Fitbit app now available for Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One version still in the works

In August, Fitbit launched the Windows 10 version of its fitness app for PCs and tablets. The app is now available for devices that support Windows 10 Mobile as well.

Since the Windows 10 app is a universal app, that means all changes and updates will be made for both the PC and Windows 10 Mobile versions from now on. Here's a quick recap of its features:

Challenges updated!

  • New Challenges Tab Design: we've updated the look of Challenges to it easier to see your active challenges and create new ones.
  • Not sure how to begin with Challenges? We've got a new introduction to get you started.
  • Invite friends to join Fitbit when you create a Challenge

Battery Charging

  • Receive a notification when your Charge, Charge HR, or Surge is fully charged

All Day Sync Improvements (Windows 10 Only)

  • We've got a much improved background process. All Day Sync should be significantly more stable and provide a better user experience.

Bluetooth Improvements (Windows 10 Insiders Only, coming soon to official Windows release)

  • Windows 10 can now automatically pair devices during setup.
  • Updates to pairing and syncing between Windows and Fitbit trackers.


  • Design refinements.
  • Performance improvements and general fixes.
  • Feels faster

Fitbit also still plans to launch a version of the app for the Xbox One console later this year.

Update: As of 5pm ET the new Windows 10 Mobile app is now live in the Store!

Download Fitbit for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)


