Epic Games' storefront is now live in the new Microsoft Store

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Epic Games Store is among the first storefronts coming to the new Microsoft Store.
  • It's available in the new MS Store starting today, October 4, 2021.
  • Other major apps are also present in the new store, such as Disney+.

The new Microsoft Store is here, and along with it, many of the features that have been promised by Microsoft. First and foremost, this includes the arrival of stores within the store. For example: The Epic Games Store is now available within the Microsoft Store, meaning you can get the gateway to Fortnite directly through the new Microsoft experience.

Other storefronts will be coming as well, in addition to other new inclusions such as browser apps. For instance, Opera will be making its way to the Microsoft Store.

Another major shakeup Microsoft is introducing alongside its debut of Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store is the inclusion of Android app support, which is still on the way. It's coming to Insiders first, and soon.

For those who are sticking with Windows 10 but still want Microsoft's latest store, it's coming in the next few months. Windows 11 gets it first, but 10 has not been forgotten about. You can read the full laundry list of Microsoft Store news at the company's blog post on the subject. However, if you're not interested in reading more articles and just want to dive into the new MS Store and see the Epic Games integration for yourself, you're all set to do so.

As for why you should bother with the Epic Games Store in the first place, know that it regularly offers deep discounts on games (similar to Steam), gives away games for free on a weekly basis, and often has timed exclusives for games that will take six months to a year — if at all — to arrive on competing PC storefronts (again, Steam).

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