Fix for Windows Phone Store in-app purchase breakage nears, as developers get fed up

Running an app store is likely not an easy technical task. It is probably made more difficult when you are like Microsoft, who is rumored to be combining the Windows Phone and Windows Stores into one, or at least starting that process. Regardless, when outages happen, it can frustrate consumers. When it happens and goes on for days, you start to tick off developers.

Starting this past weekend, people with existing in-app purchases, aka 'durable IAPs', through various apps like MetroMail and Rudy Huyn's '6' apps are having different levels of success. However, the real issue appears to be for users who pay for a service, like remove ads, only to have the ads comeback, making the usual '99 cent' unlock seem like a fraud.

The problem is not app related, but rather server side with Microsoft and their Store. Developers know this as the 'ANID2 problem' and it has happened before, though this time around it seems particularly frustrating, perhaps due to the larger installed user base.

The issue

Rudy Huyn explains in our forums that the ANID2 problem stems from a list installed on your phone. This list contains all of the in-app purchases that the device is entitled to, and it is referenced by an app for verification. Evidently, some (or all) Windows Phones cannot fetch this file, or they are grabbing the wrong values, causing a failure of the IAPs to register within in the app. As a result, something you paid for to unlock, does not unlock.

This particular problem affects IAPs purchased prior to September 21 and not after.

How widespread?

Unfortunately, it is hard to judge who is and who is not affected (none of us on the WPC staff have experienced it). What is clear is that many consumers are blaming the app developer, often leaving terrible reviews or sending in a nasty email. Huyn, for instance, reportedly has many email complaints due to the popularity of his apps. Surely, other developers are experiencing the same.

Update - AppCauldron reached out to inform us they believe up to 90% of Windows Phones were affected, as collected through their data tools.

The fix and what you can do

Microsoft has a stickied thread in their developer forums describing the problem as they were made aware of it as early as Sunday. Within the last hour, they have updated the sticky (opens in new tab) with the following:

"We have identified the issue and are in the process of rolling it out to production. ETA is 9/24 in the PM or 9/25 in the AM at the latest."

Certainly, this is good news, although perhaps not for developers who are the collateral damage in this unfortunate situation.

If you have experienced this problem as a consumer in the last few days, resulting in an angry email or a negative review on the Store, Windows Phone Central implores you to revise your review. This error is certainly not the developers fault but with the lack of transparency from Microsoft to consumers, developers are being hammered by angry customers (when the blame should be directed at Microsoft).

Have you experienced problems with in-app purchases this week? Developers, how are you dealing with this situation?

