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First two Turok games getting remastered versions for Xbox One

Fans of classic console and PC games should look forward to playing the first two titles in the Turok first-person shooter series on the Xbox One in the near future. Night Dive Studios plans to release remastered versions of both games for Microsoft's console.

The news came in response to a fan's question on the official Night Dive Studios' Twitter page (via Gamespot). So far there are no other details about their plans for the Xbox One versions, nor is there a release date.

The original games were first released by now-defunct publisher Acclaim in the late 1990s for the PC and the Nintendo 64 console. They were based on the Gold Key comic book character Turok, a Native American who found himself in another dimension, the Lost Land, where monsters and aliens, including dinosaurs, co-exist. Both games were big sales successes, thanks in part to their graphical look. The Turok games were among the best looking first-person shooters at the time. They were also among the most violent games made for that time period, thanks to their over-the-top use of blood for enemy hits and deaths. Turok 2 even included a weapon known as the Cerebral Bore, which would drill inside an enemy's head and then explode.

Night Dive Studios has already released a remastered version of the first Turok game for the PC, with features like improved lighting, support for widescreen displays and some updates to gameplay and level design.

  • I was just playing this on my N64 this weekend. All part of my retro gaming weekend.
  • I love the heat seeking missiles and the cerebral bore. That game was ahead of its time.
  • Awesome
  • That should be a lot of fun. Already have Turok on Steam.
  • Had Turok on N64, and played it a good bit.  Just like Goldeneye, the "fog" used to keep from overloading the graphics processor made it really hard to find your way around.  I suppose it makes it more challenging, but I'm hoping that they get rid of it for remastered versions, so you can take the whole area in.  I always found myself squinting to try and see through it, lol.  They can always throw more bad guys at you to up the difficulty level.
  • Crap... Now I have the Goldeneye music stuck in my head...
  • Lol, Goldeneye! N64 was awesome for multiplayer. I remember playing No Mercy - Ladder match continously for so long that all four of us only stopped playing when the console locked up due to excessive play lol. The only flaw with goldeneye was that if all 4 players used RCP-90 constantly together it would lock up. Loved chucking remote mines and jumping off ledges whilst pressing a+b - fragging in pure style. Of course when all 4 players are pro players. Frags are never that easy lol. I remember a moment when a relative chucked a
    Several remote mines through a closing door in facility and i chucked several in and we pressed a+b together and we both ended up inside the floor below the stage. The good ole days...
  • At Christmas, my brother and sister come over, and we play all the old school games, mostly Goldeneye, lol. That and Mario cart 64. My 4 yr old learns alot of colorful language at Christmas time...
  • Lol, I can imagine. Use substitutes :). For instance baboon, monkey etc. The first letter corresponds the colour variant starting with the same letter or the literal meaning suchas Donkey which means Jacka** :P. That's what I insisted a few years ago and it just stuck. So when ever we play games, the little ones end up running around calling each other baboon, monkey, pillow, apple, donkey, funky etc :P. If anyone listened in it just sounds like a harmless bit of banter or relevant to the game - donkey kong, funky kong etc.
    We usually play smash bros on the Wii/Wii-u as that is the most uber competitive game for us. All of us end up with like several hundred % in damage :P. We play with the smash ball off as it skews the balance completely since some chars can demolish everyone else with on smash ball whereas others are confined to just a single player. We play stock (5 or 10 lives), some matches last about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Longest one was about 3 hrs - fox vs falco on the hyrule stage. That's why we stopped playing on that. Usually now it's corneria, the final stage and other smaller stages. If anyone chooses pit, they get demolished first as with pit you can literally circle a stage.
  • I just need them to add an option slider with 2 choices "Less fog" and "More fog".
  • Take my money!!! Oh, the glory Turok days, especially Turok 2 with the N64 expansion pack. ☺
  • That was one fun game lol.
  • Yes indeed!
  • Man, that was one awesome game. before this online **** came.
  • I am Turok
  • Loved Turok but hated getting stuck in the bushes
  • I remember playing Turok 2 on the n64. Had a blast with the multiplayer modes and the campaign was just sheer awesome especially when playing in a dark room with brightness set at default. Only problem.... If you had a faulty memory pak, ouch....
  • #$%& yes I loved me some turok it was duke nukem with better graphics and dinosaurs it would take it over half the crap they going on now just thinking on what they could do with MP makes my mouth water. I am Turok!
  • Is it just me, or did one of the Turok games feature a female as the playable character? In any case, it was indeed a game ahead of its time. It stood out from the rest of the first-person shooters. I never owned the game myself, but I remember playing it a few times, on some friend's PC, possibly bundled with a 3DFX graphics card on CD ROM, as a way to show off awesome graphics capabilities :)
  • Never played them so looking forward to the release. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hell yes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :')
  • This is awesome news. I played and beat both games. I was a huge Turok fan. I'm looking forward to this!
  • My dad probably pay $100. I'd pay $50 to play those games even though still have them on my n64. :)
  • I still remember Turok runs best with 3dfx voodoo cards, and I still miss it!!
  • Used to play Turok 2 for hours. The levels were huge!!
  • I hope they don't have the flying levels. Not sure if that was in the first two
  • Bewareoblivionisathand remember that master code? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will it run with extact the same visual effect? Or will it be a remake?