Fling coming to Xbox Live on Windows Phone this Wednesday on the cheap

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It’s getting down to the wire, but we do at last have details of this week’s Xbox Live release. This Wednesday, prolific Swiss developer Miniclip’s latest game Fling makes its debut. Fling’s Achievements were first discovered back in early May, along with Battleship and Mirror’s Edge. This will make two down and one to go, won’t it?

Fling is a puzzle game that plays much differently from Miniclip’s previous Xbox live releases. In each level, players must flick furballs into each other with the goal of leaving only one monster on the board. Furballs can only travel horizontally or vertically and they only stop when they hit another furball, so you’ll need to experiment and/or think a few moves in advance to win.

Fling packs metric tonnes of puzzles spread across four game modes. Free-play lets you play at a relaxed pace without time constraints; Arcade challenges players to solve as many puzzles as possible before time runs out; Challenge breaks groups of levels up into timed sets; and Frenzy is a never-ending survival mode. Arcade and Frenzy each have several specific Achievements, while the other modes do not.

With many mobile Xbox Live gamers suffering from puzzle game fatigue, Miniclip’s newest needs something special to catch gamers’ eyes. Good news! Fling launches Wednesday, June 20 at a price of only 99 cents. If you can’t wait a day to play it, head over to Miniclip.com right now to check out the Flash version.

Paul Acevedo

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