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice bro!
  • I had the same problem with the pregnancy plus app. Purchased all the extra weeks of info a few months ago. Tried checking where we're at in the pregnancy and it said I need to buy to view.... Emailed the developer and they responded with a very detailed professional explanation of the problem and have a number of suggestions on what I can do. I was very satisfied with their reply
  • I had the problem with two apps and was getting quite annoyed. When it happened to gTasker also, I started to get suspicious that it was a Microsoft blunder. I repurchased one of the previous apps however, so that was $1.49 lost. Considering how cheap apps are, that is definitely not much of a loss.
  • Hahah so nice bro !
  • I am the one who knocks
  • Did a remove ads upgrade on app last night. Usually get email from Microsoft Billing right away, never received email and it never billed me.
  • I had this problem with 6tag, emailed Rudy and received quick response with explanation. It just has fixed couple of hours after.
  • Yeah! By the way I never faced an issue.
  • Because you never pay !!!
  • I do pay for some of the IAP like for asphalt 8, Halo etc so shut up! -_-
  • Banter
  • F*cking finally! My app has gone down .3 stars since this incident. I was getting ready to pull the app, but I thought it would be fair to give them a week before doing that.
  • Why not informed them instead of pulling the app and further frustrating and confusing the end users. Assuming you are serious and actually have an app or apps in the store,rather than just kidding.
  • This kind of error is unacceptable from Microsoft side.
  • What app, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Yea I have, but I saw Rudy's tweet before I went and purchased again, so I'm good until its fixed
  • You were going to purchase again? Why?
  • I've encountered this issue and I simply forgot I had paid before.
  • I noticed this in 6tag the other night and tapped an add to get the store purchase for the ad removal to come up.  It said it was $1.29 so I backed out and did it again, then it recognized I had purchased it before and let me reapply it for no charge.
  • Mine behaves exactly like this too!
  • Yes! Had this exact issue removing ads from the MyBucks app over the weekend. The dev was nice about it and just had me reinstall. It corrected the issue.
  • I've seen complaints as a dev and also encountered the error as a user. My wife actually hit it first - lost about 30 levels on a card game she was playing, she was NOT happy. Fortunately going through the motions to re-buy reinstated the IAP (without additional charge). This is what users can do for now, from what I've seen, to "get around" the problem. I only hope that when MS rolls out the fix, the ANID2 value is restore to match the previous one, if it isn't then there are a lot of devs in a world of hurt. But boy am I glad Rudy explained it, because no other devs in the world knew what was going on (/sarcasm). WPC should've published this a long time ago.
  • "But boy am I glad Rudy explained it, because no other devs in the world knew what was going on (/sarcasm). WPC should've published this a long time ago."
    The problem for us is multifaceted, including duration, complexity and how widespread it is. For instance, as I finally started writing this, Microsoft literally updated and said "fix is coming!". Had I not refreshed the page, this would have gone unnoticed. This is the duration problem. Sometimes outages happen, but at what point is it a problem to report? Hour? Day? Days? Complexity involves explaining it in a coherent method. And how widespread is also a factor. Fact is, many of us here at WPC did not experience this, nor had we had many tips or complaints about the problem. If it affects only a percentage, is it a huge deal? It is hard to evaluate.
  • You should run for public office, Daniel.
  • Fact of the matter is you'll often publish half-baked stories. Good example is the latest off-the-cuff remark by an international Windows exec with a blaring headline. But this time you decided - for some reason - not to publish info and news that could directly help readers and developers alike as soon as you knew of it. Look at the number of "had this problem" comments already. Isn't that why you end every post with a question? to gauge how many people are affected/have an opinion? "Are you experiencing this problem as well? Let us know below!" would've been a great way to simultaneously inform users, help devs in informing users, and glean information. Breaking news is breaking and developing. Most readers get that, and if they don't, just say so. "Story is developing..."
  • Everyone is an armchair editor, everyone wants us as their personal army.
  • seems like that's what you want, too - as you've all but said "not enough people were coming to us with their problems, so we didn't publish anything". As a user I'm not going to go to WPC when I have a problem, sorry. I'm going to go to the dev. Yet you evidently expected users to come complaining to you before you'd acknowledge a problem, or until God Himself chimed in, apparently.
  • I hear your complaints. I stand by my judgement in this situation.
