First two Turok games getting remastered versions for Xbox One

Fans of classic console and PC games should look forward to playing the first two titles in the Turok first-person shooter series on the Xbox One in the near future. Night Dive Studios plans to release remastered versions of both games for Microsoft's console.

The news came in response to a fan's question on the official Night Dive Studios' Twitter page (via Gamespot). So far there are no other details about their plans for the Xbox One versions, nor is there a release date.

The original games were first released by now-defunct publisher Acclaim in the late 1990s for the PC and the Nintendo 64 console. They were based on the Gold Key comic book character Turok, a Native American who found himself in another dimension, the Lost Land, where monsters and aliens, including dinosaurs, co-exist. Both games were big sales successes, thanks in part to their graphical look. The Turok games were among the best looking first-person shooters at the time. They were also among the most violent games made for that time period, thanks to their over-the-top use of blood for enemy hits and deaths. Turok 2 even included a weapon known as the Cerebral Bore, which would drill inside an enemy's head and then explode.

Night Dive Studios has already released a remastered version of the first Turok game for the PC, with features like improved lighting, support for widescreen displays and some updates to gameplay and level design.

John Callaham