A few more deets on the HTC HD2, including no PIE multitouch? (at least initially)

Can't get enough of the HTC HD2? Yeah, us, either. Pocketnow got a tip that includes a few more details.

  • The HD2 name is good. (So long, Leo codename.)
  • The phone will launch in Holland by November, for about $800 U.S.
  • As you can see in the picture above, it indeed has a capacitive screen, but multitouch doesn't work in Internet Explorer. That means no pinch-and-zoom.

Presumably that's a current version of PIE running on Windows Mobile 6.5 and not a newer version of the mobile browser — pinch-and-zoom works fine on the Zune HD's flavor of PIE. And we're still pretty doubtful that we'll ever see the HD2 in the U.S. Sorry, folks.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I actually had hopes of this being available to US carriers in the near future, as it looks to be an awsome device. What reasons would there be that it may not be availble here?
  • Because US carriers have been planning to launch the Diamond2 for months; they're not going to ditch those plans. Also, the TP2 just came out on Sprint and Verizon this month. No carrier is going to shoot themselves in the foot. You could, however, import the Telstra version of this device, which runs on the 850 mhz spectrum -- the same spectrum as AT&T 3G. People did this for the Touch HD and reported success. In fact, AT&T is in the process of migrating its entire 3G network from 1900 mhz to 850 mhz.
  • Thanks to Who? for the responce.
    I guess that sort of makes sense. Perhaps this is another example of a great phone that will be a year old, or more, before it is seen on a US network, or maybe never. As for the Touch Pro 2 units, as good as they are, they also fit into this catagory. It is my undrestanding that they were available in other markets early this year. The carriers are not going to shoot theselves in the foot but the consumers get juked out of a potentially fantastic device. Especially since WinMo is a little behind in the UI department and with this device HTC seems to have really raised the bar.
  • what about for us canadians? would it work on bells new network when they launch it? its supposed to be gsm/hspa or da not to sure about which one but would data work on it? thanks
  • The Pro 3 will be available for import to the U.S., possibly as early as the end of October, minus the 3G support of course, but will work fine as a 2G device. (Sorry in advance to all those streaming live TV). I can't wait to see how it handles movies coded the native resolution!
  • I really want a phone with at least a 4" screen. I cannot understand why HTC refuses to sell phones this size in the North American market. No Athena/Advantage, no Touch HD, and now this. I just don't get it. They could at least go the Treo Pro route and sell it at Best Buy unlocked if they think it would be too much of a niche phone to try and sell through the carriers. I am kind of upset that HTC is holding out on it's North American customers. I was debating between a Diamond2 and a Samsung Omnia II. I'm going for the Omnia II for sure now. If HTC won't give me the choice of their best devices, I won't give them my hard earned money.
  • So the question is, do I take advantage of my subsidized price for the diamond 2 on Verizon, or do I just go ahead and get this more superior device and move to AT&T for 3G for full price?
  • This author is an idiot, HD2 does have pinch to zoom. GO look at the videos in youtube, there are reviews for the phone. Where did this guy get his sources.