7 which are way slower than the HD4xxx and Iris.
  • Do we know the particular specs on the hardware yet? Like what model versions of the CPUs? What's the speed and latency on the ram used? And what about the ssd's being used? Those are what I want to know. If anyone has a link I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  • You'll have to wait until ifixit or similar gets one and does a tear down.
  • Yea.... I personally think that stuff should be available when any device is announced.
  • I'm a bit confused at the naming scheme; what will be the next device? Surface 4? If that's so, what will Surface 4 pro be, 12" or 10.6? Is the 10.6 pros replaced by the 12" pros? Will there be a Surface Pro 2.1? I say this because I kind of like the 10.6" size but wish the pro 2 was thinner... And what happens to all those 10.6" covers? Hands on will help me decide if the sp3 is a must have
  • I am also curious.
  • All the 10.6" covers are now for the Surface RT :D
  • Surface Pro 4 will be 12inch. The next device "Surface 3" will be 10.6 as usual. And will likely still run RT. You can't have Surface 4 without a Surface 3. They basically changed the Pro line to better fit the name.
  • I don't know! I had my heart set on the Surface Mini! Yes there are other choices at that size, but none have the cool kickstand or the nice keyboard option. No other 8 inch tablet can live up to that.  I love my Surface RT and I also have a Surface Pro 2 on loan that I will need to pay for or return. But they do not make great reading devices. I thought a Surface mini with the cool stuff I mentioned above PLUS pen support would be my perfect device. Now I just don't know.  I like to use the Surface for pen input. The coolest thing I saw at the event today was the innovations to one note -- the straight to the cloud ability, and the ability to write directly on it and it change to typeface. Those things seem like software upgrades to OneNote. Won't we be able to get those abilities with the earlier tablets?      
  • I wonder if they really did kill the Surface Mini... Sad if true. Was really looking forward to combining it with a SP3. I guess I'll wait it out till its confirmed. If it's confirmed I'll get a Thinkpad 8 or its successor. It is also very nice but I wish it ran RT instead.
    I don't want to deal with X86 apps on an 8inch device.
  • Office (Desktop, that is) OneNote already converts written to text. It's a bit of a pain and not very good with my chicken scratch I call writing. I assume you're talking about the RT/Metro OneNote which doesn't do as such. So, yeah, I think it's a software thing that should be coming down the pipe. Just like most Office apps will get a Metro app. Which I look forward to. I have a Pro 1 and Office 365 but I use Metro OneNote almost exclusively because it works better on a tablet for written notes. I bust out Office 2013 OneNote just for the power features of managing my notebooks.