Forza Motorsport 6 and Gears of War 4 also rumored to be coming to Windows 10

New rumors about Microsoft's gaming plans for Windows 10 claim that the company is planning to release a version of its Xbox One racing sim Forza Motorsport 6 for the PC OS as an exclusive for the Windows Store.

According to WPDang, this is all part of Microsoft's strategy to beef up its Windows 10 game efforts, with the Windows Store as the exclusive outlet. In addition to Forza Motorsport 6, the site claims, via unnamed sources, that Gears of War 4 might also be released for Windows 10 in addition to Xbox One, along with Scalebound. It also mentions a previously unannounced game, Forza Horizon 3, as coming to both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft announced last week that Quantum Break will be released for Windows 10 on April 5, the same day as the Xbox One version, with pre-orders for the console game getting the Windows 10 version for free. The company also announced in 2015 that the Xbox One games Gears of War Ultimate Edition, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and Killer Instinct will all be coming to Windows 10 at some point.

Thanks to *answer1626 for the tip!*

Source: WPDang

John Callaham
  • Keep em coming Phil! Don't let the anti fun tweets bring ya down.
  • Can someone tell me the advantages of releasing it on Windows 10? Why not steam? And how does it tie in with Xbox? Surely people with high end pcs wont buy it twice? Will they?!
  • having it on the windows10 store, games stay in the xbox ecosystem and users can play with one another through windows 10 since both xbox one and pcs are windows 10.  You have to think Xbox as not just the physical hardware anymore but as a platform for delivering games....and the more people on it, the more money will be invested in making great games...  From my understanding they are doing a crossbuy thing as well between win10/xbox one  (like they did with quantum break) which is great i believe for people with powerful enough PC to run these games.  Microsoft seems to understand that the high end PC market is not in direct competition with console gaming and they are trying to bring these 2 system in one ecosystem.
  • I just don't see how anyone could complain. Stick to XBox then, you have that choice.
  • The complaints are mostly ones of fear, I think. They worry MS is sliding games into the W10 marketplace to dump the Xbox hardware division. That, and I think some are jealous that PC gamers might get to play online for free, unlike XBL gamers on consoles.
  • The reason for keeping it on the windows store instead of steam is simple. They control it completely themselves and don't share profits with Valve. Valve gets a cut of all steam sales, so why not save that cut for yourself and put it in your own store? Same reason EA made Origin. Also this makes it easy to force windows 10 onto people cause it will be win10 exclusive.
  • There are many advantages. 1. Cross platform multiplayer is possible. 2. The developer could make it so you only have to pay once for both versions. 3. The account progress could sync between the two using Xbox Live.
  • Thats why theres apps like amd gaming evolved
  • If you are a developer who release a game on Steam, you will pay 30% of each sale to Valve (same happens with any digital store like Apple, Google or whatever, and it's similar to what happens with retailer like Gamestop). So if a game cost 60usd to the public, almost 20usd of it goes to the owner of the store. If you sell it on your own store you keep that money for yourself. This is the reason why EA created Origin. Again, 30% is a lot! For small companies, having their own store is expensive (so cost benefit it makes sense to just use other store, since the store also function as a way to make publicity, if you get the front page), but for big ones, with a lot of games (own games) to ofer, it makes sense to try to have your own store. Ubi tried the same with UPlay (but they still release games on Steam). Also, Windows 10 Store will be XBox store, which mean that you have cross buy (buy on XBox and get it also on Windows). This may not apply for all games, but most likely it will for MS games. I love steam, and this days I hardly buy a game that is not on it, but I can understand why they want to do it, in the end, I understand that anyone would like to not have to give away 30% of his salary to someone else if there was a way to keep it for himself (I am also a Game Developer :) ).
  • Future my friend!!!
  • Because tying it up with Windows store kinda still makes it exclusive from MS and forcing you to buy games on store of course, how other publishers like Blizzard and Ubisoft forces you to buy games from their platforms.
