Fix for SMS syncing bug with Microsoft My Phone

A few days ago we reported that a new version of Microsoft's My Phone was available.  Unfortunately, for some,  it also introduced a new bug: the inability to sync your SMS messages (something Tiger Woods would be happy about).

Luckily, a registry fix has been found:

  • Go o HKLM\Software\Microsoft\My Phone
  • Change the registry value “DisableSMSDataType” from “1″ to “0″

Seems easy enough and we're sure someone can .cab this up if you don't feel like touching your registry (though see our guide on the how-to for a quick primer).

By the way, sound off in comments if you experienced this bug. On our custom ROM, we never saw this and this "fix" wasn't pre-installed.

[MobileTechWorld via TamsWMS]

Phil Nickinson

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