From the Forums: upgrades, upgrades and the Lumia 920 order situation

Welcome to a special edition of From the Forums. Why so special, you ask? Because it's the first FTF since our huge forum upgrade that was pushed out recently. We've raised the bar with our website upgrade and redesign, so it was only right that our community forums received the same treatment. So, what's been happening on the top Windows Phone forums?

As mentioned above, we've been busy bees updating and refreshing the community forums, which have remained the same for some time now. It was an overdue upgrade, which we're sure you'll all come to love and enjoy. But we're not halting there - we've got even more tweaks and improvements planned for Windows Phone Central.

Without repeating what Kevin wrote word-by-word, we've carried out the following:

  • Forum Software upgraded from vBulletin v3.8 to v4.2
  • Collapsible Forum Super Navigation
  • Cleaner / More Modern Template, with scalable width
  • User Info on the Left 
  • Revamped Forums Organization

If you've noticed any bugs while using the improved forums, be sure to head on over to the designated bug reporting thread as we're eager to hear 'em!

Nokia not producing enough Lumias

Nokia clearly has a supply issue with the Lumia 920 reportedly sold out at a number of sources across the globe. AT&T is experiencing a serious backlash of angered customers who are still awaiting confirmation as to where their order is. The Lumia 920 is also rare to locate in the UK, Canada and sold out fast in Australia with Telstra.

We've published an in-depth look at the most probable reason why the situation has come to be and have also got in touch with Nokia for information surrounding supply to partners. Whatever the reason may be, consumers aren't happy. A number of threads have been created in our Lumia 920 forum, which can be engaged in should you also be experiencing similar delays with your order.

"Really not expecting to get mine until December. Sure would be nice if AT&T would just give us ANY information about what's going on instead of the same stupid "you'll get an email when it ships" line. I've tried calling several different customer service numbers as well and nobody is willing to give me a discount on the device or activation despite this mess."

Be sure to check out some of the discussions and add your $0.02 where possible.

Miscellaneous: Live Tiles in all shapes and sizes

Live Tiles

Live Tiles are a main factor that makes Windows Phone different from the competition. Displaying all sorts of information without forcing the user into any given app is what makes Windows Phone particularly more convenient to use. But not all apps make use of such functionality.

We (and savvy developers) know just how badly everyone loves their Live Tiles on Windows Phone:

"The Weather Channel tile definitely updates, but if I had to guess I would say only once an hour. I know it does change for sure, but there have been times where I've opened the app to discover that the current temperature is different than what shows on the tile. I was liking the Bloomberg tile at first. When I saw that it displayed the markets on my home screen I thought it was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, it will only show the DJIA for me and never shows anything else. I'm not sure why." 

You can add your favourite apps in the "Best 'live tile' apps?" thread, as well as naming the titles with worst Live Tile support

As always, you can register an account for free with Mobile Nations Passport, which enables one to engage with multiple communities within the network. It only takes a few seconds and then our forums can be fully enjoyed.

Rich Edmonds
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