Follow Nokia on Instagram prior to the official Windows Phone app launch

You could consider this a celebration for the victory that Nokia and Microsoft has managed to pull off. Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, that we already know from the official announcement at Nokia World 2013. Now Nokia is prepping itself for the official client by launching its profile into the wild. Nokia is on Instagram.

While we all wait for the official Instagram app to launch on Windows Phone, why not follow Nokia on the popular social network?

Nokia Instagram Profile

Check out Nokia's Instagram profile to follow the company and see what photos are to be added - oh, and don't forget yours truly!

Thanks, Xaphoon148, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great
  • Great great!!!
  • Like I sad before, we already on INSTAGRAM just tha app not name INSTAGRAM
  • Pipe down you.
  • Dude shut up
  • No seriously, pipe down.
  • We still want & need the official even if we "are" already on instagram
  • After what I heard on the news over the weekend I would disagree on both points. IG is suppose to start inserting bogus pictures that look like normal IG's but are actually advertisements. I don't see the general public taking too kindly to this.
    This may just be reason why they developed a WP app after all this time. THey could be expecting to loose a large number of ppl.
  • This scenario has already taken place. I'm not a heavy user of IG, however, I do have 25 followers. 10 of which are bots (or whatever you prefer to call them).
  • Having the official instagram app on the WP platform is a good thing even if we keep using 6tag. New customers can careless if we have great alternatives because all they want are the official apps they've used before.
    I also see very few people leaving IG because of these advertisements so I'm having trouble following your conspiracy theory on why WP is finally getting the official app. I think it's more of the hard work that Nokia has put into this cause.
  • Your English is sad.
  • Correction: your english BE sad.
  • Nokia needs to publish Big Macs and spaghetti in 41mp galore. Oh wait, they can't! Instagram ruins every photo ever taken.
  • Lol
  • 99% of the photos I upload I dont use filters, so my photos go untouched.
  • But cropped, compressed... ;) (I use Instagram)
  • Its not for storage you grumpy bastard. Its just to show other people. You are viewing it on a PHONE who cares if its cropped?
  • I don't care. ;) I was just explaining why he told that.
  • Instagram is a social network. It's not just for sharing well shot photos - it's more snapshot than photograph.
  • Precisely! Red sauce will become some other colours .
  • Brown filter x(
  • I'm only happy to disprove haters with INSG. But I don't like it.
  • I used to feel the same but honestly there are some very well composed and filtered photos. I mean cool things like the sky, a rare event, etc. Food doesn't count. In fact I've put some shots up from my very amateur astrophotography. Gets the message out but one thing is for sure...its no replacement for a solid high res shot. :)
  • Agreed!
  • Boom.
  • Wow :)
  • Shakalaka!
  • *opens 6tag and searches for Nokia*
  • What Carlos says, joking aside it's good that it's finally here (if only for the shortsighted people that HAVE to use official apps). I'll be surprised if it has the options 6tag has (selective blur)
  • Ditto
  • In the meantime
  • Lol
  • 6tag brought me to Instagram.
  • Techblogger following Rich and Nokia on Instagram. (my instagram handle)
  • We'll have a who to follow mega post once the official app does launch on WP! But do give me your recommendations! 
  • ^^^THIS^^^
  • I got a like the other day and when i checked to see who it was Sam Sabri!!! 1st time I've been slightly star struck :P
  • Sam you gotta know the release date!
    Im calling it releases this week!
  • Aaand we will have a forum thread of "follow me" too ;)
  • I wonder if they used an Android or an iphone to sign up?
    Edit: Never mind. Forgot about 6tag's and Hipstamatic's sign up functions.
  • They're probably beta testing the app
  • Haven't crossed your mind they could be beta-testing the app too?
  • If it's Microsoft / Nokia making it, its from scratch
  • I am probably not going to use it, I am in complete love with 6tag. But I sure am going to download it and thank them with a review.
  • You got to be kidding me.... the probablity goes they are testing the App, the you can say that you wonder what did they use to sign in! then you edit saying that you forgot.
