Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff may not be updated anymore for Windows and Windows Phone

A post on the official Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Twitter account indicates that the popular free-to-play game may no longer be updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. This development follows a number of reported issues with the game that have yet to be addressed.

The message came in response to a fan's question about if there were plans for any updates to the Windows version. The answer?

"Currently no planned updates for Windows. Sorry for the inconvenience!".

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff launched for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone just a few months ago in December 2014, so the apparent decision to end updates for the game is pretty abrupt.

If this is true, the game is being left in a broken state. Many reviews of the Windows Phone version note that the game does not support Facebook syncing. If a player resets their device or gets a new one, that means all their progress in the game, along with any in-app purchases, is lost. Others have also posted about bugs that have kept them from progressing in the game.

It's possible that the development team could change their minds about updating the Family Guy game, but at the moment things look grim for its player base. A lack of new content is one thing, leaving something broken while asking for your money is something else entirely. Here's hoping for a change of heart.

Thanks to Shaun for the tip!

Download Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff from the Windows Phone Store - Free

Download Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff from the Windows Store - Free

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Source: Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Twitter)

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