Forza 6 giving fans the chance to take on real Formula E drivers in London

Formula E and Microsoft are teaming up to pit Forza Motorsport 6 fans against the real-life drivers of Formula E's single-seat electric race cars. The first of these special events is set to take place in London on January 23 at the home of the Gfinity eSports organizer, the aptly-named Gfinity Arena.

The first two drivers in the spotlight will be Bruno Senna and Nicolas Prost, they'll not only take on each other, but will also test their virtual skills against Forza fans.

Formula E is still in its infancy, currently mid-way through only its second season. The principles of the championship aren't what you'd find in something like Formula 1. The electric racers are using technology which its hoped will eventually push innovation in regular electric cars on the road, and all the circuits are devised using the streets in various cities around the globe. Forza 6 has included Formula E race cars from the very beginning.

"Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, said: 'Since the original concept of Formula E we have always been pushing the boundaries of what's possible both on and off the track. As a series we want to bring electric racing closer to the people focussing on revolutionising fan interaction. Along with initiatives like FanBoost, the new eSports gaming events will allow fans to engage with the sport and not only be in the presence of their favourite drivers, but competing against them too. I need to start practicing if I'm going to get high up the leaderboard!"

The popularity of eSports continues to grow and Forza 6 has some pretty inviting online multiplayer modes that are designed to ease the beginners in without having to worry about coming up against a pro driver. The Gfinity Arena is located in North London and more information will be released on the event in the coming days. For anyone interested in seeing what goes down, but doesn't fancy making the trip, the action will be broadcast live on the Formula E Twitch and YouTube channels.

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Source: Formula E

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