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Fortnite appears to have quietly enabled cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 [Updated]

Sony has thus far snubbed the idea of allowing cross-platform online play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but new evidence from Fortnite players appears to suggest that Epic Games has quietly enabled the feature in the game.

The proof comes mainly down to an issue of player names. A Reddit user named PRE_-CISION-_ (via Eurogamer) recently noticed a player with an Xbox Gamertag in an online match while playing on PS4. The giveaway was that the player's name had a space in it, something the is not possible with a PSN name. A search indicated that the player does indeed exist on Xbox Live. Later, another Xbox One Gamertag with spaces in it was spotted in an online match on PS4.

Further driving things home, another Reddit user, PyroBlack76, posted a photo of himself playing in the same match with his kid between Xbox One and PS4.

Fortnite cross-play

Theoretically, cross-platform play shouldn't be possible without the consent of Microsoft and Sony. It's possible, and likely given the lack of a formal announcement, that we could be seeing a glitch of some sort. For its part, Sony has remained opposed to cross-platform play, even as Minecraft has enabled it across Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. It's worth noting that cross-play was previously supported between Xbox One and PC, but it was removed in a patch citing a policy discussion with Microsoft.

If this is unintended, it's still a sign that cross-platform play should be relatively simple to implement — at least for Fortnite. All that's needed is for the red tape to come down.

Updated September 18, 2017: In a statement to The Verge, Epic has now confirmed that this was a "configuration issue and it has now been corrected." Here's to hoping cross-play is re-enabled in some official capacity in the future.

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  • At first thought I'm super happy about this. My only hope is that Sony knows about it and is allowing it. If that's the case, I hope very much that there aren't any issues at all. I have a mix of friends with both Xbox and PlayStation. None of us will be buying a new system to make one big group, so cross play is honestly the best possible situation.
  • I thought Rocket League was PlayStation and Xbox cross play capable. Did I dream that?
  • You did.
  • Man, I really wish cross platform play would just happen already. Sony seems to be pretty easy to hack into, can't someone just hack their systems and insert subliminal messaging to make them want to play ball?
  • If nobody reported on it then it would have still been enabled.  Sometimes there is value in keeping quiet.
  • Couldn't care less about the Crossplay once the game turned into a huge pile of garbage after the first two weeks. First of all the Early Access bullshit everyone and their Grandmothers Pooch seems to be pulling of these days.
    After the Preorder crap of what could be at least be considered finished games big name Developers now ask full price money for an unfinished product WHILE hiding behind "Early Access" claims. Bullshit! They had 6+ years to develop the game and what did they do?! Nothing... The game still has the very same game assets as seen in the Reveal Trailer from back in 2011. There's just not enough content in the game to justify 6+ years of developement as the game only has two "finished" Zones out of four with the third one being ANOTHER carbon copy of the first two ones and the fourth one probably not even existing to begin with. Until halfway through the second Zone, which takes about a week+ or so to reach, the game is a pure joy to play. You get somewhat decent rewards, the MOB's are somewhat appropriately strong to your Level and there's a narrative with a cute companion Robot that just wont shut up. Then, after you missed your chance for a refund, everything goes downhil with the first Paywall kicking in where it feels like you're suddenly only getting 1/3 of the rewards for the work you've done. When you think you could cope with that you progress into the third, unfinished, Zone and you're being greeted by MOB's with up to 50% damage resistance depending on your Elemental state of your Weapon who ALSO hit for like 200% posing as a pure nightmare for anything else but the Soldier Class but especially the melee based Ninja and without any further narrative - The entire Story why/who/where is not being continued anymore. And now that the games population has dwindled to a point where you meet the same players in random matches and with Class and MOB PvE being a total balance clusterfuck they decided to add a PvP Mode comparable to PUBG - Because THAT's the reason everyone bought into FORTnite. Whoever at LAME, formerly known as EPIC, is responsible for this development kann suck my shiny balls - They are, like PGI, on my list for never again buying a game from them anymore.