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We've continuously given Microsoft some heat for not promoting and expanding the Windows Phone platform well enough, but is it really required? Many don't believe so, and forum member ttsoldier has created a thread on our forum to go into just what Redmond is doing when it comes to getting the word out.

"I've seen Windows Phone 8 pop up in two TV series that I look at. 1)Revenge 2)Scandal. In revenge it's a blue HTC, and in Scandal it's Lumia 920's. (Yes. Plural). In both series, they started off in the earlier episodes using BlackBerries and iPhones, now, WP8 is in the mix. To me, it shows that Microsoft is trying to get the word out there!"

Now we can of course mistake Microsoft marketing with efforts by manufacturers, but there are times where Redmond is the main driving force behind some promotions. Be sure to add your thoughts on and experiences with Microsoft marketing Windows Phone in the "And you say Microsoft isn't pushing WP8?" thread.

What's HTC up to?


So what exactly is HTC up to? The company is still heading down in a negative spiral, is struggling against other manufacturers in Android and is being cast aside by Nokia with Windows Phone, but where is HTC? We've consistently covered Nokia and Microsoft together, but it's gone rather quiet in the HTC camp. 

Forum member Jonny8X voices his concerns:

"Of course you will be aware of bombardment of new regarding the Lumia recently, wether it be updates, apps or whatever. To be honest, it has me worried, I mean, HTC's portfolio of recent news isn't exactly overwhelming (there had been none) and if you own a HTC (which I do), what can we do but sit and watch our Lumia brothers and sisters reap all the Microsoft love so to speak?"

It's a good argument and one that we'd like to put to HTC. Wasn't it unveiled that the company would reignite the fire with Microsoft? Now, don't get us wrong, we really (and I mean "really") like both the HTC 8X and 8S Windows Phones. They're exciting hardware, but where are the apps and marketing to go with It's concerning with how it's all gone rather quiet.

What are your thoughts? Add your $0.02 in the "What is HTC doing?" thread.

Show download counters on the Store?

This is an interesting idea. Should Microsoft display the number of times an app has been downloaded from the Windows Phone Store? It would be an interesting statistic, one that forum member adamjolin believes would be handy for consumers to be able to view when browsing around for popular apps. 

Do you believe Microsoft should add the metric to each app listing? Add our thoughts in the "Download count in store" thread.

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  • The Lumia 920 is also featured in the CW show Arrow, which is one of CW's most popular shows currently. So you can add that to the list :)
  • Also seen Lumia 920's on house of lies and Windows 8 (dell) laptops. They use them quite a bit actually.
  • Don't forget Hawaii. 5-0 also. They mainly use Lumias, but they also show some features of Windows Phone 8.
  • I have seen so many Lumias 900 and 920 in Dallas and Hart Of Dixie. I'm already tweeted this to Paul, but didn't get any answer...
  • I watch the show "Arrow" and they use Lumias all the time. You even get a clear view of the Start screen sometimes. The fact that l have encountered radio and TV adds for Verizon mentioning WP at all is nothing short of a amazing compared to the WP7 days. Verizon genuinely pushing WP (or at least not actively blocking) is the key for penetrating the already saturated US market.
  • you know that OS is taken off now i'm starting to see it more on average folks, saw it three times last week and one of that crazy girl on that greek sisters show had a lumia...not that i watch that show but it was in the ad.
  • I think they should add an update to people who have less memory on their phones to be able to buy and download an app without needing an excess amount of free storage. Many people are wanting apps but can't get it because of the amount of free space you need. If an app only takes 1 GB of memory you shouldn't need 4 GB just to download it. I know its not Microsoft's fault for the phones having low memory but it would be nice to just get the app instead of freeing up space to get it.
  • They used to have WP7 in smallville for a season and then suddenly they stopped and started using windows mobile (WiMo)... Surface has rocked up in Arrow too and i really want a Microsoft laptop with light up windows logo lol.
  • Its a great feeling being WPcentral famous :p
  • HTC should name a phone after you.
  • If they can't be bothered to even plug the windows OS, i doubt they'll be looking at this thread. I appreciate the thought but.. :p
  • Even in Germany there are a couple WP8 ads on TV.
  • & Saudi Arabia as well ! Both HTC & Nokia TV Ads ! (They air HTC's more though)
  • Back when the L900 was new they had two, white and black on an episode of, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Don't forget about the faulty 620s
  • White Collar just looooves Windows 8 :D
  • The only endorsement Nokia/Windows Phone needs.  Danny Devito.
  • Everyone in House of Lies uses them. Quite a statement given that the characters would undoubtedly been using BBs otherwise.
    And if Kristen Bell puts her phone up on eBay I will bid a shamefully large amount ;-)
  • there's ads on tv and most papers in the UK.
  • I have seen Windows Phone(7) on Bones...
  • There is clearly more saturation of ads with WP8 than I've seen before. There is a billboard on the freeway near me (If they are going to do outdoor, they should at least use video outdoor to show the tiles in action), I've seen ads in the airport and spotted a few newspaper and magazine ads too.
    Much more needs to be done. I was ticked off the other day while watching Arrow with its plethora of Microsoft products and not see a single ad while every commercial break featured either Apple or Google. And I've yet to see ads on buses or trains. I keep seeing ads on websites, but I'm sure that relates to my visiting sites like this one and getting tracked. I already own two WIndows Phones and post comments on WP Central, so the ads are lost on me.
    Microsoft and the OEMs are doing better, but they aren't yet at the level of saturation that Apple uses or even Samsung.
  • @wpcentral I agree that HTC doesn't give the support they should. But i'm not seeing that you informed users about how HTC updated Beats Audio, and some of their apps 2 days back (i also tried to inform you by sending you 2 messages) but i see you publish every time Nokia updates their apps, and even when they update just one. I don't understand...
  • NCIS:LA on CBS featured the Lumia 900 and Surface among other Microsoft products throughout its run. IIRC, an episode of Castle on ABC featured WP. But I don't think product placement is a great way to let people identify the product. I think Microsoft should do direct commercials, billboards, print and posters more like Samsung did. However, I'd like Microsoft to fix the shortcomings more than market the platform because they don't want to put off the people already using the platform, people who can recommend others to switch.
  • In the UK there are a number of phone operator ads that only push Nokia Lumias for WP7/8.There is a tv soap, Hollyoaks that have majority of the younger cast with Lumias as well as some of the US dramas mentioned elsewhere.It seems as though MS is getting into places you wouldnt expect .The sales may be growing steadily but they could do some direct advertising to let people see what windows phone is all about rather than letting people see the constant push of IOS/Android phones,apps and accessories.We also need more choice of handsets not just Nokias
  • Other shows I've noticed there's smatterings of Lumia 920's and Surface are on Elementary and NCIS have used Surface a number of times.
    It's nice to see these devices in popular shows as an owner myself and as an enthusuast of WindowsPhone and WIn8/Surface, but does this type of exposure really work for those that aren't enthusuasts? Is there some statistical marketing information to warrant simply exposing these devices in these shows (and parrotting what @Baadkal said down the thread) against direct ad marketing showing the OS in action and performance, and not just watching some talented dancers in action and performance.
    WindowsPhone and Win8 performs and shines on its own and in my opinion this is what prospective buyers want to see and experience in marketing.
  • I think the number of downloads in the Store will just discourage people from visiting the review section ... :)
  • I for one, would like to agree with the HTC part of the article. I bought one because although I have always loved Nokia, the 920 was simply too big for me, and the 8X, Although not much smaller at all, certainly feels far far more manageable in my hands. Is there a freakin way to pressure HTC, or at least tell them how disheartening their lack of support is?