First Xbox Project xCloud apps surface on Microsoft Store

Jovitec Xbox One Foldable Controller Clip
Jovitec Xbox One Foldable Controller Clip (Image credit: Matt Brown / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is gearing up for Xbox Project xCloud game streaming trials this October.
  • Internal testing apps for Project xCloud have seemingly surfaced on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft plans to kick off Xbox Project xCloud trials this October, offering an early taste of its future game-streaming ambitions. The ongoing initiative looks to mobilize the Xbox One's existing content lineup, first targeting mobile devices via low-latency cloud-based streaming. Project xCloud already saw an impressive E3 2019 presence, showcasing titles like Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, and Resident Evil 7 broadcast from remote data centers.

While Project xCloud's scheduled public preview lies two months away, early traces of its rollout have surfaced via the Microsoft Store. The Xbox One's online marketplace now hosts two applications for the streaming platform seemingly tied to internal testing.

As uncovered by reputable leakster TheWalkingCat, the 200MB installations for "xCloud Test Game (opens in new tab)" and "xCloud Test Game PAID (opens in new tab)" allude to ongoing action behind-the-scenes in preparation for forthcoming tests. While Microsoft remains tight on pricing for xCloud, the separation between standard and "paid" testing apps could be our first a glimpse at monetization plans.

As of publication the test applications are unavailable to download, preventing a deeper dive into app contents. Although listings frame both as shooters, placeholder assets and descriptions otherwise occupy the listings.

Project xCloud already shows promise, with our early hands-on opportunities demonstrating low-latency Xbox One gaming in Los Angeles and London. Microsoft's cloud expertise could deliver a capable rival to Google's Stadia platform, once public trials commence this October.

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Matt Brown

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  • I hope this is a separate sign up rather than the Xbox Insiders, I stopped Beta Testing my box a long while ago.
  • They already mentioned that xCloud will be free for those having an Xbox (if you want to play your paid games).
    It will be pricey but not too much as it's meant to be accessible for any of those not having the possibility to pay for a console. As we can see with other stuff (Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, Game Pass for PC, Office 365, OneDrive, Azure, MS365, etc.), it will be as always a competitive monthly price.
    Should be between 9.99€ and 19.99€/month.
  • They did not say that. They said you can use your own console for streaming your games to your devices for free. But that's not xCloud.
  • You might want to rewatch the E3 stream, they said people who do not own a console could pay a subscription for a rented server/Xbox to stream from, and players who do own an Xbox would have they're own personal server. They never mentioned a pay wall behind it, which wouldn't make sense, for non owners they're paying for the rented server/Xbox for streaming, current owners probably won't have to pay, since they already own a server, PlayStation has something very similar free but it's not as stable as XCloud promises.
  • You have no idea, why spread false information.
  • All points to Xcloud being offered as part of their Game Pass services. Maybe at a small premium, maybe included in Ultimate. I don't think it's the case at all that they're going to charge for the service alone like in the case of Stadia.
  • All signs actually point to: If you want to stream from your console, it's free, if you want to stream from their servers it's paid. It is likely that xCloud will be included with GP Ultimate, but based on the wording used previously it doesn't sound like it will be included with Game Pass.
  • The paid service will probably include gold and Gamepass together. Ultimate Gamepass probably won't include, because 1. They'd have to increase the price and 2. It wouldn't make sense, current owners will have the service for free since they already own a server, why would a none owner buy Gamepass ultimate without the console?
  • Because Game Pass Ultimate also includes PC Games, and if it also included xCloud then PC users would have access to both Game Pass services on a single device. That would be epic. As an aside in my previous message I should have said "it is possible", not "it is likely".
  • So based on what you know melvin.. It will be between $0 and $gazillion. It will be related to Xbox. It's run by Microsoft. Like other stuff it costs money. It won't require you to mortgage your house to play. That about sum up what you know melvin?
  • Interesting. October is not so far away so this will be tested son. By someone at least, I hope that us Insiders can get it earlier. Seeing the photo and this coming sooner than later, I hope that the market offers decent alternatives to phone mounts for Xbox one controllers. Microsoft themselves should make a really good one, I'd buy it. But the industry Will probably react on its own, if they're not already planning to do so.
  • It'll probably be available for Xbox Insider Hub Members first.