  • The advantages are huge actually, for both Microsoft and Xbox One owners: -Microsoft pushes his store and also doesn't have to pay 30% of fees to the competitor Steam for putting games there -Through Windows 10 Xbox App, which is integrated in the OS, you have your friends list, achievements, saves, game DVRs functions even on this PC games, so that you can play those like if you're doing it on Xbox One but with the graphics and frame rate quality that only PC could achieve -Like they're doing with Quantum Break, buying it on Xbox One you'll get the Windows 10 version for free, and everything is synced, so you can switch between playing on PC/Laptop/Surface/Surface Phone??? and Xbox One whenever you want without loosing your progress. Of course so far is just about Quantum Break and Tomb Raider, those about Forza, Gears, Scalebound and so all the next big Xbox esclusives, are just rumors, i juess though we will find the truth out soon, perhaps at the next week, February 25th, Microsoft conference which should be focused on Windows 10 gaming
  • Steam competes directly with the W10 Store, in some respects. Going through Valve means increased sales, but also sharing the revenue and playing by their rules for things. Staying only within the Windows Store means Microsoft makes the rules, gets the income, and gives people compelling reasons to open that app and experience the other things the OS offers. That, and if they REALLY want, they can put multiplayer on PC behind the XBL paywall, though PC gamers will probably burn down a small city if it happens. It also makes cross-buy much easier to manage. People are complaining to MS that they got a W10 copy and want a Steam one. If they keep cross-buy going, it can eat into the used game market that MS is trying to get revenue away from. Physical costs more to produce, and if they can start shuffling folks to digital with cross-buy, they can eventually dump optical drives with and XB1 Slim or for the console's successor. It's giving incentives to people willing to follow Microsoft's plan.
  • It is the same ecosystem with the same account, achievements, party, etc. and we Xbox owners are more tempted to adopt compared to steam. It fits in the vision of a single unified windows 10 system. It adds meaningful content to the windows 10 store. This is basically windows live resurrected, and I hope Microsoft can get it right this time.
  • Because there are PC owners like myself who don't have an Xbox who like driving games, or would want this and other games that have been available for Xbox only
  • Sweet Jesus this might be perceived as Xbox one having weak sakes, but I hope this doesn't hurt their PR.
  • Microsoft is making xbox usless,if i can play everything from xbox on pc than i dont need xbox i will just buy playstation to play exclusives and rest of games on pc...
  • Yeah because you already have a capable gaming PC and/or like to periodically tweak it and upgrade it. But people are so quick to forget that there are also many people that like gaming on a console that's cheaper than a PC, and requires little setup and maintenance. For these kind of people, it's still Xbox vs PlayStation and not Xbox vs PC. This will not hurt the Xbox One as drastically as people are making it out it will.
  • People are definitely forgetting this. There are plenty of people who won't even consider PC gaming as they want a hassle free setup direct in their living room - I have a Steam Link sat on top of my Xbox One and it works great, so I know you can get a good PC gaming experience in the living room, but not everybody will do this. I use both depending on a number of factors. I only have a gaming PC because I wanted something more powerful than my Surface Pro 3 for development when I'm at home - I was already building a PC for this reason, so I added in an "ok" graphics card to the build to also get some gaming out of it. Most people can get by with just a Surface Pro or similar laptop, and one of those isn't going to play these kinds of games in any acceptable way
  • Not to mention the fact that many people like to play multi-player locally, which is significantly harder on a PC. With a PC, you have to isntall a game on each user account. On the Xbox, I install the game once, and anyone can play. Additionally, the Xbox handles switching between profiles, and ensuring saved data isn't lost.  I would get the rage if the Xbox exclusives were going to be avaialble on Steam, with the potential of moving to OS X and Linux. But, this is different. This is a game being cross-buy enabled. This opens a fantastic option, where I can buy a game once, and play at home, as well as while traveling. I think moving forward we need to stop thinking of these games as Xbox exclusives, but rather as Windows exclusives. This is all part of the WIndows convergence plan. Microsoft isn't killing off Xbox by doing this. They are creating more interest in the platform. 
  • It's still a Microsoft exclusive. Snd u would need a high end pc to play these games. On low specs it wont run or would be a compromise. Then Xbox is the best choice. If u have money to afford a gaming pc go for it.
  • Except that if you're satisfied with console level graphics it's not more expensive. Buying a console is definitely easier though
