Fitbit (, an online service that helps consumers stay in shape with exercising and more, has announced publicly on Twitter that the company has no immediate plans to support Windows Phone. The service is currently available for both iOS and Android through two apps, as well as Windows 8 / RT with Fitbit now listed on the Windows Store. 

This is a let down for those who wish to use the service and own a Windows Phone. We're confused why Fitbit has decided to release a Windows app without a companion app for Microsoft's mobile platform - it would make more sense for it to be the other way around. For Windows Phone to be left out of the party like this, we're not particularly impressed.

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The good news is Windows Phone already has options for consumers who wish to keep fit, including the likes of runtastic and MyWalk. So not all hope is lost, but Fitbit is a nice, fully featured service which we'd like to see offered to Windows Phone owners.

Source: Twitter (Fitbit Support); thanks, Caleb, for the heads up!

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