Fortnite Battle Royale gets hit by Cupid's Arrow with new crossbow and Valentines content

The Fortnite Battle Royale patches continue to come thick and fast and the latest, v2.4.2, is now rolling out. Epic Games has, as ever, detailed everything that's new and fixed, but with this patch, there's a definite feeling of love.

Special Valentine's skins are being made available in the in-game item shop, while the previously teased "silent hunter" weapon is also making an appearance in the form of a crossbow.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The crossbow will be available from floor loot and chests and come in rare and epic variants. It fires arrows (duh) which are an unlimited ammo type. They're also not going to give away your location quite so much as firing a big ol' tactical shotgun will.

Additionally to the new goodies, the Shooting Test #1 continues, and following feedback from the community has been switched to a solo only mode rather than squads. Some of the weapon balancing has been addressed here, too, with shotgun headshot damage increasing, damage fall off being removed from the scoped AR, with said weapon also being now 100% accurate when scoped in.

It's likely weapon balance may be addressed again, which is why the Shooting Test #1 exists, so if you want to help shape the future of the game then play it and feedback your experiences. The full changelog is below and you can find out more on the Epic Games blog. The patch requires server downtime, but there's no ETA on them coming back up.


The Shooting Test #1 Limited-Time Mode has been switched to Solo only.

  • Known Issue: The Shooting Test does not save progression for stats or challenges.
  • Shotgun headshot damage increased to 200% (was 150%).
  • Scoped Assault Rifle is now 100% accurate when zoomed in.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle no longer has damage fall-off.

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer slide off rooftops.
  • Fix for Item Shop panels disappearing after completing a V-buck purchase through the Store Tab.
  • Fix for collision inconsistencies in certain basement corners.
  • Fixed a hole in the terrain south of Retail Row.


  • Removed harsh high-frequency sound from the Chomp Jr pickaxe.



  • This weapon fires Arrows, which are an unlimited ammo type.
  • Found from floor loot and treasure chests.
  • This weapon comes in both Rare and Epic variants.

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