  • Tie it into Xbox Fitness.
  • Excellent news! One of the reasons I went back to 8.1 was my fitbit hr wouldn't sync
  • I waited for this version since getting a Charge HR and now that I have doesn't see the tracker no matter what I did :-( The app sees the syncs from the Android app I have on another handset and displays the updated info OK, but if I try to pair the tracker to the app on my doesn't see it. It sees every freaking BT device around me, except my Charge HR.
  • You will need to factory reset your fitbit (charge HR) and remove it from your app also. There's a video at which will show you how to facotry reset your fitbit. I had to do the same after I also connected it to my work phone. Also, removing it from your android device and only having it on WM10 will help.
  • THANK YOU! Ive been goingout of my mind with this today. I just got a new 950 and my Charge HR will NOT pair. I cant afford a Band II until Christmas, so this is huge :-)
  • Continuous good news on the site today! Excitement full on!!
  • Seems like this will be displayed tomorrow. Very nice
  • Probably not. It's not a Windows 10 device.
  • Given Microsoft will be announcing the competing Microsoft Band 2, I doubt it.
  • Unless the band has some sort of Fitbit integration. Fitbit is the big dog in this market after all. Maybe the new Band will work with it in some way. Never know. We can already use the Fitbit app in the phones without Fitbit hardware.
  • Yet still no call notifications on my charge hr
  • Hello, Update on this feaature. Today the Microsoft Windows platform does not provide a GATT server. Fitbit leverages this technology to provide notifications on our hardware. Microsoft and Fitbit are working together to bring a solution to our shared consumers.
  • I'm guessing still no time frame? I'm by no means disappointed but this would be such a sweet feature to have.
  • Why can you not use the same method that Microsoft uses for the Band? Will they not share how they do it?
  • Thanks for actually supporting the platform!  
  • Will the caller ID work with HR?
  • One Windows is beginning to come together. Also I'm working half a day today. Awesomeness all around :)
  • Still no Garmin app :'(
  • Send an email to Garmin and Microsoft. Posting it here won't do much to make it happen.
  • How can they launch an app on unreleased OS?
  • Same way other apps are released on it. There is a preview version of the OS that developers use to code and test. Plus, it's a universal app, Windows 10 desktop was released a couple months ago.
  • They could be working on it
  • The buttons on commands bar are the "olds" one. This will be updated later?
  • New apps are still working their way to the store.. keep checking. The new command bar has updated assets throughout the app.
  • The charge notification is such a small but awesome feature. So glad to see active development on the Fitbit app.
  • Haha "feels faster"
  • I'm running the latest preview (10536.1004) on a Lumia 735.  When I follow the QR code into the store it just shows me the fitbit version I already have installed (2.1.300 (19217)).  Are others able to install this update on mobile?
  • Me too - I'm at the same version, and it doesn't seem to be able to find any updates... 
  • Update is still processing in the store. Should be available later today. Looking forward to how Windows 10 users feel about the new mobile app.
  • any possiblity that the nfc in the fitbit charge will be compatible with W10M via an update
  • NFC is set at factory. Not something we can change with a FW or app update. I wouldn't expect an update at factory either.
  • Got the update now... Still can't sync Charge HR... 
    Am I the only one that has never gotten it to work properly on Windows Phone? (sync takes 5-10 minutes, and sometimes even requires restart of the phone - it was this way back on 8.1 as well). 
  • Do you have the app installed to an SD card? Please move it to internal storage if so. Did you bond it with an iOS or Android device? This can also make the tracker invisible to Windows BT and so we cannot sync with it.
  • If your phone can't see it, then it is likely it was linked to a different platform and would need to get a factory reset before Windows will see it.
  • Fitbit has been working on W10 mobile for ages
  • One question I still have is if the bands with displays will now support notification as previously it was an issue with MS not giving access to them in WP 8.1. I have the Charge and sure hope to start seeing caller ID once on Win10 Mobile.
  • Nope, Tristan recently posted information in the Windows forum on the Fitbit site about the reason. (Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 10 Mobile, don't currently have a GATT server which they require to get notifications to work with Fitbit devices. They are working with Microsoft to try to resolve that issue.)
  • Is the Xbox app waiting on the new Xbox os?
  • I just want the 8.1 app to not crash every time I click on a notification in the action center. I logged a call with FitBit but they have been useless. This happens on my 920 and my 635 and my mates' 635 too. Notification flashes up for a second and then crashes. This is so repeatable, please fix. Also would likely Surge to work fully.
  • I guess I'll be buying a fitbit
  • Will Microsoft buy Fitbit already for fuxsake
  • I hope not. I dont like this trend of giant mega corps buying up all the cool innovative small companies.
  • Any information on how the full charge notification works? I saw that on iOS you had to have your Fitbit bonded with your phone for notifications, and you had to be in range of the phone for it to work.   Since we don't have notification support how does it work on W10M?
  • Hats off to the fitbit team. These guys know how to develop an excellent app! I bpught a fitbit instead of any other fitness-band just because of the amazing support and app.
  • w10 design? NO
  • has anyone using WP 10 TP been able to pair their fitbit with this new update? my 830 is not seeing my Charge HR.
  • Yes, I have on my Lumia 640. Did you have for Fitbit linked to another platform? (iOS or Android) If so you may need to do a factory reset on it before Windows will see it.   If the phone actually sees it, but the Fitbit app doesn't, you might need to check the privacy settings to make sure the Fitbit app has been given permissions to see your Charge HR.
  • thanks I will try reseting tonight when I get home. I did have it connected to an Android since that was the only way I was able to sync on the road. 
  • Make sure you sync before you do the reset or you will lose the data tracked since your last sync.
  • good call..i have a work compitition and that would have been aweful
  • Question John Callaham, why won't links no longer work to Windows Store or Windows Phone store but from other sites like WMPU work normally? They used to work all the time, every time but for the last month or so, they doesn't work.
  • I really like the new look for challenges. Much easier to keep track of which ones are still going and how long.
  • Have they fxed the syncing issues?? been bloody woeful or the last 4 or 5 releases, got to try several times to get it to actually do whats its suppose too and Ive given up on the "we are working on it" Notification debarcle
  • Mobile Track is broken in the latest builds - a fix is apparently coming.....makes SensorCore users app worthless right now.    
  • Do you mean the fact that it shows you have messages e.g. challenges and when you tap on the little icon it just displays a blank screen?  Very annoying and not fixed across numerous builds - even logged support calls for this which just got closed out.