Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island expansion: Everything we know so far

Forza Horizon 4 has had a very successful launch, from the incredible review scores to the millions of players enjoying the best of the British countryside and the seasonal changes, and challenges.

The fun and the work never stops, though, and besides being the first shared world Horizon game, there are two already confirmed DLC expansions. The first of these, Fortune Island, was revealed at the recent X018 event in Mexico City.

So here's what we know so far.

The ferocity of Fortune Island

Fortune Island follows the trend of previous Forza Horizon DLC, in that it takes you to a fictional place that is quite different to the main game's location. Who can forget going from the Australian outback to the snowy mountains in Forza Horizon 3?

Fortune Island sounds more similar to Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island expansion than anything from the last game, with wild weather and rugged terrain promised. Lightning will debut in a Forza Horizon game for the first time and the Aurora Borealis will even be visible during some of the night time racing.

Fortune Island is the largest and most extreme location the Forza Horizon team has ever come up with, and we're in for a variety of roads. Cliff tops, mountain switchbacks, tarmac, dirt, there'll be a mix of everything in there. The highlight is the longest single piece of mountain road ever put into a Horizon game which will, apparently, be perfect for drifting.

We haven't yet seen any actual gameplay from Fortune Island, but the Forza Horizon team holds regular streams so we'd expect to see more very soon. The launch trailer from Inside Xbox at X018 is embedded above.

Plenty of new stuff

It's not just the setting which is new in the Fortune Island expansion, there will be plenty of content to go with it. So far we know that the Drift Club will be coming back to feature in a new Horizon Story.

This ties in with the addition of the longest Drift Zone ever in a Horizon game, but for fans of going forwards not sideways there will still be plenty of off road and cross country racing on hand.

There are also going to be a pair of new Goliath races just for Fortune Island, one on roads and one on mixed surfaces. Oh, and more achievements!

Set to land December 13

Forza Horizon 4

The big question is: When can we get it? Well that part is easy. It's currently slated for a December 13 launch.

So, how do you get it?

Available in the Expansions Bundle or Ultimate Edition

Forza Horizon 4

As it stands right now, the DLC expansions aren't listed as being available for individual sale. That would be an unusual practice, since previous games have always offered them for individual sale, but currently that's where we're at.

Either way, it's always better value to buy a bundle if at all possible. Forza Horizon 4 has an Expansions Bundle which will net both currently confirmed DLC packs for $35. But you've also got the Ultimate Add-ons pack which is only $50, which also tosses in the VIP membership, Car Pass and some exclusive cars as well.

If you're new to the game, the Ultimate Edition at $100 definitely represents the best overall value.

Is the Forza Horizon 4 Expansions Bundle worth it?

Updated December 4, 2018: We've added all the latest information available on the Fortune Island expansion!

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