Firefox arrives on new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and 10

Firefox 2021 Browser Pc
Firefox 2021 Browser Pc (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Firefox has landed in the new Microsoft Store, making it the "only independent browser with its own engine" in the store to date, according to Mozilla Corporation.
  • Firefox utilizes the Gecko engine, which prevented it from embracing the previous Microsoft Store due to the store's terms.
  • Microsoft's new terms and openness to browsers in its refreshed store have been a selling point for it.

Firefox has joined the new Microsoft Store and is available today for download directly through the storefront, meaning there's no more need for a web-based download of the browser. It's not alone, either. Other browsers, including Opera, have been namedropped by Microsoft in its push to educate consumers on its refreshed store's updated philosophies on openness and app availability.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

In its announcement of the news, Mozilla reiterated that Firefox is the only independent browser that utilizes its own engine available on the Microsoft Store to date. "By maintaining its own engine with Gecko, Firefox is able to enforce its privacy protection features like Total Cookie Protection and Enhanced Tracking Protection, and provide users with lightning fast rendering using WebRender, secure sandboxing using Site Isolation, and a performant styling engine known as Quantum CSS."

Mozilla mentioned that Microsoft's old store policies wouldn't allow for Firefox because of the Gecko element, but now that issue is a thing of the past. Whether you're on Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can enjoy access to Firefox directly through Redmond's storefront.

Of course, being that Firefox uses its own installer, all its updates come via the browser itself and not the Microsoft Store.

Update: Firefox is using Microsoft's MSIX installer (opens in new tab), which means it's a "proper" Store app and should auto-update through the store itself.

And browsers aren't the only thing coming to the store. Already, we're seeing storefront-ception what with the Epic Games Store being available in the Microsoft Store. Apps such as Discord have made their way over as well. These arrivals come in large part due to Microsoft's revised policies and rules.

In case all of this is news to you and you didn't know Microsoft was doing anything to improve its storefront, check out what's new with the Microsoft Store.

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  • It's in the store, but does not appear in the store's search results.
  • It'll get there.
  • This version of Firefox does NOT use its own installer. It's a true MSIX-packaged app that is updated through the store itself!
  • Excellent news! I hope other big applications that had previously avoided the store follow this lead. The main thing I care about with Store apps is the auto-updating invisibly in the background. To be fair, all the big web browsers have been pretty good at self-updating. The real pain are the apps that prompt you to download and install an update every month or so. Many of them present some modal window that stops you from using the app until you update or dismiss and stick with the old version, only to be prompted again the next time you start.
  • TBF Firefox updates in the background already. This is one of the apps that store updating doesn't really make better.
  • Presumably, uninstalling will be better, though.
  • Interesting. My understanding is that it doesn't include their workaround for easily setting it as the default browser. That's probably why.
  • Yep, otherwise it wouldn't be available through Windows 10's store.
  • Good news! I'll always use Edge but this is great for the store...