First news on new Forza Motorsport game coming on May 7

Recently, Turn 10 confirmed that the bulk of the development team is being moved over to the development of the next Forza Motorsport title, a game which as yet remains unannounced.

On today's edition of Forza Monthly, the studio's own Brian Ekberg confirmed that the first news of the project will be coming on May 7 in the next edition of the show.

In past years, the Motorsport franchise has run in alternate years to the Horizon games, and we'd be expecting a grand reveal at E3 ahead of a launch before the holidays. We're not expecting that in 2019, as Turn 10 has previously confirmed that there will be no new launch this year.

So why are we hearing about the new game so soon? For the first time, the community is being involved in the concept stage of the game. Instead of Turn 10 making the game, then using community feedback to make it better, the process is being somewhat flipped on its head for the new title.

How much we'll hear we don't know, only that the first news will come from May's Forza Monthly. It goes down at 11am Pacific on May 7 on the official Forza channels on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. In the meantime if you missed the April edition of the show you can catch up on the Forza Mixer channel right now.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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