From the Forums: Jessica Alba or Alicia Keys, x86 Windows Phones and suggestions

It's that time again, folks. More discussions pulled from our ever expanding and growing Windows Phone community. If you've not been 100% with it these past handful of days then fear not as we have you covered. The forum is constantly a busy place, which isn't a bad thing, but it can prove difficult to keep up with everything that's currently going on. So what's being discussed?

First up is the inevitable Jessica Alba versus Alicia Keys. The former helping represent mums with Windows Phone, while the latter takes on a role at BlackBerry to help push the brand out and drum up custom through the media. Which is better suited for the job? Well, we'll let the following photo from the BlackBerry 10 launch help you decide:

Alicia Keys BB

Awkward, much? We've got to hand it to BlackBerry though, they sure know how to pull in well-known faces, and it doesn't get much better than Alicia Keys. That said, the presentation did seem rather awkward. While Keys went through exactly what her role would be at the company, we couldn't help but view Jessica Alba's position with Microsoft as slightly more effective. But it's early days and we'll have to see how things turn out.

Forum member Saint Michael asked the question: Jessica Alba or Alicia Keys? Which do you prefer so far, and do you believe Alicia really does have the capabilities to help BlackBerry out? Add your thoughts in the "Jessica Alba vs Alicia Keys" thread.

Would anyone go for an actual x86 Windows 8Phone?

Intel is rumoured to be looking into Windows Phone development with an engineer job posting being viewed by many as signs of interest from the company. Unfortunately, we have little to go on and aren't too sure what this all means. Forum user tomatoes11 has an idea:

"It says that intel is looking into developing a x86 Windows phone which I guess is possible considering there are Atom based tablets that are pretty mobile running full Windows 8. I am not sure if it is possible to run a phone that doesn't totally over heat yet without a ARM processor but it would definitely be interesting. Battery life would still be a problem as well I believe."

What are your thoughts on Intel's intentions? Do you believe the company wishes to involve itself in mobile phone developement with Microsoft, or to actually bring Windows 8 to the pocket? Be sure to add your opinions over in the "Would anyone here dump their WP8 device for a true Windows 8 phone?" thread.

Your 8 suggestions for Microsoft

Our Daniel published a superb article the other day that looked at issues with Windows Phone. But what do you guys think? Have 8 suggestions of your own to add to the already expanding pool? Head on over to the "8 things that Microsoft need to fix in Windows Phone right now" thread and add your suggestions and thoughts.

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