First look: IMDb + Bing working together in 'Mango' [Video]

One of the big new features coming up in 'Mango' this fall is the ability for developers to have their app work with other apps. For now, devs can have their app integrate with Zune e.g. PicoLyrics and YouTube. Take that model and expand it across the device and you have an idea what's in store.

In the example above, a search for a movie in Bing allows you to link back to IMDb, even maintaining the movie you were looking for ('Source Code' in this case). This ability for apps to "talk to each other" will quite huge as it's going to allow a lot more powerful apps on the platform.

Daniel Rubino

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  • If Microsoft wants to place Bing as the center of everything, fine...But first, IMPROVE Bing. Because it's currently **** outside the US/UK. Results are not relevant and sometimes silly. Bing Maps does not work in Europe.Is it so difficult to make this software/service working outside the US/UK ?
  • Microsoft is a US company so their 1st priority is the US. They will get to everyone else when they have the resources. It is not like they are some huge multinational company..jeez
  • That didn't worked for Zune.
  • Apps that can interact with each other = Win
  • The bigger question for me is what have they done with Bing? As it stands the built in Bing client lacks compared to the versions on iOS and even Android. There is no visual search and Maps doesn't offer Navigation services. It sucks having a Microsoft device that should have the best Bing client but does not. Any news on that?