Speaking of live tiles and push notifications, looks like Flixster finally figured how to get theirs to work as they flipped the switch on their servers. Flixster, the movie info application that shows local showtimes, trailers and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, came out with their update (version 1.3) that has live tile functionality and bugfixes, though it took them 3 days to turn it on.

As you can see, the tile is quite nice though nothing radical. All it shows is "...the latest weekly box office hit right on your Start screen". Sure, it's not the most crazy thing out there but we're very glad to see developers offering live tile support and we kind of dig Flixster's take on it. Of course, it's optional and can be disabled in Settings.

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Update: Reader jconroe contacted Flixster and they noted that they push the update out once a week. Since the #1 movie is figured out on the weekend, it makes sense that we received the update on Monday, which is probably when most readers will see theirs change--at least that's our guess.

Grab Flixster here (opens Zune Desktop)