Fixes coming for Crimson Dragon Side Story on Windows Phone

In our recent review of Crimson Dragon Side Story, I called the fantasy-themed shooter “one of the best Xbox games on Windows Phone.” But I also noted a few flaws, like the wonky GPS feature and a killer save data bug. These problems make a great game slightly less so, especially for anyone who loses their save data to the whims of fate.

Fear not, dragon riders! We’ve got more details and some good news from the developers after the break.

GPS or Jips?

Let’s go into a little detail about how GPS mode is supposed to work. By entering the game’s Trading Post, players can choose to Acquire jewels via GPS. The way it’s supposed to work is that you check in from various locations and whatever mileage (actually measured in kilometers) exists between each location is added to your running tally. Whenever that tally hits certain milestones, the player unlocks either jewels or skills.

Unfortunately, at the moment the player’s mileage only increases while the game is running. Launching the game from separate locations or using Fast App Switching won’t cut it. This makes reaching the distance needed for the ‘GPS Specialist’ Achievement much more laborious and time consuming than necessary.


The save data bug seems to occur if players exit or otherwise interrupt the game while it’s saving. Unfortunately for us, Side Story saves ALL THE TIME – far more frequently than necessary. Thus the risk of data loss increases…

Fixes inbound

And now the tidings of joy I promised. Developer Grounding is aware of both of these issues, and they’re already working to fix them with a patch. They can’t say for sure when the patch will pass certification, but hopefully it won’t take long.

Should you continue playing in the meantime? If you’re very careful with how you play the game, you may be able to avoid save data loss. It has only affected a small handful of players, after all. But Side Story is a major time sink, and I can say from personal experience that losing your skills and mission progress hurts. If you’re patient or have other games to play, it might be wise to pen your dragon for a while and return to it after the patch arrives.

Crimson Dragon Side Story costs 99 cents. Get it here on the Windows Phone Store.

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I play this game all the time (since Gun Bros reset on me after reaching level 137), but I haven't had an issue with GPS or saving.
  • Which reminds me; is anyone else having issues with Gun Bros?
  • Yes...Everyone
  • I cant even connect with xbl in gun bros. Contract killer works fine though.
  • Why would you play gun bros to level 137? A better question is how did you get that far without being glitched? Such a repetitive and long game.
  • My distance is stuck at 5561m even though I did one check-in over 35 miles away.
  • Unfortunately they'll probably fix the glitch that has the game grant you fifteen jewels every time you beat World 5.
    You might as well get the Achievement for beating Dark Phantom 200 times before downloading any patch they release if it does, since you need 3,294 jewels to awaken every skill and that achievement alone will net you nearly 3000.
  • Yeah, I was hesitant to ask them about that because if they're unaware, I certainly don't want to bring it to their attention.
  • Not sure about this, but: You get 15 gems every time you kill the final boss. Might be a bug. It says "15 gems for finishing for the first time". So, if U wanna make some gems be sure to do it before the update. Pretty sure they will fix it and then you might have to buy gems after finishing all missions for the first time.
  • Hmm. Interesting. I dig the game, but this makes me nervous.
    Off topic any news on this weeks title, or dotw? ;-)
  • Is the Panzer Dragoon pic supposed to imply something?
  • It fits the mood of that paragraph: that things will get better. Also, Crimson Dragon is basically Panzer Dragoon - read the review and past articles I've written on it for more details.
  • I have a lumia 900 and mine crashed while its loading the 1st level.  Uninstalled then re-installed and still nothing.  Anyone else with a NL900 having similar issue?
  • The bug that needs to be fixed is the big spider I saw in one of the screenshots. Developers: putting spiders in a touchscreen game will lose you the arachnophobe market. On a related note, thank goodness Skyrim is moddable on the PC.
  • I mean... really?! These games are so short, and bugs so clear, haven't got someone testing them before getting Live approval? I do it for free!!! Shame on you MS!
    Better skip a week than releasing a broken game. And I have no problem with pricing, but after 5 years of using a beautifully curated Marketplace on Xbox's Live - XBLA is amazing - WP Live is ruining its quality image!
  • It's the outsourced company Microsoft uses to test WP7 games - they simply don't do a good job.
  • The mess with Windows Phone glitches is unbelievable..., if MS had been this clumsy with the Xbox the platform would been dead, they're lucky Win Pho users are not so rigid with their gaming.
    Just perfected Sally's Spa 50 levels, Normal and Hard and the Achievement didn't unlock.
    More than a year passed and still the same problems, often.
    Getting real tired of this, I'll probably give up on mobile games for a long time. Not interested in anything outside of Live but clearly WP is not ready for it (Live).
  • It doesn't register GPS milage what ever I do on my HTC Titan.
  • Sweet, I'm waiting for the update before I finish up this game.  Very fun game though, and a steal at $0.99.
  • Update is available
  • Good news, everyone, the "World 5 15 jewels every time" exploit still works. Tried twice after update. So update safely and start collecting jewels :)
  • Has anyone else noticed that the app has been pulled from the marketplace? I had it on my WP7, and when I looked for it on my WP8, it's gone