Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff may not be updated anymore for Windows and Windows Phone

A post on the official Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Twitter account indicates that the popular free-to-play game may no longer be updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. This development follows a number of reported issues with the game that have yet to be addressed.

The message came in response to a fan's question about if there were plans for any updates to the Windows version. The answer?

"Currently no planned updates for Windows. Sorry for the inconvenience!".

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff launched for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone just a few months ago in December 2014, so the apparent decision to end updates for the game is pretty abrupt.

If this is true, the game is being left in a broken state. Many reviews of the Windows Phone version note that the game does not support Facebook syncing. If a player resets their device or gets a new one, that means all their progress in the game, along with any in-app purchases, is lost. Others have also posted about bugs that have kept them from progressing in the game.

It's possible that the development team could change their minds about updating the Family Guy game, but at the moment things look grim for its player base. A lack of new content is one thing, leaving something broken while asking for your money is something else entirely. Here's hoping for a change of heart.

Thanks to Shaun for the tip!

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Source: Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • Meh this game is annoying anyway.
  • Ikr, nothing like the series
  • /s? The series used to be funny. It's awful now. And has been for the last several years.
  • It's gotten much better now
  • Lmao the series is pretty annoying too
  • Yea it's horrible. Grind grind grind....
  • It's not even a stable grind, I spend a lot of the time waiting. I wanted to like this game, but it's not something I'll miss.
  • Could be worse like gl being in charge of development
  • Gameloft is one of the oldest and best mobile developers IMHO. Always liked their games.
  • Quite bad month.. Many apps are discontinuing their support :(
  • It's certainly what the sensationally excited people focus on, but what we lose isn't even 1% of the apps (and quality apps nonetheless) we've added this month.
  • It doesn't matter the percentage, it matters that big name apps and popular games are being abandoned or outright removed.
  • ^+
  • This guy gets it. Too many people want to focus on the quantity of apps instead of the quality of the apps we have. And the large number of apps we'll never get. Not even WP10 can save this sinking ship.
  • If they were never truly supported, did we really have them? :p. A broken game/App can be more frustrating than not having it at all, sometimes.
  • We add so much weight to these events. What we should be pushing for is a move away from 'apps for everything' and better websites for all. Take BoA, their mobile website should have full functionality and be easy to navigate thereby negating the need for an app for each platform to access their banking information. Apple moved everyone into this app for everything mentality and companies that should have dedicated their resources to their webpages split resources and made apps for iPhones, then Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It's a bad model for some companies but they are still wooed into the allure of apps. I want a better web.
  • this this this Apps became a thing largely because the earlier iPhone hardware couldn't handle the extra layer of HTML/Javascript interpretation and the performance impact.  The initial apps were HTML5 apps that first year. But this limited the complexity of those apps. Part of this was the lack of good hardware acceleration or javascript optimizations in Safari at the time.  Hardware acceleration was pushed hardest by IE9 and later.  Javascript engines were already being pushed by Firefox and Chrome even back then tho.  But it's also just timing.  The technology back then was more limited.   If the iPhone launched today, there would be plenty of headroom for HTML5 based apps, and the standards support to even do 3D graphics. Instead of the native app rush, we could  have had a rush to improve the web standards around high performance audio, key OS services like the camera, etc.  My only hope for this to course correct is for Microsoft to become a stronger 3rd player in Mobile.   WIth 3 players, you get "The Power of 3".  Devs will grudge through for 2 versions of an app (iOS, Android).  But if a 3rd platform that can't be ignored (20% or more marketshare), tripple the effort is too much.  This would force the industry to web standards for apps or some similar cross-platform standards initiative.
  • Totally agree
  • What "quality" apps have been added this month? I know a few have, but not any number that dwarfs the ones that have been pulled/discontinued.
  • I'm wondering (in a fairly-unlikely, optimistic sort of way) if it's happening so rallying on Windows 10 universal apps might happen? Then's a long shot.
  • How can developers expect an os to grow if they themselves don't support it...
  • Why should they care? They have enough potential customers on both iOS and Android. Microsoft should be the company to care...
  • They should care because they would make more money. If they make quality apps the platform will grow. Plus if they were to do it now then they would have a better chance of sticking out and monetizing because of less competition than the other app stores. As for as big names such as banks and such. They should care because we spend our money as consumers who are supporting them. They were once a minority as well.
