Fastball Online races in as today's myAppFree Deal

Fastball Online is a challenging, online multiplayer Windows 10 game where you compete against other players in a platform styled race. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the game is already a free title in the Windows Store, but through the myAppFree promotion you receive 30,000 stars (a $0.99 value) over the next twenty-four hours.

These stars are game currency that can be used to unlock customizations for your Fastball Online character or unlock features to the game. Customizations include hats, glasses and ball styles and features range from double star collection during gameplay to increasing the number of power-ups available during a game.

Fastball Online is a fun time waster and with the help of the myAppFree deal, you can get a leg up on the competition with the free stars.

Fastball Online

Of course, this is an online competition, and you'll have to register a free account to get going. Once you do, a pop-up window will appear confirming the free 30,000 stars courtesy of myAppFree.

Fastball Online

The game itself is rather simple to pick up and play. Fastball Online offers three game modes: practice, global competition or challenge your friends. The race is against other online players (up to 8) and sends your racing ball across a series of platforms that have springs to send you across large gaps, an assortment of obstacles to jump over, tar pits to slow you down, and more. Power-ups and stars are available throughout the race and controls are simple. Just tap the screen to make your racing ball jump.

The 30,000 stars (a $0.99 value) provide a healthy resource to unlock customizations for your racing ball that include hats, glasses and funny faces. The stars also unlock features such as double star collection, increasing the number of power-ups in a game and more.

Fastball Online has a zippy pace and is a challenging test for your skills at timing and concentration. Graphics are colorful and controls simple. It is a fun game to spend a little down time with and the myAppFree deal allows for you to customize your player sooner than later. Just keep in mind that the free 30,000 stars are only available for the next twenty-four hours.

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Fastball Online


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