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Nokia not producing enough Lumias

Nokia clearly has a supply issue with the Lumia 920 reportedly sold out at a number of sources across the globe. AT&T is experiencing a serious backlash of angered customers who are still awaiting confirmation as to where their order is. The Lumia 920 is also rare to locate in the UK, Canada and sold out fast in Australia with Telstra.

We've published an in-depth look at the most probable reason why the situation has come to be and have also got in touch with Nokia for information surrounding supply to partners. Whatever the reason may be, consumers aren't happy. A number of threads have been created in our Lumia 920 forum, which can be engaged in should you also be experiencing similar delays with your order.

"Really not expecting to get mine until December. Sure would be nice if AT&T would just give us ANY information about what's going on instead of the same stupid "you'll get an email when it ships" line. I've tried calling several different customer service numbers as well and nobody is willing to give me a discount on the device or activation despite this mess."

Be sure to check out some of the discussions and add your $0.02 where possible.

Miscellaneous: Live Tiles in all shapes and sizes

Live Tiles

Live Tiles are a main factor that makes Windows Phone different from the competition. Displaying all sorts of information without forcing the user into any given app is what makes Windows Phone particularly more convenient to use. But not all apps make use of such functionality.

We (and savvy developers) know just how badly everyone loves their Live Tiles on Windows Phone:

"The Weather Channel tile definitely updates, but if I had to guess I would say only once an hour. I know it does change for sure, but there have been times where I've opened the app to discover that the current temperature is different than what shows on the tile. I was liking the Bloomberg tile at first. When I saw that it displayed the markets on my home screen I thought it was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, it will only show the DJIA for me and never shows anything else. I'm not sure why." 

You can add your favourite apps in the "Best 'live tile' apps?" thread, as well as naming the titles with worst Live Tile support