  • I can't imagine sorting through all of the dribble of false leads and general user noobness.  One or two developers reporting something alongside users establishes that there is some kind of problem of anecdotal unspecified scale.  But it does not necessarily establish as fact that this problem is something larger.  This is the judgement call people who provide review (or in this case news/tips) must make.  They are going to make mistakes and/or bad judgement calls.  I have to say that it is interesting what people obsess over.  People should be using forums to report and investigate these sorts of things and escalate problems to parties that are actually responsible for something breaking or supporting their product.  It seems people expect reporters/reviewers these days to be direct liasons with vendors and developers.  The armchair editor, backseat driver, cubicle managers, non-stockholder executives phenomena is so tired.
  • Thanks, well said.
  • It should not be how wide spread is the problem or how big is the problem, for it to be reported on.  Daniel, the fact that you did not just do a small PSA stating, if you are having problems with IAP this is a way around it and you will not be charged again for it.  MSFT is working on a fix and is aware of the problem.  I have read many stories from your site that are way less informative and have WAY LESS FACTS.  I think the over all gripe about WPCentral about this issue was your silence.
  • If you see the amount of 'tips' we get every day on Store errors, you would not be so cavalier on your assessment. Every day we get someone complaining about an outage, an app being pulled (when it was not), something not working, etc. With 2/3 of our audience non-US, it is even more challenging. We follow up on them, try to learn more, and gauge if it is still even going on. Sorry you think our other stories lack "FACTS", as you say, but these situations are difficult to cover. I get everyone knows how to run WPCentral better than myself but unfortunately, I am the one that still calls the shots and I stand by my call.
  • Daniel, you had more than one developer contact you about this. This was not just random user noise, and you're smart enough to know that.
  • Agreed.  Rudy Huyn was tweeting about this issue on Sunday.  One of those tweets said he had already received over 200 emails about the bug.  I do understand Daniel's frustration with people constantly critiquing his decisions (and I'm sure he's often totally justified in not taking their advice), but I'm not really sure what else he thought he needed to see in this situation in order to write a story.  As the week has progressed I've been more and more confused about the lack of coverage.  Multiple stories were written on other sites such as TabTec, The Football Examiner, and International Business Times UK (not exactly a trio of Windows Phone news powerhouses).  Continuing to respond by sarcastically dismissming any claims that a mistake was made just comes off as defensive and unreasonable. 
  • Give this man a break, come on why is everyone behaving like everything in the article is misleading, its a fact and and if you experienced this problem then that's not WPCentral's fault they are just delivering the news... You wanna get mad, go to MSFT its their fault but as mentioned they are working on a fix so getting mad at them is also not very right.
  • Give the guy a break. There are other websites you can visit if you don't like this one... Usually if you send in a tip asking a question here they respond to you before a story anyways. Heck I've tweeted Daniel and he has answered my questions everytime.. This was not a big that broke the phone, lets just chill out.
  • With the way people complain sometimes you'd think Microsoft was waking into their house and shooting their dog.
  • Wpcentral is the basic windows phone news for the majority of windows phone users. The fact that we saw nothing made me and many many friends of mine give bad reviews and emails. Glad an uncle of mine who is kinda inside Microsoft explained me how the situation goes. Nevertheless it was some trouble that you didn't get there too handle before a lot of reviews get lowered for no reason actually
  • Man everyone bitches when its not reported but bitches when little things are... Make up your mind
  • That's true.
  • Bitches gonna bitch about anything
  • WP Central is, well, central to gaining news on Microsoft to many of us. I find in general WPC do a great job and as is human nature, they will never be perfect. But no need to blast them with nastiness for not achieving 100% satisfaction in every aspect, that's immature. Just saying.
  • Most people have no common sense, the guys at wpcentral aren't super heroes with the ability to see into the future or read minds lol. They do a terrific job and just expecting them to shift through the countless tips + emails and follow up individually is like asking a one farmer to tend to flock of sheep and check them + sheer the wool for the entire flock all at the same time, it is just not feasible. At the end of the day they are people like everyone else with plans, family and a social life.
  • I had a similar problem with Hill Climb Racing when I got my 1520.3.  All I wanted was for the ads to go away but since they tied it to getting coins, they wouldn't restore my status.  This was what they sent me: I'm afraid that the purchases in Hill Climb Racing are considered consumable purchases which is why you cannot restore your purchase status. Sorry. Was pretty frustrated and just stop playing the game. 
  • Thanks for the news. I've been seeing ads again in an app I paid for. Going to the store and viewing the app seemed to help the issue.
  • I'm almost 90% sure I paid twice for Rudy's in-app ads removal fee. SMH.
  • Ah so that's why ads have returned in 6snap for me lol
  • Yeah, and now o know why 6tin has ads now.. Let's see what happens in the next few days... We're most likely going to have to do a reinstall..
  • I noticed the problem with the Full Movies was nice, then again, so was I.
  • It was a really weird problem when it popped up but like others, I went to "re-buy" and just had to reinstall my unlocks.
