First Surface Earbuds firmware update brings audio and stability improvements

Surface Earbuds Case
Surface Earbuds Case (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • First Surface Earbuds firmware update is available now.
  • Improves audio quality, pairing, and overall product stability.
  • Can be downloaded using the Surface Audio app.

Microsoft has released a day one firmware update for Surface Earbuds that bring with it improvements to pairing, audio, and overall stability when using the Surface Earbuds. The update was released on May 12, the same day the Surface Earbuds launched, and brings the firmware version number up to

Customers powering on the Surface Earbuds for the first time will immediately see this firmware update available to download. You can install firmware updates using the new Surface Audio app on Windows 10, Android, and iOS. Microsoft says downloading and installing firmware updates can take a while, so make sure your batteries are efficiently charged first.

The full changelog (opens in new tab) is below:

  • Audio quality and stability improvements.
  • Pairing and connection improvements.

Surface Earbuds are available now for $199 and are shipping in 24 markets across the globe. Will you be picking up a pair? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Still waiting on Dan's review before I decide if I'm getting the Surface headphones or earbuds 😁
  • As someone who already has the headphones, just think about your use cases. I plan to get the ear buds mainly as a wireless headset for my phone and meetings where I'm not already using my headphones to listen to music. I do enjoy my Surface headphones, but because of their bulk, I mainly use them when at work sitting at my desk or just lounging around. The buds I see as truly mobile. Using them at the grocery store when I'm asking my wife what is it that we need or using them for PPT close captioning when I venture to do my next talk.
  • Because Microsoft offers a 60 day return on Surface products, I went ahead and ordered both the earbuds and the headphones. I'll test them myself and return whichever I decide doesn't meet my needs. Don't forget to use your discount if you are a student or a US Military veteran. I got the earbuds for $180 and the headphones for $225.
  • Waiting for the blk Earbuds. But definitely going to pick them up
  • Good luck with that. Had to wait for V2 to get more than one color on the headphones. There is a worldwide shortage of black plastic.
  • THere is also an update for the charging box. Go into the app and check or updates, not sure what exactly it does. I got these reasonably inexpensive using my bing points and purchasing gift cards with those points, makes it a reasonable purchase.
  • I'd like to see someone make some skins that go on the earbuds so that we can customize the look.
  • Received my Earbuds last Wednesday. I absolutely love them. Already own Surface Headphones. I use the buds for my phone and the music play is actually quite good! I don't care for noise cancellation on a headset I am wearing constantly. I don't want to be able to block out every sound.
    Now when I do want to block out the world, the headphones worked perfectly.