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  • I'm a premier customer and ordered my yellow on the 9th. Still processing... FFS!!!
  • Sooo... #stillnoyellow920 then?
  • Same for me, I'm premier too and  I ordered my Cyan on the 10th and still processing!!!
  • Always had problems with Premiere channels and support. Decided to go the "low-roller" route and ordered my Lumia 920 through regular consumer channels. Glad I did. I really do feel bad for all the people who still don't have their 920 yet, though =(
  • I chatted with AT&T support about my order yesterday. they said by the end of the week the system should be updated from just "processing" to some actual estimate of when it may ship, they cant do that until the next shipment gets in they said. 
  • Nokia and HTC are selling 360'000 units per week... So... yeah, there is too little stock for a good launch but there is more coming.
    Ok, here is the logic:
    I read that the installed base went from 100% WP7 to WP7.5 to 104% of which 4% are WP8. This in two weeks.
    If the installed base was (I estimate that 18Mio units of WP7 to WP7.5 were operational when WP8 was introduced to the market two weeks ago.)
    So 1% would be 180'000 units, and that would be 2% rise per week so 360'000 units.
    Of which the majority are HTC 8X HSPA+ Phones, as HTC decided to be first into the direct sale market in Europe. Sales were no contract is required, unlocked phones. The LTE and CDMA being models for carriers in the US and others that are only launching these days.
    Nokia started selling the 920 in Italy, France etc. during this period of time, mainly over contract. This of course means that every day, Nokia is selling more and more 920s over carriers. They should have overtaken HTC sales by now.
    So... They had a maximum of 400'000 phones for the launch two weeks ago.
    I estimate that the supply in the second 1/2 of November could rise to 800'000 phones and peaking at 1'200'000.- phones per week just before x-mas.
    So my estimate is that Nokia + HTC + Samsung should sell up to 6Mio or more WP8 in 2012. If all goes as planned.
    Do I make sense to you?
  • Who said that?
  • If Nokia and HTC want to compete, they better get their units shipped numbers up. Sammy sold, what, 10m GSIII the first month!
  • has the Lumia 920 white in stock for $49.99 with an upgrade or new contract.
  • At&t premier customer, ordered on the 9th and supposedly had multiple cancellations, supposedly, and backorders. But luckily after asking about on twitter I got my matte cyan yesterday and my wife is getting her yellow today. Lucky I guess.
  • Can you blame them? The Lumia 900 only sold 600,000 units. They probably weren't expecting such a big rush for the phone. Why produce 2 million phones when you're still sitting on a stack of the old ones?
  • This is why I don't order high demand products online. They did this with the PS3, the Wii, and other electronics. The intentionally shi a short enough supply to give the illusion that its in high demand and its sold out. Like I've noted some Best Buys and Microsoft stores have the phones in stock if you walk in.
  • I dont see why Nokia would play any mind games to give an illusion of high demand. The avarage consumer doesn't even know Lumia 920 exists, and for the conscious consumer short supply doesnt make any difference. Except lost sale for Nokia and consumer possible going to another device because of the poor availability. Nokia desperately needs to sell their devices. They cant afford to play silly games. At the moment they are making loss in cellphones.  AT&T has always had both black and white in stock and I can still see those in some stores too. So I would hardly call it short supply. Nokia and/or AT&T just failed to see the popularity of the colors I guess.
  • The worst livetile App is that livetile-clock wich shows you the time in a tile... But just updates it every 30mins lol m)
  • Why would you even need such an app when the time is shown at the top of the screen & on the lock-screen?
  • You could ask this for every phone which supports Widgets. As long as I can remember there is always a default clock widget installed. ^^
  • Guess I got lucky.  Placed pre-order for Yellow on 11/7; received wireless charger on 11/13; received phone shipping notice on 11/14; tracking number is working; delivery will be tomorrow (11/17).  So, can't speak for everyone, but something is working at AT&T.  Hope they get things straightened out for the rest of you, quickly!
  • Just got my yellow Lumia 920 delivered about 20 minutes ago.   Just waiting for it to update with the activation and I will be off and running.
  • Ordered mine around 9am on 11/9 by calling 611 on my phone, received order confirmation a couple of hours later, then I went online to check status and it showed as being backordered. I waited until I got home from work and checked online again and it still showed backordered. I initiated a chat session through AT&T's website and asked about status, and the rep told me she did not see a backordered status and shows "processing". Ended the chat session and went back online to AT&T's website to check status again and it sure enough showed "processing". Around 9pm that night I received shipping confirmation the phone was going to be delivered via FedEX Priority Overnight for Saturday delivery. Received my new Lumia 920 around 10:30am on Saturday...WOOHOO! It is an awesome phone, but I have noticed there's a certain flex on the top of the phone whenever I push down on if something didn't snap into place when the phone was assembled. I continously keep pushing down hoping that something would snap into place, but it still continues to flex =( I have not noticed any deficency in the performance of the phone due to this "flex". Anyone else experiencing this behavior?
  • I have an upgrade on Dec 12.  My wife is planning on getting me the 920 for Christmas.  Does anyone know of a way I can make sure I have it by then?  I realize this whole issue may be worked out by then, but I want to be sure I get it.  
  • Go to an ATT Corporate Store. They usually have the most stock and seem to be the first to receive stock in the US.
  • got my lumia 920 at my local At&T store on the 9th.  they had ZERO wireless charging plates and they still haven't received any nor do they know when they will have some available....  
  • Ordered the cyan a few days back from att over the phone. When checking my order (it is processing) it doesn't mention the charging plate . In anyone else's order, is the charging plate mentioned as a part of the order? If I not I want to start calling them now, so that hopefully it arrives whenever the phone finally does...
  • I ordered first day on the web, and you had to add the black charging plate to your cart.
    The only color qualified, and while supplys lasted. My phone and charger arrived the 12th. Very happy so far.
  • Ordered the Yellow 920 on 11/9.  No word from the official store where I ordered it, OR att customer service (although it seemed like they were attempting to care).  BUT I did get the JBL powerup speaker shipped immediately. 
  • I ordered the Cyan thru business premier on 11/9. It has been in processing since 11/10. Every time i called ATT i got reps that had the personality of a wet sponge, pure automatons, apologizing every 5 seconds and saying the standard: "the order has been completed and you will receive an email once it ships". I complained about the lack of clarity and demanded to speak to someone with knowledge.
    I had a supervisor call me back today to let me know the Cyan is in backorder and it could take a week to get them in.
    I canceled that order, well he tried to, but it didn’t let him do so, at least he was able to release the number (it is a ported number from Sprint) so i could replace the order for the Red which they had plenty in stock. The White was in stock as well.
  • I'm so happy to finally have my Yellow 920!! LOVE IT so far. Its only been about 12 hours now and most of that I've been sleep! Lol