  • With the advent of being able to respond to user reviews, this is a less damaging problem than it could have been. That said, damage control is not a fun situation to be in. I do have to give credit to Microsoft for quickly responding to our reports and the engineering teams went to work immediately.
  • I'd have been more appreciative if they'd have started Saturday when we reported it, instead of Monday when they rolled in to the office. It started on Saturday so clearly somebody was working...
  • I had this issue with an app where I paid for apps removed, and they showed up again. As a workaround, I fixed it by doing an uninstall/reinstall. :)
  • Good for consumers as the problem is solved,but if the consumer paid more than once for the iap will it get refunded?
  • I hope users get refunded. But I hope the refunded money will come only from Microsoft. It'd be nice if developers could keep the extra money they made this week since they had to work overtime everyday to respond to the thousands of complaints they received.
  • The only way you're going to get reimbursed is if you contact the developer...
  • Developers have absolutely no way to reimburse users. And besides, "repurcashing" the IAP will not "re-charge" the customer. Simply use option to buy IAP again and you're greeted with "You already bought this..." message. Download and install again - without being charged again.
  • That's weird because I've had issues recently and contacted the developer for reimbursement, and they said that they could if I wanted to.
  • Yes, I think I've paid to remove Ads from 6tag more than twice now.  Very very frustrating, and yeah, I blamed Rudy...(but never posted that on the App review)...   Seriously, Microsoft needed to let us know a Long time ago...
  • I received some bad reviews because of this as well as angry mails and tweets. Thanks to the folks of wpcentral for getting this article out.
  • I wonder if this is why the unfollowspy app that was recently free keeps prompting me to upgrade for added features. I'm guessing so.
  • This may be why my Simple Calendar app shows "Tile Trial" on the live tile. The developer emailed me back stating it was a Microsoft issue with the store.
  • I have FOUR apps with this problem. I don't blame the developers. I blame MS for me not using the apps at all until fixed. Anyone know if the fix will be retroactive? Or will we have to deal idividually with the developers and face rube goldberg work arounds like "secret" versions of apps with the in-app stuff enabled by default. 
  • I have paid to remove ads from all of my apps.  When ads showed back up in all of them they made it very, very cumbersome to use the app at all.  I forgot how ugly and in-your-face the ads are.  Very glad it's going to be fixed soon (hopefully).
  • It's fixed
  • I still have this issue with Calculator². I thought it was the developers' fault firstly.
  • Try twice or thrice.. It worked for me
  • Hopefully this is fixed soon!
  • Paid for the ads to be removed from Peregrine and they showed up a couple of days ago. Tweeted the dev and he told me to buy and cancel and buy again until I got the message that I own the app and to install. Worked second time and ads are removed again.
  • Mmmm, wish you had published this yesterday. I was asked to pay for using an app last night which I was pretty sure I had already purchased. Oh well only 79 pence. Does this possibly have any connection to the general sluggishness of the store that I have experienced in last few days...everything takes ages to load and searches don't even complete?
  • I experienced it,with 6Tag (video uploading) and UnfollowSpy (other features)
  • I spent $4,99 on the Ultimate Spider-Man to get more ISO-8 but none were added. What now? Has is just gone to waste?
  • My guess is that the outage has to do with the merging of the two stores on the backend ahead of the Windows 9 preview. Something went awry and they've been scrambling to fix it.
  • I've had the same problem with PhotoShop express.
  • I had the ads come back for mybucks. I emailed elliote, and it was determined that it was ms end. Thankfully my iap went back to registering. This guy is responsive though, makes me feel better on iap for certain things. But yes people shouldn't be nasty on it. Things happen.
  • Another reason I don't ever do IAPs. Either free app or bought the app upfront BEFORE install.
  • This is fantastic work by MS to further alienate the few developers who actually code for WP. Who cares if the best developers dont bother with the Windows Store??
  • Ah, this is why Calculator2 (squared) is giving me ads. I better go fix my review...
  • Thanks, Zulfigar!
  • A 100% working workaround (tested by a large number of Movie Maker 8.1 users) is easy:
    - uninstall affected app
    - reboot your phone
    - re-install the app from the Store
    This forces a resynch of the IAP licenses.
    Often a reboot or a reinstall solves, but I recommend to follow all that steps to be safe ;)
  • Thanks for the tip.
    But uninstall and reinstall is a bad solution in case of a game, that stores achievements only in the app.
    Wasn't Microsoft promising you could (cloud-)save app-/game-states as well?
  • It depends on how the app is developed.
    If it saves all progress in the cloud, or in the "roamingsettings" local storage, you should be safe (in case of doubt just contact the developers).
  • This works (at least for 6tag), thank you! :)
  • Thanks for the heads up, I just changed my review of GMAPS before reading this, cause I kept getting ad's again. I would click X and hit cancel and ad would go away until I opened app again. I just went back and changed review to positive comments.
