FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Card Pack odds revealed, and they're not great

FIFA 19 is a football simulator which strives to give players a realistic experience. Some of the features in the game are the exact opposite though. One example is the "Ones to Watch" cards. Ones to Watch cards are players that have superior statistics over their base versions, and level up as they perform well in matches. These makes them the most coveted items in FIFA 19, but they're very hard to come by. They also give gamers a significant advantage in the game.

According to a report by Eurogamer, EA says that there's a "less than one percent" chance that you'll get a Ones to Watch card from opening a pack. This seems like a tactic designed to encourage microtransactions because players will have to buy a lot of packs to get a Ones to Watch card.

The fact that the odds of getting those cards are less than one percent is egregious to say the least. Hopefully more people will realize that it's almost impossible to land one and they'll ask EA to make the odds fair. FIFA is a yearly franchise and there are a lot of loyal customers who buy the games every year. There's no reason to nickel-and-dime them.

Do you play FIFA 19? What do you think about the odds of landing a Ones to Watch card? Let us know. If players want this to change, they need to speak out against the practice.

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  • Thank you for posting this, i have always wondered why i have never got a card higher than 83. That confirms it. Never buying a pack again Its somehow addictive just like gambling
  • I think it is classed as gambling in some EU countries (Belgium? I can't remember exactly). There should be a worldwide ban on this type of microtransactions
  • Yes, it's Belgium. But Australia and other countries are trying to block them too.
  • This is one microtransaction that EA has been getting away for years.
  • It's EA, did you expect anything different? Also the way the handled FIFA 18 for EA Access was an absolute disaster.
  • Did you really expect anything less (or more) from EA? They are the biggest cancer in the games industry at the moment.
  • thankfully we can just buy them with our credit card, right?
  • Hnnn.... what's the point if they make it too easy to get?
  • They can make the chance 1% or 5%. Why do they have to make it less than 1%? Especially if it's something people spend money on.
  • Why people keep buying that game, all never know. Same map every year!
  • Soccer fans. They are not typical your type of gamers. They play soccer games most of the time alongside with some movie-related games.