Far Cry 5 gets first official teaser, full reveal trailer coming May 26

We recently got confirmation that Far Cry 5 is set to arrive within the next year, and now we have our first teaser. While there's no gameplay involved, the teaser is a short look into the wilderness of Hope County, Montana — essentially a confirmation that Far Cry 5 will take place there. Check it out below:

Given the last Far Cry was a trip to the distant past with Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry 4 before it took place in the Himalayan mountains, Montana should feel like a breath of fresh air for the series.

While the teaser is meant to whet your palette, Ubisoft promises the full course will come with a full Far Cry 5 announce trailer on May 26. Hopefully it won't be a purely cinematic affair, and we'll get a glimpse of gameplay as well. Either way, it's likely we'll see much more about Far Cry 5 during E3 in June as well.

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  • Could be interesting, maybe.
  • I've kind of lost faith in the farcry series. It's just the same missions over and over again. Find tower, attack place, protect place. Hopefully this one is different, but I'm not going to blindly jump in. I'll wait for the reviews.
  • Yeah I kind of felt like it was getting too much with number 4. Haven't played Primal yet. You know it was getting too much when all collectables stopped being an achievement.
  • While a bit repetitive, I really enjoyed FarCry 4. The landscape, story and characters helped. Also own 2 and 3 but never played them or Primal. FC4 is open world done correctly and was more fun than MGS5 IMO.
  • Hello. Far cry 4 was one of the best games I've ever played. I totally agree with everything you said. Can't wait for far cry 5.
  • I actually thought FC2 was the best one thus far. It had a good amount of realism. Now it is almost to the point of Just Cause.
  • what? FC2 was the worst... realism? How real is this: You kill 10 people on the road, go in the village, turn back, go back to the road where you killed those people and guess what? All of them respawned! How is this real? :-D
  • This was the bane of MGS5. It was a grind to fight or sneak by, but could ride your horse sidesaddle while giving the universal salute.
  • I preferred Far Cry 3 - Vass is one of the best villains i've seen in games.  4 was good, but I agree that it got a little repetative.  Primal I didn't try yet but this might be worth a look, hoping for some additional mechanics. 
  • i want this.  I live close to Montana :D ALberta CANADA!  :D:D:D
  • wow!!
  • Oh my god. Shut up. U want them to be different and when they are you *****. They stay the same u *****. Enjoy it n move on. FC rocks! They're amazingly good at the stories and gameplay. But they can't PLEASE EVERYONE. They want to... But they can't.
  • I'm hoping it'll have co-op. FC4 was great fun playing online co-op.