Far Cry 5's online co-op allows players to take back Hope County together

Players didn't want to just help their friends on certain missions, they wanted to both run around and bring havoc. Ubisoft must have heard those requests loud and clear because Far Cry 5 does just that.

According to the publisher, immediately following the in-game tutorial, Far Cry 5 will be playable through online co-op. All earned experience and inventory items, excluding quest-based items, will carry over following each co-op session. While exploring Montana, each player will see and collect their own loot. It's not all great news though, the host player is the only player who will keep their story progress.

The process to recruit a friend is rather simple. In their mission to take down a cult, the host player will still be able to recruit Guns For Hire or Fangs for Hire. You can have two characters in your squad, but only one of them can be another player.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Far Cry 5, the game is set in America, which is a first for the franchise. Far Cry 5 offers players complete freedom to navigate a serene but deeply twisted world as the new junior deputy of Hope County, Montana. The new junior deputy finds that their arrival accelerates a silent coup by a fanatical cult. The Project at Eden's Gate are want a violent takeover. With the outside world cutting ties to the region, it's up to you to join forces with normal individuals, form a resistance, and take back the land.

Far Cry 5 launches on February 27, 2018 on Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4. From what it seems, the game continues the series' trend of having insane plots, characters, and thrilling first-person action. However, only time will tell so be sure to check out our review early next year.

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Asher Madan

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