  • I'll download the Instagram official client, but it would have to trump the features and usability of 6Tag to get pinned to the homescreen and actually used. We all need to download it though just so Instagram doesn't give us a substantard piece os sh!t app and then doesn't update it because no-one has downloaded it from the store.
  • I will use both side by side!
  • It's going to be funny when it is released. After all this hoopla, we're going to see hundreds of reviews that give it two or three stars and go "6tag is better, don't bother with this".
  • Nokia signed up using the official Instagram app... Is coming people. :P
  • I briefly had a go on Instagram for Android but could not figure out what it was for, or what to do with it.
    Can someone please explain what use this application actually has in the real world?
  • It really has no use. Its mainly place to post pictures and get likes and comments. Hot girls post trashy pics. Hot guys post douchey pics...all to get likes or comments :)
  • That about sums it up.
  • Thanks Micah, that sounds about right.
  • Following friends, celebrities, brands, news, or maybe stunning photos of science and tech or leak (NASA, Daniel Rubino). Some app have multiple account support. You may use an account to act like cathegory folder. Maybe personal, beauties, general audiences,etc. I personally think Instagram is more to photo composition.
  • At first i felt the same. With facebook as an option i saw no point either but its becoming more clear that facebook is less useable as a photo sharing site. Instagram has become my go-to social networking because of its ease of use and focused appeal. Only see things you want to see, follow what you want to follow. Its the twitter of photos and i like that.
  • Probably the same as every other app.
  • 6tag,baby!!!
  • Hats Off to Rudy Hyun for an awesome for an AWESOME Instagram client in 6tag. And though the official launch of an app by Instagram is both a testimony of the validity of the WP platform and likely also a eradicated barrier for some - Rudy your work is appreciated and I fore see continued use of 6tag alongside the official app especially given the features included in 3rd party version not seen in the official apps on Android and iOS.
  • i hope it comes to wp7.8 :(
  • Whats that?
  • WINDOWS PHONE 7.8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OS THAT POWERS MY 900!!!
  • Oh, sorry to hear that. You have My sympathies sir.
  • WP 7.8 is better than WP8. If it weren't for Nokia's new camera tech I would have stayed with WP7.8.
  • With devices like the 520 there shouldn't really be much people left on WP7.x
  • Not true, I'm on TMobile, holding off until I see how the 929 turns out, might get an unlocked version if it's indeed 5" with the specs of the 1520. Until then, my 710 is holding strong, even after breaking a few floors..
  • Don't like the 925? Or just looking for a specific specs?
  • Many ppl did spend a premium on NL800/900s buying them at full unlocked price(i'm talking abt Non US). you dont expect ppl to chnage a phone within and year or 2 considering that they spent their hard earned money only to be cheated by MS & Nokia.
  • Nobody was cheated by anyone. Windows Phone 8 was necessary to be able to run the latest multicore chipsets which Windows Phone 7 couldn't handle.
  • you are talking vice versa, WP8 was necessary that doesnt mean MS stops support to WP7.5 handset, and they purposfully dodged the question whether the handset would would be upgradeable or not, WP7.8 has lot of bugs but does MS care abt resolving them? no, because teh marketshare in the eyes of MS was low for them to consider them, this is called "CHEATING".
    there is no argument that MS didnt cheat so better keep your views to urself when u r not the one who spent ur hard earned money just to be connned.
  • You have no idea what I have spent my hard earned money on so I don't accept your statement.
    If you had any clue about the smartphone market then you would know that 12 months is a very long time so for you to expect your device to still be current in one to two years time is laughable. I know for a fact that Windows Phone 8 has limited support and Microsoft will eventually stop support and move on to the next iteration of Windows Phone. When that happens I will move with it and not lament operating systems of old.
