Finebits brings Sonca media player to Windows 10 Mobile (yes, you read that right)

Windows 10 Mobile isn't exactly what you'd call alive nowadays, but for those who are still sticking around, there's a new media player in town. Sonca, a universal media player released by Finebits in October, now supports Windows 10 Mobile, making it truly universal across all Windows 10 platforms.

Sonca works with any local music, movies, clips, and audiobooks you have stored on your phone or PC, automatically organizing your tracks and information. In addition to local storage, however, Sonca can connect to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, where you might have more of your media stored.

The app supports Windows Timeline and Continuum, and supports PCs. For devices, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox One, and, now, Windows 10 Mobile are all supported.

Sonca is currently on sale for $2, down from its usual $8 price tag. Finebits has also provided a limited set of promotional codes for Windows Central readers to snag the app for free (opens in new tab).

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I love when Devs fill the hole in my heart that MS created.
  • Seriously! (also love it when developer apps on windows are better than the oem offerings... MyTube! Anyone?)
  • I snagged a free code, cause hey why not. I actually discovered the other day that Napster has a UWP and I'm trying that out because I completely detest how the spotify works (or doesn't) on mobile. What I find really curious about the whole UWP thing from the start, is the U. They always said that it was a matter of "checking a box" to enable xbox, mobile, hololense etc. But if that was truly the case, then why so long for this to happen. I applaud them for what will almost be a thankless effort. I am curious to know how many users are still on mobile.
  • If you remember Raphsody that's what Napster is. They change the name but the same service.
  • You have to check a box yes. The functionality will remain the same and it will try to scale and adapt. But there will likely be some platform specific adaptations you'd have to make. Some fixing the UI, etc. Still a lot less work than on competing platforms. For a very simple app that only uses built in controls, it really is as simple as checking off a box.
  • Just purchase it. 😀
    doesn't show artists Pictures and images appear blurry in the now playing section. But it seems promising.
  • The code link doesn't work for me
  • Nice! Thank you,WCentral!
  • I'm intrigued by this - especially the ability to play from other sources besides Onedrive. Wondering if it behaves better than Groove?
  • Tried to sync w/ my OneDrive account and it crashed. Will try again in a little bit, though. I do want to see if this works any better than Groove.
  • Can it stream from OnedDrive like Groove did/do?
  • Yes, and it can cast directly to i.e. your Roku. Very interesting. It could do with cover art downloading and embedded Spodicast or something to really replace the old Groove, but it's a great start.
  • It only shows and plays long list of tracks, no albums
  • Have you tried neutron player... It is great. Gives you equalizer on all even over Bluetooth. It also has professional speed and pitch controls. One amazingly powerful music player.
  • Man, it's nice to see a little love our way.
  • Grove already works in Win10 Mobile. We need alternative for iOS and Android...
  • Best will always be quality native app free of advertisements.
  • but.... Windows 10 mobile doesn't exist anymore... it was ruthlessly and coldly beaten, tortured, and killed by Mr. wall street darling.
  • Groove is still the best app for local music. International users cannot access OneDrive music though.
    Sonca's OneDrive access is working, but it does not organize your cloud music to albums, it is just a long list of tracks... The list generation takes for ever.
    And occasionally it logs out from OneDrive. Then everything starts over ...
  • Microsoft made a big Mistake killing windows 10 mobile because they say they
    have no mobile apps for their Andromeda device so they are putting it on Hold
    if Microsoft had kept it's Windows 10 mobile Apps available & able to run on the
    Andromeda device this would not be the case. The Centaurus device which is not
    pocket able device is a Single or 2 screen foldable device that is a PC so it can
    run all the the PC X86/Win32 Programs Windows 10 PC's can which numbers in
    the MILLIONS if Centaurus can run some of them in compatibility mode. I think
    a Centaurus device with a built in "Business phone" would sell very Well.
    A "Business Phone" is not a smart phone it is a mobile phone that has only the
    same apps that Business Executives have on their Wall wired phone they have on
    their office Desk. This is OK for the "Centaurus" device because it's designed for
    business and pleasure. Today a lot of people use feature phones which do not
    have the large numbers of apps. a no non sense built Executive's "Business Phone"
    would make the "Centurus" a production device Business people would appreciate
    however non Business people could use it too!
  • We need a third option and that option should be win 10 mobile or Windows 10 on phones.
  • Predicted but still sad. I just hope that any Andromeda device will emerge before the end of this year