  • Just spent way more than free for the Disney Expedition app and now it's asking me again to pay for things I already paid for.  How do I fix this?  I tried going to the store but the only option I see is to Share the app.  Wow, no 8.1 on Verizon, terrible app selection, this joke of a problem.....really not liking my switch so far to WP, which is a shame because I love my Nokia phone, and I really like the active tiles.
  • i'm a consumer and this happened to me.  i sent an email (not a nasty one, i would never do that) to the developers of the 2 apps that were affected, and one got back to me with an explanation, while the other put up a banner on the app with an explanation.  so i waited patiently and eventually i went away.  i'm all good now, lasted about a day
  • I've had zero issues with my apps this must be hit and miss. Sorry to hear about all you awesome devs getting hit by bad ratings and nasty emails
  • Had a problem with Disney Expedition on both my wife's and my phones. It had an in-app purchase to allow additional functionality. When I went to use it on Saturday it said I would need to repurchase the additional feature. Checked my wife's phone and the same thing. On Sunday I deleted the apps on both phones and re-installed and they worked again.
  • I tried deleting and re-installing, and it's still asking me to puchase the additional functionality.  Plus the ads are back.  Did you do something else? 
  • Ads ads ads on my 6tag. So irritating. Thanks to this article. Guess ill just have to wait for the fix
  • Tap an ad and see if it gives you the option to reinstall without paying, if not back out and do it again until it does.  I only had to try 2 times before it recognized that I had purchased before and let me reapply the IAP for no cost.
  • Thanks! Tried thrice but had no luck. Rebooted my phone and tried again and it worked. Gone are the pesky ADS on my 6tag. Lol
  • Glad you posted this as I was ready to change the rating on one app and send an email to developers I know are responsive on another to see what was going on. Glad to hear this will be fixed and hope it doesn't recur after this.
  • Getting the problem identified and fixed so it lasts and rolling it out worldwide in less than a week- really decent work, Microsoft (no sarcasm).
  • I had to "re-purchase" IAP of Simple Calendar, theChive, 4Castr and one other I cant remember at the moment.  Most of them was a matter of just tapping buy and then cancel. Go back to buy again and it said I had already purchased that. App restart brought them back. 4Caster did it twice. The other app I un-installed and re-installed.
  • Yay for troubleshooting. If only everyone was so diligent.
  • DOH! My Radar Ad Free with Warning notifications was the other!
  • Happened to me with 6snap. Tried to remove ads and it tried to make me buy it again, tried again a few minutes later and it said that I had already purchased, hit install, and the everything was back to normal again.
  • I had the issue with many of my IAPs, just hit back, click to purchase again and it worked fine the 2nd time. Was told you already purchased this and to re-download.
  • If anyone should be fed up it should be WP users.Love purchasing apps that never get timely updates and eventually lose support all together.
  • ^ This will be the downfall of this platform if MS doesn't do something about this. I realize they can't force devs to update their apps. Maybe threaten to remove the app entirely if they won't update. The least MS can do is lead by example and get that lockscreen app updated. It's ruining my WP experience.
  • Rudy dropped the ball on that one.Craptastic is a understatement for the Microsoft lockscreen app;)Took me about five minutes of use to uninstall and say what the f**k was that.It's pretty bad when you have to do a factory reset because the app was so unstable and full of bugs.
  • Ads for mybucks came back. I just reinstalled it, ads gone. I didn't leave a bad review. Figured it wasn't the devs fault anyway.
  • Uh! I notice it in 6tag and Supercalendar.. I uninstall and install it again and didnt work hehehe now I know why.
  • This is why I don't buy software I can't download and save somewhere.
  • You wont be able to download anything in the near future bro...
  • Right, and that's when I stop using computers or go to an alternative. The consumerization of IT will have to lead to an alternative for those of is that want to get work done.
  • A very good article showing that it's not always the fault of the developer.  The comment from Microsoft on their developers forum made me smile.  It had an ETA of date and time period mentioned!  Wow!!  If only Microsoft had done that for all the thousands of users suffering the 0x80188308 error, or the recent back-up error or the inability to load Cyan issues .....  It just goes to show that the threatened revenue drop through developers exiting the WP world is enough to ensure excellent communication from Microsoft - but you have to be a developer to receive it.  No solace for the poor consumer!
  • I hate how it always takes an act of Congress for MS to listen and make a change. I've been screaming about that crappy lockscreen app they released and haven't updated. They won't respond or comment in any way on it. Dammit Microsoft, listen to the people who love this platform and maybe you'll get to the point where people that don't love it will start looking this way.
  • I try to purchase things from my store and always says connection blah blah when I clearly have 4gLTE on t-mobile is that a similar problem??? Because I'm dreading the fact I cannot purchase store apps
