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Fly Johnny Fly, a blast of a Windows Phone game

Fly Johnny Fly is a Windows Phone game that would appeal to the Mythbuster (opens in new tab) in all of us. The object of the game with Fly Johnny Fly is to use various explosive devices to hurl a crash test dummy, that would be Johnny, through an obstacle course.

Fly Johnny Fly has more than eight different explosive, rockets and jet packs to hurl the dummy around your Windows Phone screen. You have more than fifty levels of play (fifty-eight to be exact) and the levels have everything from spinning wheels of death to rolling boulders that will try to ruin your day and prevent you from completing the course.  

Fly Johnny Fly is a unique, entertaining game for your Windows Phone that has its fair share of challenges and is well worth trying.

The main menu that greets you upon launching Fly Johnny Fly has options to play the game, view your gaming achievements, check the game credits, adjust the music and sound effect levels, visit the game store and view more games from the developer.

Fly Johnny Fly Main Menu

The game's store has upgrades and add-ons that will help Johnny blast his way through the levels easier. Purchases are made with coins you collect as you complete the levels.  Again, the objective of the game is to place explosives in such a manner to hurl your crash test dummy to the flags at the end of the obstacle course. You also have rockets to elevate your dummy and a jet pack to send him over and across various dangers.

Fly Johnny Fly Store

Game play starts out slow and easy with the first few levels being more tutorial in nature than challenging. The assortment of explosives sit in the upper right corner of the screen. Just tap and hold the item to drag it into play. With explosives, as you get close to Johnny a directional arrow will appear to give you some idea on the trajectory.  

When you get the dynamite, land mines, keg bomb and other explosive devices in place, release your hold on the screen and wait for the kaboom. The explosion sends Johnny through the air, hopefully in the right direction.  To add to the challenge of the game, your supply of various devices is limited so use them wisely.

Fly Johnny Fly

Levels can be replayed and vary in challenges that include spinning wheels of death that will grind your test dummy into saw dust and boulders that will squish Johnny flatter than a pancake.  

Oh... speaking of need to be careful with Johnny (as if you can carefully blow him up) because if you're too rough he'll get damaged which deducts points from your score. Bouncing Johnny off walls too hard, placing the explosive way too close and other accidents (such as landing on a spinning wheel of death) will cause Johnny to lose an hand, foot, arm or other body part.


Fly Johnny Fly

Once you finish the first twenty some odd levels, you advance to the Gravity Levels where you can use industrial strength magnets and other gravity defying tools to hurl Johnny around. You place the magnet in the general vicinity of Johnny and the magnetic force pulls and pushes Johnny through the air.  It does take a little while to get the hang of where to place the magnet.

The finish line for each level is marked with yellow and black checkered flags.  Once you hurl, skip, slide or bounce Johnny past the flag a scoring screen will appear and you'll have the option to advance to the next level or replay the current level to better your score.  You are scored on each level for how many explosives are not used, air time, the number of mid air flips you can make Johnny do, and coins collected. Again, damage to Johnny will deduct points from your overall score.  The higher the score, the more stars you earn for that particular level.

Fly Johnny Fly

Fly Johnny Fly is one of the more unique games for our Windows Phone. Graphics are nice, the physics of the explosion fun (in an odd sort of way) as well as realistic and game play is plenty challenging. If you've always wanted to blow up a crash test dummy or just looking for an entertaining game for your Windows Phone, Fly Johnny Fly is worth a look.

There is a free trial version available for Fly Johnny Fly with the full version running $.99. Fly Johnny Fly is available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Love the whimisical game. Physics type games even more.   Anyway, thanks George.
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    it was frustrating most of the time, the "damage" thing ruined my hard levels when i thought i completed them and puff... damage took away 1 star. of course there is an upgrade for that but still! stupid damage thing.
    but it was a good game, not too bad. of course buying all the upgrades made the game easier, especially the coin magnet, if i knew it existed i would have used it before lol.
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