Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious now tearing it up on an Xbox near you

Fans of Forza Horizon 2 and fans of erratic driving in general have a new time killer on their hands as the official standlone Fast and Furious 7 expansion is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360. To celebrate the launch of the movie in early April, it can be had completely free of charge for two weeks until April 10. So there's not a lot of reason not to take it for a spin.

We'll be taking a closer look at Fast and Furious Forza very soon, so stay tuned for that. But if you're looking for a little extra persuasion before downloading, check out a quick behind-the-scenes look below.

Richard Devine
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  • Wasn't just Furious 7?
    Instead of the hole Fast and Furious
  • Furious 7 is a continuation of the Fast and Furious franchise...
  • I know that!
    But the name has been changed to Furious 7 not "Fast and Furious"
  • Vroom, vroom!!
  • Grabbing it for both consoles.
  • Doing the same :D
  • Just listening to Ludacris :D
  • Full game ?
  • This a game or DLC?
  • Standalone expansion. You don't need the full game to play.
  • Lol great
  • Ok just making sure, thanks
  • Dlc
  • It won't let me download it yet. Just says "bundle only" =/
  • Samesy
  • Same
  • Keep going it will say free after more button prompts.
  • Went to sleep after enough tries, but it was available when I woke up. =D
  • Not available yet actually. Author should try to download the game. Unless it was pulled. Doesn't work
  • It's available in download on 360 but not Xbox one yet maybe I can try through smart glass or website gotta check though...
  • The link takes us to the GB Xbox site that only accepts tea-dollars. [jest]
  • (insert tea bags here)
  • It's available now people check again or hard reset they fixed it lol
  • "Hard reset"?! Doesn't that mean a full factory reset, meaning you have to redownload all your apps and games, reconnect your accoutns, etc. I think you menat "power cycle" (i.e. soft reset).
  • No, if you talk to Microsoft's troubleshooting they refer to unplugging the power cord from the back of the Xbox entirely as a hard reset. Power cycling is just pushing the power button, which puts it in power-save mode, but the Xbox is still technically on.
  • I'm quite sure that that is not true. Unplugging the power cord is a soft reset, not a hard reset. A hard reset restores the console to its factory default settings. Unplugging the power cord is equivalent to pushing and holding the power button for approximately eight seconds, forcing the console to reboot. This is called power cycling. What you called power cycling above--"just pushing the power button, which puts it in power-save mode", is simply puting the console to sleep. It's not the same as power cycling (soft reset) or a factory reset (hard reset).
  • A hard reset is pulling power in some way to restart the machine - or in some cases the reset button wired to the main board. A soft reset is hitting reboot/restart through the OS. This terminology has been around and well defined far before I started in the industry more than 20 years ago. You are correct that many current devices dont react the same as the old stuff (power buttons not actually turning off power). These variances in functionality are shifting terminology slightly but the classic definitions are still very much in use and valid.
  • I was able to "purchase" the 360 version but not the one for xbone.
  • Only 360 version lol
  • Downloading now
  • hey it says bundle only .. xbox one user here
  • Keep going. it will say free after more button prompts.
  • We need it on windows mobile devices too
  • Just got it for the XB1 through smartglass.
  • Can't find it at the Xbox one store anymore:/
  • Top
  • #paulwalker
  • Just downloaded it last night, gonna try it out later on.
  • Is it any good ? Currently downloading
  • Yes, it's very good. TF&TF works well with Forza Horizon concept.
  • did anyone try it? its a big demo or what
  • That's what she said...
  • Not a demo.
  • I have heard people say they downloaded games using the Xbox 360 Smartglass app on their phone so I thought I would give it a try. I just used XBOX 360 Smartglass to download for the first time. It had me log onto my Xbox and exit the current Media Center app then l searched for "Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious". Basically, Smartglass just acts as a remote control using my phone to navigate the screen? I guess I thought it would let me download from work and the game would be downloaded and ready when I went home? Did I miss something? Downloading ...
  • That only works for Xbox One. The 360 can't be in stand by.
  • Good to know. I do think it was easier to search in the Smartglass app using the phone's keyboard so still a valuable app.
  • There was no pun intended with the "stay tuned" right?
    There should have been.
    Should be a fun expansion, it may turn out a bit more arcade like, can't wait to find out!
  • I'm much more excited about this than I am about the Games with Gold offerings next month.
  • So its only going to be playable for two weeks or you can only download it through the tenth? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, I wasn't too sure about that either.
  • You don't need horizon 2 to play it. It is FREE until the 10th, then it will be $10 or so. It will continue to play. Guessing its free to promote the movie coming out on the 3rd.
  • Downloaded, stoked for the game and even more stoked to see the film. I assume it'll probably be the last, or it should be at least.
  • This game needs to come to PC. We dont have any open world racing games other than TDU and that game is now dead.
  • Well Steam has a vas collection of good and expensive racing games
  • It does, but I'm looking for an open world driving game. Test drive unlimited is the only thing that comes close, but that game was a huge flop.
  • There is NFS:World & series, Burnout, Driver, and a few more, can't recall
  • I've been playing quite a bit of Forza 5 lately and just tried the F&F Forza Horizon DLC. It's my first foray into the physics of Forzay Horizon 2 and it seems wierd. Specifically it feels slow. The cars feel sluggish and the sense of speed seems off. Driving around when the speedo reads 100 it feels slower - like maybe 70. I don't know - maybe it's just me... Other than that it is kind of fun to drive around the movie cars - especially the RoadRunner. It's my favorite so far. The Charger is my least favorite (which sucks since I have one). For a 900 HP drag car that thing is painfully stupid slow.