  • a work around that I use for this problem, is to delete the app(s) and then go to the Windows website and check your history and reinstall the apps that way, that's what I had to do with all the apps that were asking me to pay again... it will have to do until we get that fixed
  • I have a slightly different problem.
    I have downloaded four apps which, when I downloaded them, were free. Some time afterwards the developers began to charge for them but, from this point onwards, I could no longer download updates for these apps.
    I contracted one of the developers who said that they were were aware of the problem (indeed, it is on their app description in the store) and that the fault lies with Microsoft.
    Is this true?
    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Wish they'd fix the 803 install error!!!
  • I was wondering what was going on with WebApps. I assumed it was a Microsoft issue as it happened suddenly without an app update.
  • I didn't know till now but this is what I've been experiencing on the app modern music. Must check if I changed my review.
  • Not affected myself.
    But it came to my mind, that this is a downside of Microsoft's "one app"-approach, instead of the conventional two app (one "full"- and one "lite"-version) system. If you download the conventional "full"-version, it wouldn't need a list of purchased features.
  • I've only ever experienced this issue once with the 4castr app, but I uninstalled/reinstalled and it took care of the problem.
  • This has happened with my wpcentral app.
  • I had the issue with unfollowspy, but now its back to normal.
  • Somebody go lawsuit now!!!! Fuck Microsoft they need to get it together soon or there done!
  • It's "they're". Rants are so less effective with improper spelling.
  • I had this problem with MyBucks (great app, much better than the official android version). I'm a developer so it seemed pretty obvious that it is a Microsoft issue and not the developers fault. I was seeing ads again but reinstalling the effected app fixed the issue for me.
  • Would explain why I have ads in 6snap. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Wouldn't it be possible to create some sort of push notification system, from Microsoft, to alert users about these kinds of issues? "Dear XX, the Store is experiencing some issues at the moment, but all of your IAPs are still safe and will be restored soon. Thank you for your patience. Windows Phone team." And the notification stays put until the user dismisses it. This system could be used for all kinds of stuff but only by Microsoft. Not all Windows Phone users piously visit WPcentral or other sites, and, let's be honest, there's only so many sites where you can find info about WP issues and errors. ;)
  • Excellent idea.
  • I appreciate that it's frustrating, but at least it can be fixed, and is being... Things could be worse... You could have just spent £800 on a bendy phone. ;)
  • Lets tweet @winphonesupport so that they will aware about this issue. BTW, the developer should giving users an option by providing a feedback box in their apps so that users can contact/reach them directly if there are any issues regarding the apps. Same goes to the users , please try to contact/reach the developer 1st , etc like sending an email or tweet to the developer before giving a bad reviews/critics. It's really sad to see some immature users that straightforwardly bashing & giving bad review to some apps even though the real thing is , the apps that they're complaint about are good but just have a minor issues , need an improvement , or having some bugs etc. Surely bad review only will make the other users feel doubtful to download the apps. In the simple meaning , please be Positive & Professional users. Anyways , big credit to all the Windows & Windows Phone developers for their hard work all this time. :) #proudwindows&windowsphoneusers
  • +1520
  • Yep I ran into this :/
  • At first, I also thought it was just Metromail. And then I realized several of my apps were missing in-app purchases! Phonely, phototastic, iPodcast. Oddly enough, I went to repurchase the in-app purchase for Phonely and it worked (it didn't charge me, and it removed the ads). I tried this with the other apps, but instead got a store error.
  • Rudy is awesome and replied to my email (quickly) when I reported it a few days ago and explained situation. I also reached out to @winphonesupport on Twitter about issue. Frustrating issue that really gives platform a black eye.
  • I thought I was going crazy when my 4castr live tile disappeared.  Glad to know there's a fix coming soon.
  • Happened to me on Blue Skies app. Paid for radar and now its asking me to pay for it. Lame.
  • Dang I actually did have this issue but didn't think anything of it. So are they going to refund that money or?
  • Me too. I paid twice for the same app and assumed I must have messed up the first payment. So how do I get a refund from MS?
  • This happened recently with my SophieLens HD app that wanted me to repurchase all my filters again. I purchased one and was never billed for it again. The rest still show as if I haven't already issued for it. I dinner mind going through the process again of pretending to having to pay for the filters as long as I'm not actually being billed again for the item. It is frustrating though
  • It has happened to me more than once with 6apps, i bought them several times just the spur of the moment kind of thing and realized, i in-app purchased most of these already. Heck more support for Rudy for his great apps but im glad that they are coming up with a fix.
