Mobile payment provider Fortumo offers ad credit to mobile Windows developers

Earlier this year, mobile payments specialist Fortumo launched a fund for Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers. The fund basically provided financial incentives to developers who integrated Fortumo payments into their successful games and apps. That program has run its course, awarding a total of one million dollars to the developers who qualified.

Now Fortumo is back with a new program to encourage Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers to integrate the Fortumo in-app payment SDK into their apps. Qualified developers who take the plunge can get $5,000 in free advertising credits to help drive downloads of their apps. Read on to learn about the program conditions and benefits of Fortumo integration.

Qualifying for the program

To get into the advertising incentive program, a developer's app must already generate a minimum revenue of $2,000 per month on either mobile Windows platform.

Assuming a developer qualifies, he or she just needs to sign up for the promotion and integrate the Fortumo SDK in the appropriate app. As a reward, Fortumo will give the developer $5,000 in advertising credit through the AdDuplex advertising network. It's a great way to help your app succeed in new markets like the ones that Fortumo targets.

Fortumo offers advertising credit to mobile Windows developers

Why go with Fortumo?

Integrating Fortumo's carrier billing into an app or game offers several benefits to users. For instance, it allows carrier billing in Windows 8 apps. The Fortumo SDK can be used in C#, C++, and Unity 3D projects.

Also, some carriers and regions that normally don't support carrier billing with Windows Phone purchases DO support carrier billing through Fortumo. This includes markets in which carrier billing penetration far exceeds credit card penetration, such as India, Turkey, Brazil, and Poland. Fortumo extends Microsoft's existing mobile operating billing reach by adding several emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.

Some developers who utilize Fortumo payments include Game Insight (Cloud Raiders), Joybits (Doodle Planet), Herocraft (Zombie Derby), and more.

Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers can learn more and sign up for the promotion at

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  • Carrier billing in Turkey? I don't think so.
  • I used to buy diamonds (cloud raiders) via sms
  • I HIGHLY recommend it to all colleagues :)
    They were the only one company who trusted and helped me with some funds for Movie Maker development. Really awesome people.
    The SDK for WP is super easy to integrate too.
    Definitively worth, as it allows devs to sell apps where Ms still has not mobile payment agreements.
  • Thanks for advice :)
    And thanks also for using it into ur Awesome App !! :)))
  • So i can pay without a credit card?
  • Yes, with your SIM credit.
  • I hate fortumo, but i think it would be better for the devs
  • "This includes markets in which carrier billing penetration far exceeds credit card penetration, such as ... Brazil,..."
    Never heard of such thing as carrier billing as a payment option here in Brazil, and with the prevalence of pre-paid, I don't see it going too far.
  • Mattias here from Fortumo. Brazil is actually one of the top countries for developers using our carrier billing solutions. From our perspective, it doesn't matter if the user is pre- or post-paid; in fact, some of the other biggest countries we operate in (e.g. India, Thailand) also have a vast majority of pre-paid users.
  • After reading this , i am wondering how can i earn $2000/month from my app :|
  • Wait ... Why does Indonesia still on orange colored diagram? We already have carrier billing since the day of WP 7.5.