Folders coming to Windows Phone via Homebrew?

This should be pretty exciting once it's finalized. The chaps at Windows Phone Hacker (site) have been working on a "Folders" solution to Windows Phone, analogous to the fan concept we ran back in July.

The image you see above is purportedly the real deal and not a mockup--those tiles are "dynamically generated". The only issue we're told is that it's a little "clunky" on the setup which is to be expected with this level of homebrew activity. The good news is the device only needs to be unlocked and not the deeper, more difficult interop-unlock, which is a bit tricky to instantiate.

Windows Phone Hacker is looking to release this and was gauging the desire/want for this type of hack. Basically they don't want to invest time in cleaning it up, making it more streamlined if there's no one to use it, which is understandable. We suspect demand will be quite high for this feature, so let them know in comments and via Twitter @wphonehacker.

Daniel Rubino

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  • looks excellent as if Microsoft dsigned it themselves
  • looks pretty cool. as long as its done in a way that's not seriously invasive or messes with my phone's performance i'd love to try it out on my dev unlocked trophy. if any of the devs are monitoring these comments, just wondering how exactly the 'folers' work once opened.. is it organized as a list like the app list, tiles like the start screen, something else..? are there any customization options as to folder names, order of apps within, live tile display, etc...?some more photos would be real nice..thanks!
  • YES!!! I've been waiting for this.
  • i feel like this was the whole purpose behind hubs...
  • Hubs are great for alot of things, but I think when Microsoft designed hubs INSTEAD of folders, they were underestimating the amount of apps that users download and use. I have alot more apps than would fit into any of Microsoft's Hubs, if they even allowed it to work that way.
  • Looks great,will have to try it out once they release it. Hope they find a way for more customization to.
  • Personally, I don't need it. MS has made a minimalistic and easy system to find whatever app we want very quickly. The only think we do need, is a usb mass storage device compatibility for wp7 phones.
  • I definitely want this. I submitted it as a request on the customer feedback site.Microsoft is working on something similar to this. The "folder" tile will actually expand out on the start screen when you click on it:
  • I still have yet to see the point of this. Hubs combine all of the data from apps together. And you can always pin things to the start screen. The app list has hotkeys and a search. So what do folders bring, except a more iOS feel? If I wanted that design, I'd buy an iPhone.
  • Ok, but I have four map related apps, none with live tiles, but I do want ready access to them without searching my list of 150 apps (and growing). Or how about my five Dropbox and storage related apps. Again, no live tiles but I don't want to search. So those nine Start tiles become two hubs. That makes sense to me. Bring it on. If you don't like it, don't use it, just like any other app.
  • Hopefully the tile works like the People tile and randomly flips each icon and puts it in a different spot and highlights one as a larger icon ect, that would fall perfectly in-line with the Metro theme and just look beautiful.
  • Yeah that sounds great!
  • I would like to see it... ;)
  • It'd be terrific to have that, now that so many Mango-ready applications allow pining so many things on the start screen. I wouldn't mind creating a "Social" folder where I'll find my favorite Foursquare locations for example!
  • Well designed and super useful.What a shame MS is unable to bring this.
  • I can understand why people want this feature but it really takes away the reason for tiles; for them to be live and full with content.I think a better way that we could search for our apps is to use categories with in the app list. lets say we are in the apps list, on the top the word Categories, which when tapped gives you a list eg: entertainment, tools + Productivity, travel + navigation etc