  • ^+
  • You want everything in life to be served on a hot platter to you...
    This is what developers want they will just wait for market to grow and then get on the Ms bandwagon like it happened for ios and android but apps were not a big part of mobile is then they can make an os or kill it...
  • I like that app strategy. Launch a broken app on Windows and then use "lack of use" as a reason to pull it.
  • And again it's up to MS to make a change. If there aren't enough 3rd Pary devs where are those great MS apps and games to attract more people? We are talking about the biggest software company in the world, yet all we got is a Halo game and apps that got better versions on ios and Android than on WP
  • You mean like making a universal app system that allows developers to have access to over 1 billion customers? What a great idea!
  • Yes but once again we aren't there yet and after the Windows 8 failure only time will tell how much 10 can attract customers. The TP doesn't show a lot of promising changes yet. What did MS do all the time? We are in WPs fifth year already and all they can offer is another "coming soon"
  • Shit isn't MS's fault dude give it a rest. Everything isn't Microsoft's issue. They made apps with Apple or Google having to do what you suggest. They can do it for Microsoft as well. Hell the sad thing about it is that they very more than likely used/still are using Microsoft's products to develop in the first place. Heck even Apple uses Windows in there test labs. Microsoft has been doing more than any other of the big 3 to give devs more tools and flexibility. They are doing a great job by launching the preview program. Even Apple is following suit. They have been doing a lot. Windows,Windows Phone,Xbox,IOT,and several other projects simultaneously and all while doing a CEO and reorganization. I may not always be the most satisfied because I may not have some of the things I would like yet. However I give them kudos.
  • You don't quite get the point. It is MS who wants to establish WP / W10s Ecosystem, so it's their interest or at least should be to improve the situation. That developer nor any other cares about WPs wealth. They can reach enough ppl on other platforms. Why waste time and money if not even MS seems to do as much as they could?
  • Exactly. How can you make a piss poor app,not support it or advertise it then blame the users or lack thereof? Smh.
  • More are going than coming.
  • I play it all the time. It's a good to time waster for short periods. Shame on developers who don't support their work properly.
  • Indeed. So, TinyCo are now another on the list of dodgy developers who cannot be trusted not to con you by taking your cash then wiping your purchases once they have your money. We need to start putting together a black list for the forum so people don't get caught out by these seedy companies. Then we need to pass it to MS so such dodgy apps can be banned from the store. If we don't the store will end up like the Google store, with as many dodgy apps as decent ones.
  • I do too. This time that I am glad that I didn't spend real money on the game.
  • Microsoft should just start revoking key Android patents until it breaks that OS. I mean, that'd be a bad idea for them, and probably illegal, but it'd fulfill my petty desire for Schadenfreude at least.
  • Starting to get a bit of a joke now isn't it? Very annoying
  • May not. slow news day. Click bait
  • Another developer to warn others about. Thanks.
  • +100%. We need to make a black list for the forum and petition MS to ban these con apps & their publishers from the store. If only the police gave a toss. I'm fed up with companies taking our money then wiping out our purchases. If that's legal then I'm in the wrong business.
  • All these apps getting pulled are likely going to make the future for Windows 10 grim even before it officially launches.
  • Sadly I agree
  • Yep. Microsoft needs to stop hitting the reset button in panic and focus.
  • Oh well, much better, more popular games are coming =)
  • Then they'll leave or drop support.
  • And this is strange why?
  • Guess I'll install it right now
  • Rubbish anyway
  • I've noticed a common response lately to apps that are being delisted or where there support has been halted has been "well, I don't use app x so it doesn't affect me". The truth is, this is bad momentum for a platform looking to rise. If anything, this is a sign that the platform is plateauing, and at less than 3% market share that isn't a good plateau point to be in. Another common response is that Windows 10 will fix things. This seems like it has some truth to it, but this rebound via Windows 10 will be a slow one. It's not like in the next year or so we will see any of it really padding the losses we are suffering right now. Anecdotally, I've had a number of friends switch from Windows Phone to an iPhone recently because of these losses. I love Windows Phone, but without my bank software, no snapchat client and with the constant fear of "will this app continue to be supported" looming over my head it's becoming harder and harder not to say let's switch now, then if the platform actually does rebound I'll go back. I can't constantly switch services like banks and social media outlets to meet the wins and losses surrounding windows phone either. It's really a hard time to be a Windows Phone fan right now.
  • To much nonsense.
  • Hahaha rofl!
  • this isn't good. Yet another high profile app (regardless of your thoughts on it) withdrawing support for our chosen ecosystem. Not good.
  • I wouldn't pay much attention to that.
