Forza 6 gets some British Touring Car racers in latest garage update

The latest round of Forza 6 garage updates are out and for me, it's the most exciting one yet. Headlining this weeks additions are two tintop racers from one of Britain's most high-profile series. The British Touring Car Championship is the country's top saloon car series and Forza 6 will see it represented on the Xbox One for the first time with two cars.

The first is the Rotek Audi S3 (pictured above), raced in 2014 by American, Robb Holland. The distinctive blue paint job always left this one standing out on the track and its Forza representation is about as close to the real thing as we could hope for. Holland didn't return for 2015 and has since sold his car to another driver, but it will live on in Forza.

The other is the Speedworks Toyota Avensis, piloted by the talented youngster, Tom Ingram. Both Ingram and Speedworks have seen success in other categories of racing and are regulars in the points scoring top 15 (out of a grid of around 30 cars). The Avensis isn't going to be familiar to U.S. Forza players, but in terms of the British Touring Car Championship, it's a very special machine.

A few years ago it was chosen as the development model for an entirely new regulation car (NGTC, or, Next Generation Touring Car). Ingram's is one of only a couple still left racing in 2015, but it's an important part of the championship's history.

All current spec BTCC cars are turbo charged, loud and fast. These two will be joined by two other liveried Toyotas from 2014 team, United Autosports as well as Handy Motorsport. There are also a couple of World Touring Car Championship racers added in the form of the Honda Civic. As a huge fan of the series, this is one of the best things that Turn 10 could have added to Forza 6. But as ever, these two are just the headline acts. There's a wealth of other additions being made from manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes Benz and more.

Check out the full list at the link below.

Source: Forza Garage

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  • Everytime there's an article with forza news I get so hyped!
  • I think Forza Motorsport 6 has the edge to knock Gran Turismo 6 off its feet.
  • While I admit I am a Playstation fanboy, Gran Turismo is a real disappointment to me lately, GT5 was ok, GT6 was rather poor I have to say. I ever get an XB1 I would definetly get Forza, but I am mainly a pc gamer now, oh the irony.
  • I used to like GT, but went off it at GT4. I had various Xbox and liked Forza. Now I just stick with PC, Assetto Corsa is the king.
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  • Forza 6 is getting some great content added to it. Could end up being the best racer the XB1 ever has. Until PGR4 comes on to the backwards compatible list of course ;)
  • Good luck with that pgr3/4 servers were shut down and dlc has been removed from sale so I doubt they would restart servers and relist dlc & convert it to digital unless fm6 flops
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