While we all use our Windows Phones to stay in touch and stay productive throughout the day, we also use the phones to fill our gaming needs. The Windows Phone Store is packed full of quality games to fill your library with. From racing games to platformers to word games these games can be dangerously addictive. While these titles may not be on the same level as console games, they are entertaining and fantastic ways to pass the time.

For this week's Windows Central Roundup, We will highlight four Windows Phone games that I have found to be great titles to pass the time with. There is no rhyme or reason behind the games that are highlighted beyond that I like them. There is a boatload of excellent games in the Windows Phone Store and if I have overlooked your favorite time waster of a game sound off below in the comments.

As a bonus of sorts, if you have a need to add a few gaming titles to your Windows 10 device all of these games are also available in the Windows Store. All are just as enjoyable from the larger screen of your Windows tablet or PC.

Temple Run Oz

1. Temple Run Oz

There are a ton of challenging and entertaining endless runner games available in the Windows Phone Store. Choosing just one may be an impossible task with the likes of Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Subway Surfers and Dark Lands sitting on the Store shelves. The Temple Run series of endless runner games includes the original game, a sequel and two versions that have a Disney flair. All are entertaining options and while Temple Run Brave is a personal favorite, we tapped Temple Run Oz for this roundup due to its more vibrant landscapes.

Temple Run Oz

As you might guess, Temple Run Oz is set in the lands of Oz that span from the Emerald City to the Dark Forest. Inspired by the movie " Oz the Great and Powerful", you begin the game playing as Oz, who is trying to outrun the flying baboons. As you earn experience and gold through game play, additional costumes for Oz will become available, along with the opportunity to play the game as the China Girl character.

Temple Run Oz

Along with safely navigating your way through an endless path, you will also find yourself navigating a hot air balloon through a maze of emerald crystals. Coins can be collected during game play and there is an extensive collection of objectives to reach that will earn you coins as well. These gaming coins can then be used in the game's store to buy upgrades, power-ups and utilities to help Oz survive his runs.

Overall, Temple Run Oz is a great addition to the Temple Run family and an entertaining time waster. The only problem that many will find with Temple Run Oz is that the game lacks a trial version. On the plus side, it is a universal app so when you pay the $1.99 for the Windows Phone version, you get the Windows version as well.

Download Temple Run Oz for Windows Phone ($1.99)

Download Temple Run Oz for Windows ($1.99)

512MB RAM devices not supported

QR: Temple Run Oz


2. QuizUp

Personally, I enjoy a good trivia game. This genre of games offers you an entertaining way to pass the time and learn a little along the way. QuizUp is easily one of the best trivia games available in the Windows Phone Store.

QuizUp offers you hundreds of trivia categories that range from history to entertainment to current events. Each will test your knowledge against other QuizUp players. You can compete against your friends or let the game pick a random opponent to face off against. Each game has seven questions presented in multiple guess format. The quicker you guess the correct answer, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the faster you move up the experience levels.


There is also a social aspect to QuizUp with message boards, the ability to follow other players and chat things up. Available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms, QuizUp has a solid player base to socialize with. You can even compete for the top ranking in the trivia categories for your State.

All in all, QuizUp is a fantastic game to pass the time with and if you are a trivia fan, a must have Windows Phone game.

Download QuizUp for Windows Phone (Free)

Download QuizUp for Windows (Free)

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: QuizUp

Hungry Shark Evolution

3. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a Windows Phone game that allows you to unleash your inner predator and devour everything in sight. It is a role-playing game where you cruise the high seas as one of eleven species of sharks with only on mission to tackle. Eat everything in sight.

Hungry Shark Evolution

The game starts you out as a young reef shark. As you eat fish, scuba divers, turtles, swimmer and other creatures, you will see the young shark grow in size. As you devour objects, you will earn gold that can be used to upgrade your shark's abilities (bite, speed, etc.) and to unlock additional sharks that include the Hammerhead, Great White and prehistoric Megalodon.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution includes a wide range of ocean settings that are accessible through the caves you swim your shark through, fifteen sunken treasures to find (bonus gold) and seventy side missions to tackle. You will have boats to attack, helicopters to attack and even a Baywatch lifeguard has been sighted that you can gobble up.

The game is available for both Windows Phones and Windows computers as an Xbox gaming title. While I like the mobility of the Windows Phone version, playing the Windows version from a tablet really pulls out the graphic quality of this game.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Windows Phone (Free)

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Windows (Free)

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: Hungry Shark Evolution

Tentacles: Enter the Mind

4. Tentacles: Enter the Mind

Tentacles was a well received Windows Phone Xbox gaming title that eventually became unpublished. All was not lost though with the release of Tentacles: Enter the Mind.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind

You play the game as the fantasy creature Lemmy who needs to travel through the layers of the mind of Dr. Phluff who has gone mad. It is up to Lemmy to travel through the layers of Dr. Phluff's mind, battle enemies and help Dr. Phluff collect his faculties.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind

The game is present with a bit of a psychedelic touch with your stretchy hero swinging from node to node of Dr. Phluff's brain. Game controls are simple in that you tap the area of the brain you want Lemmy to reach for and swing to. Along the journey, you will encounter an assortment of enemies that you'll have to dodge or attack to eat their eyeballs.

There are plenty of coins to collect (that can be used to purchase upgrades and power-ups) along with secret eggs that will help you gain powers and abilities. The game isn't difficult to pick up, comes across as very imaginative and is challenging enough to keep you on your toes.

The Xbox gaming title is available for both Windows Phone and Windows devices with game play synchronized to the cloud so you won't miss a beat by moving between devices. Tentacles: Enter the Mind is a fun game and an addictive time waster of a game.

Download Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows Phone (Free)

Download Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows (Free)

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: Tentacles Enter the Mind