  • My theme for Simple Calendar had reverted to "trial". I emailed the developer through the App on Saturday to ask about it & they replied within an hour, informing me of this very same WP Store problem. By Sunday it was fixed. With the WP Central team stepping in to keep us informed of the matter, all I can say is... It's great to be part of the Windows Phone Community!
  • I had exactly the same issue and resolution with the same app. They were very prompt in getting back in touch.
  • Bought Artifex Mundis Time Mysteries twice now. I hope they can fix this as I'm afraid to start the game again.
    Best regards Lumia 1520, Cyan and latest Dev prev.
  • My Steam Chat app has had this issue, but I always presumed that it was Microsoft o.o
  • I faced this issue in UnfollowSpy. Although I didn't send an angry email to dev instead I mailed and simply asked and he cleared my confusion in no time. Thanks dev again.
  • Wow. Some og you People are acting like whining babies. STFU and give them a break. Start your own fucking site. Ok, tell them they could have posted this earlier, but leave it with that. Dont go on naging and naging about the same statements over and over. Its secounds before I track you down and bitchslap you as the little bitches you are. If anyone should have informed about this earlier, its MS. Do they not have our e-mails? Do they not have the posibility to inform sites like WPC themselves? Yes, it might have taken a little while for MS to pick up on the issue. But do you seriously expect WPC to identify the severity of this issue faster than MS. I'm sure the guys at WPC do what they can to give us the infirmation most relevant to us. I would actually asume such an article would have generated a few extra clicks. Bzzzz!!!
  • Had a similar issue with my app also. Tied to this but not exactly this issue. Users reported that they can not download the app after one update and i got over 20 bad reviews, only a few of them changed to a better review and its clearly a Microsofts fault! The biggest problem is Microsoft gave me an support email where users can contact them and this guys in the support say its my fault and the users should contact me :S This issue started in july and still is not fixed for some users. This is inacceptable because Microsofts earns on paid app but can not fix this issue. They want that users rather pay for it again and blame the dev. :(
  • This explains everything. Over the weekend, ads returned to my 6snap and when I tried to re-download the "ad-free" version, I was prompted to buy it again (versus the 'you already own this app, you can download again for free' message). I emailed Rudy thinking it was on his end, but I think on Monday I was able to download the "ad-free" version without paying again, so I thought it was just an isolated incident.
  • Dammit.  I'd bought the ad removal thing from 6snap a week ago.  That is pretty annoying if slightly amusing. 
  • I also had a problem a few months ago with Social Scout. Contacted the dev, showed proof of purchase, and they had an app they used that I downloaded everything was ok again. Different resolution, but same problem.
  • Yes I have many users complaining that their ads are appearing in my app Budget Buddy even though they purchased the in app purchase to remove ads. I wasn't sure what the problem was but via communication I was able at least to let users know I was hearing them. Very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks for posting this definitely sets my mind at ease a bit.
  • Yes uninstall and reinstall appears to work sometimes.
  • Had this issue over the weekend with Tweetium and Blue Sky's. Both devs have been fantastic with their help and support. Looks like Microsoft are ruining our a fix as the store's down for me.
  • Hit this wall on Sunday with almost every previously purchased app; uninstalling and reinstalling the affected apps appeared to solve the problem, but what a P.I.T.A.
  • Thanks for this article, Daniel. I've had quite a few emails and bad reviews for ads appearing in Calculator² over the past few days, and seeing this will certainly alleviate users' concerns. I have to say that the ability to respond to reviews has been very useful! I also did a small release earlier in the week to both Stores, and the update was available in both of them in less than 18 hours. The Windows team are doing lots of good things, so it's a bit easier to forgive issues like this.
  • Welcome and hope it helps! Glad to see you're utilizing those new tools, as I'm sure everyone is appreciative.
  • Dag Nubbets ... I have this exact same "Remove Ads" issue with a number of apps after I upgraded to 8.1 n Cyan.
  • Its bad when u shell out the money only to find ads are still there. Any ways no use in hammering the developers as microsoft is at fault here.
  • Have the same problem with the "Biblia Romaneasca" app. The adds were still there even if I paid to hide them.
  • Another download just appeared for me, this is after I had gotten Cyan today (att920DP). Could this be it?
  • Probably why Phototastic billed me again to unlock the Pro features after I had paid for them once before...
  • Yikes, I am keeping my fingers crossed.....will post back if successful...
  • This is pissing me off now. Cannot use paid for features of apps. Cannot install updates to those apps where developers have indicated an update is available to overcome the problem. Uninstalled one such app and cannot reinstall it as Store thinks it is still installed. So sorry for developers getting numerous bad reviews. Sort it out and compensate developers for the grief and customers who have paid twice for in app purchases please Microsoft.
  • I have same problem with Connection Tiles. Yesterday I paid two times to remove ad. Is this problem solved?!
  • Still no resolution to this issue, I see. Sweet.