    I contacted temple run support for update on Temple run 2. I got reply: "No plans to release Temple run 2 for Windows Phone"
  • But it is already there!
  • I know! But they don't!
    :D lol
  • i hate the whole "currently there are no plans" that companies are using, as if they will really change their minds...
  • Eh... Star wars is coming to this game tho.
  • Why offer the download links on a story about a broken game that is no longer supported?
  • Here we go again..
  • When I found out that I couldn't sync it with FB, I deleted it. Waste of time...
  • This feature shouldn't even be hard for them to implement. So I'm surprised they didn't just do it for the initial release
  • Most of us only get a new handset every 2 years and if this is the state of windows apps, I'm skeptical to get another windows phone. Currently using a 1520 since 2013 and the battery is starting to perform poorly.
  • I use this game, and enjoy it, and this is disheartening. My iPhone friends constantly get cool themed updates like star trek while we get nothing. I also paid $20 for in game currency, and got nothing for it. Tinyco told me to "contact Microsoft" and that this is a standalone game that doesn't even connect to their servers. Sp while I enjoy it, tinyco is a terrible company, and shouldn't have even bothered
  • Sadly, the game is a pain in the rear to play anyway. I at least tried it.
  • I tried it. Not really a freemium fan
  • Whaat? I play it everyday. God damnit.
  • I just tweeted them to let them know how I feel. Even though I don't play, lol. Everyone should let them know how you feel.
  • This is disappointing
  • oh please. the news i read about apps being updated everyday is bigger than the one that leaves once per week or so. Besides my opinion about this game was not that great so being on WP with defects or not being well....
  • For me this game is pretty much another unfinished beta version.....
  • Windows Phone is a strong OS and I really like using it...except when I'm trying to use the apps I use every day on iOS and Android. It's depressing that developers don't care about this platform enough to keep their apps updated (or even offer them). And it's a "chicken before the egg" problem because without apps, people won't come to the platform and without people on the platform, devs won't bother with apps. I really like using my Lumia 1520, but I often have to go back to an Android phone out of sheer frustration. It's hard to be loyal to a platform when your'e one of only a handful of people who seem to care.
  • South park freemium anybody ? :D. Anyway, they release game and expect big success in one month. They invest very little effort and expect big results. . .
  • Meh
  • I'll just play the Terrance and Phillip game then!
  • If major developer apps keep leaving the platform at this rate, Windows 10 for phones will be largely irrelevant (like the Firefox mobile OS or Tizen), even before it arrives officially. Windows 10 will be fine on PCs, but on small tablets and phones, the trajectory seems to be going backwards instead of growing. Worst case, Microsoft can retreat to the Enterprise with Windows, Server, Office and Cloud and settle for being IBM instead of competing with Apple and Google.   It isn't as sexy, but hey, it's survival.
  • Everyone needs to stop being such Debbie downers. One bad thing happens and everyone loses their minds
  • I was hoping they would.
  • Not surprised. TinyCo is a horrible company. I refuse to buy something in game if I even have a chance of losing it.
  • If the developers reading this I don't care u *ss holes,
  • It is developers like this that give the rest of us (developers) a bad name.  I work for a company that supports and updates its products.  We don't leave people out there hanging with buggy unfinished software.  Unfortunately, we don't write games.
  • -Shock-
  • thanks god i still have my galaxy s duos even if its outdated i can still enjoy some android feature wtih all those games dropping support
  • I am level 31. and while i still play it, it's like... what would they update it with? more outfits that will take many days to complete? and what characters? the ones nobody cares about? people complain about it... but unless you pay, this game is... click and wait. 1 hour later, or 4 hours later, it doesn't matter, you close your game and come back later. but if you pay, you are a complete idiot becuase it would be the major waste money you can ever make. so I don't see how they can update it. it works, and it's on the store, and nobody will go to the end and resist the wait it needs. so who cares?... if you paid for it congrats but if you don't pay I am sure you won't keep playing anyway.   There should be good games on Windows store.... only becuase this has family guy on it, it doesnt mean it's worth it or a great title. I like family guy but it's a stupid game I still play because I only access click and close it after 1 minute  
  • "Sorry for the inconvenience!" The biggest lie ever told by developers...
  • Lol bet all the haters are candy crush players.
  • hmmm i hope they update the app. if its only the facebook sync or the normal account so i can use the game on my android dev. i would like that
  • The shock value diminishes a bit after each dropped App. Pretty soon it will just be "another dropped App.... Oh well!"
  • At least they don't remove it. I don't understand why companies remove their app just because they won't support it anymore.
  • You're kidding, right? Sucker even more punters into downloading a game they'll spend REAL money on but not offer any support to? They BETTER bloody remove it!
  • This port for WP is such a joke, if already stared it you can just quit now, you wont lose anything, just like smoking.