    It didn't take me long to forget about Symbian even though I used it on multiple devices for a number of years. I'm also not upset in the slightest degree that Symbian is no longer supported by Nokia and is basically a Zombie OS that needs putting out of its misery. However, there are still many people around the world who are using Symbian phones and are upset about the lack of support for the OS. Do you think they are being cheated too?
  • people using symbian devices have been using them for years and besides Nokia has offcially ended support for symbian after a long time, WP7.5 was still fresh when it was rendered obsolete,
    support for WP7.X series is still there till 2014, But MS doesnt care, I'm not talking abt new features but bug fixes as well..
    Anyways no point continuing a debate on this :)
  • They said, it's coming to Lumia. So it is most likely a Nokia exclusive.
  • Highly doubtful.
  • Hopefully not, for those who are on anything that isn't indestructible
  • If by most likely, you mean no chance whatsoever...
  • no its not joe belfiore already conform its coming to all windows phones you can check his twitter account
  • Yes, my assumption is based on Nokia first post Instagram description.
  • Oh joy, now the company leading the charge in mobile photography is joining the ranks of the web service that lets people ruin perfectly good photos with ugly filters and image compression. Yay... [/sarcasm]
  • Irony at its best. Will make a lot of people happy either way, which is what Nokia does first.
  • Exact what I was thinking haha
  • What will happen to this account when they get bought? Is it only gonna post things about Here and all the other services left to them?
  • better say "few other" other services left to them
  • 6tag all the way
  • Cool
  • Instagram is late to the game, I'm sure that many users will not give up 6tag including my self. Let that be a lesson to other developers (cough) Google. If instagram wants to reclaim it's lost users from other clients they better come with something inpressive or go home. I for one waited paciently for it and it never came, moved on and don't really care for it.
  • I laughed at this comment.
  • At the same time, there are ton of people who don't frequent sites like these who probably have no idea 6tag (and other clients) actually exist. I also bet there are ton of people who use it that (like myself) will jump at the chance to use an official app. Not to mention the many people who will now consider WP an option for having the app. My hats off though to Rudy for his amazing app. I hope it continues to thrive along side the official one.
  • You don't need to frequent any sites, just type "instagram" at the market place and the first result you will get it' 6tag.
  • I dunno, I think the official Instagram app won't take 3 days to surpass 6tag's current downloads. 6tag is excellent but you're understimating the power of OFFICIAL.
  • I can bet you anything it will take them more than 3 days to surpass 6tag current downloads, and really, who gives a f*** about an official instagram knowing that 6tag surpasses by design and functionality both official instagram clients so far, ios and android.
  • It will take about 5 minutes
  • U MAD Bro?
  • Or they can just close the access to their servers for 3rd party apps (I bet $5 they will do just that) and get all WP users at once.
  • Followed...using 6tag :-) I may stay with 6tag even when the official come out to support Rudy! But this is great news for the platform, Nokia, and all those that long for official apps...even when third party apps are sometimes better/more feature rich.
  • Nokia badass, 2 posts, 1526 followers
  • 6tag ftw
  • I'm also gonna still be using 6tag...but I'm glad that instagram is coming and vine, that way it will help WP OS. There is still alot of people that won't jump to WP just for those apps. And I'm sure every time a potential buyer ask, the sales rep's always say "WP doesn't have vine or instagram" and the few that say it has 3rd party apps, the buyer is the one that goes with the OS that has the official app. So I see nothing but good in this.
  • Agreed!
  • Only reason I care for instagram is because other developers will take the platform seriously. Plus it will improve WP sales in the critical 4th quarter. Step up AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Train your reps rather than pushing out bs.
  • Все прям помешались на этом инстаграме
  • Not too happy about it I already have 6tag
  • Finally.but we already have the app works same as instagram though
  • Big names=big sales regardless of their quality and usefulness
  • Hope they used the windows phone app to join.
  • Supposedly they have, so we can assume the app is in beta mode and almost finished completely