"Find My Phone" found his golf clubs

There's no real news here, but rather a fun and satisfying story about a thief, a mobile phone, and some golf clubs.  A friend of the author passed along his tale in which, after finishing a round of golf, he retired to the 19th hole, leaving his bag outside.  Upon coming out, he found that his golf bag was gone, as was the WP7 phone that was in the pocket.  After calling the phone several times without answer, the man returned home and quickly brought up the Find My Phone website (opens in new tab) only to see his phone moving further and further away form where he was.

Eventually, the phone came to a stop, about 80km away.  The man called the police and directed them to the location.  Later that night, he was notified that they had found the golf bag and a thief who thought he had made an easy score.

Find My Phone is a standard feature of WP7.  We highly recommend you set it up on your device if you haven't already.

Source: iTWire

  • A great feature that I didn't even know about. Will set it up asap.
  • Damn. LoJack for your phone. Thank you Microsoft.
  • hmm how true is this story...? consider myself if I lost my phone I know I have about 2hrs to find my phone why before the battery life on WP7 devices SUCK! my HTC HD7 has a tiny 1230mAh battery which gives me about 4-5hrs of usage before its dead. Im jealous of my friends Motorola Atrix which has something like 1930mAh battery and it has a finger print scanner to unlock phone built in on the back of the device. =/
  • So with your screen :off: you battery only lasts 4-5 hours? My Surround has the same 1230mAh battery and I get about 4 hours of uptime (screen on, doing stuff) but it will last 24-36 hours at least if I don't use it much. The phone was in a pocket of the golf bag. BTW, that's the price you pay for a thin phone. As soon as HTC or some 3rd party mfg comes out with a 2000-2200 mAh battery and a new back cover, I will be all over it.
  • the Motorola Atrix is get as thin as the HD7 and has a larger battery capacity.HTC just chose to put a lower capacity battery. if motorola can have a 1930mAh battery roughly the same size why can't HTC?As for the phone, when you're actively GPS tracking it drains the battery fast. there is two setting, 1 to set updates every 5+ mins and then a more instant update almost realtime. once you start GPS tracking you probably have about a good hour or 2 at the most before your battery is drain.
  • How many apps and accounts are you running pulling data? How often do you have each of your accounts set to sync?I've got four mail accounts, two of which are very active. I have each set to sync anywhere from every 30 minutes to 2 hours. My battery easily lasts from 5 AM to midnight, unless I play system-intensive games.Really, you don't need up to the minute syncing. On the rare occasion where you find you must have the latest, you can always do a manual sync in email.
  • i have 8 email accts but only 1 syncs realtime all the others are set to manual and every 2hrs. I've done all the settings tweaks it just comes down to fact that the 1230mAh battery is not enough. HTC was cheap and didn't want to but a bigger battery in the phone. considering similar HTC models have a 1500mAh battery why did they but a lower battery i a phone with a bigger screen. its just them trying to save money.
  • The 'Map It' option never work for me. Do I have to have a data from the carrier? as I currently do not but I'm constantly on wifi all day. HD7.Tried both FF and IE and no luck. Every other options i.e ring it, lock it, etc works fine but just the Map it won't work. Even update my flash. Enabled the settings both checkboxes checked on the phone.Anyone having same issue?
  • I was also wondering the same thing about battery. I had a HD7 which I sold just 2 weeks ago because of the battery life. I was lucky enough to get an old Sony Ericsson K850i phone sealed for like 80 bucks (I never miss a call on this one though, you can through a party with that loudspeaker lol) and now I have 3-4 days of battery life. Sure, I use it just for calls and ocasional music but I wish nowadays high-end smartphone would at least have a strong 2-day cicle.Although I don't have a WP anymore, I still check this site daily :) My next one will surely be a Nokia WP.