  • Most of the gamers have pcs with graphics worse than XBOX One. Just look at, and those are people with Steam, gamers. Rest of people have even worse pcs.
  • Not sure why people keep saying this. Don't forget about the mouse and keyboard you need as well, there is a convenience factor people underestimate. I was into pc gaming for years until I made the jump to console only, haven't looked back. Realize that pc gaming is ongoing, so everytime a new game console has come out, that game library starts from zero while the pc game library continues to grow. Pc has always been Microsoft's highend Xbox. If this cross buy system takes off, taking away from?? No it adds value to Xbox and to pc gaming, the ability to play on pc where I left off, looks like my console only days are over...
  • Totally agree with you (I still do some PC gaming using an Xbox One controller and via SteamLink to my TV - the link sits on top of the Xbox One and I use both). This only adds value, I just hope that the whiners don't mess it up for the rest of us that see the true value Cross Buy can bring - There were some interesting, forward thinking ideas for the Xbox One, but people only saw the bad side and though the DRM would ruin their life - It had a number of bonuses that I would have enjoyed, but they got canned because so many people disagreed with it.
  • Are you telling me that majority people like to spend over a thousand dollars on a separate setup than paying for one hassle free setup that will always work just right?
    PC graphics are better, yes. But not everyone knows how to adjust graphics card settings and in-game settings for optimal performance. Actually, how many people do you know would like spending first 5-10 minutes adjusting everything before starting a game. And don't forget, pausing in the middle of the game to adjust graphics further. Like, who does that, right? Yeah.
    Playing on Xbox is quick and easy. Grab the controller and 2 minutes later you are already playing. Costs way less than your super-duper-gaming-computer.
    That said, I have a $2500 gaming custom system that should run these games without any issue. But that doesn't mean I don't love my Xbox that's easy to go within seconds. ;)
  • Who's saying you shouldn't love your XBox setup, same company, more revenues for people who prefer PC Setups, it'll be like Quantam Break,one purchase and you'll get for both PC & XBox One.many persons prefer mouse and keyboard control over a game controller,so it's just adding more players to the mix, then in soon time Cross Platform Play in few years.
  • I dont know what are you whining about, you should be happy because you wont have to spend on you PC and Xbox, instead just buy for you Xbox and enjoy it on the PC,.  To answer you question, I do that, pause game to adjust the graphics, i do that several time, lol
  • Wow. You really know how to make things difficult. There's no adjusting graphic card settings and most games adjust graphics level automatically to optimize performance with your hardware. And even if they don't, basically all games have quick settings for low/medium/high/ultra. So I don't get how you could spend 5-10 minutes adjusting settings. Also, to match console level graphics isn't more expensive.
  • Have fun with that 1 PlayStation exclusive that comes out every two years.
  • the xbox one was useless from the moment it was annouced, the same goes the PS4
  • That doenst make XBOX useless at all, i mean why wud you think like that, i've always wanted to play Forza but i couldnt because it was XBOX excluesive. Not everyone can buy a PC that will play Quantam break, but the one who have spent $2000 should be able to enjoy the game too, That is a great move. Go ahead and buy PS4, what is exclusive to Xbox will remain on xbox, and thanks to MSFT now on PC too. :D
  • Exactly, a lot people are so negative about this for no reason.  Its a win for Xbox One players and PC players, both get to play the same exclusive.  Some people act like all xbox one players will ditch console for pc now and that's not the case.  People will continue to play on what they enjoy playing on.  This is good news, well to me it is.  I am glad more people will get to play these games. 
  • Xbox useless? So all of a sudden every Xbox game is available for the PC today? Thats overreatcting a bit to much
  • Sorry Gabe :-D Maybe it will force Valve to create HL3 finally :-)
  • I wonder if Halo 6 will be on PC as well
  • At the rate things are going, I'd bet money it will.
  • Steam!!!
  • No Steam, MS will force you to use Store, the war has started ;-)
  • Better they buy steam and make Windows store for steam users. Microsoft would benefit from for a long term .
  • I doubt Gaben will let MS buy Valve.
  • Yeah he will not sell it.
  • That would be huge and shake up the industry if MIcrosoft bought Valve.
  • The gamers would suffer if Steam went away. It's good to have SOME competition.
  • For competition its good. But Xbox can benefit a lot too from steam.
  • Rather than buying Steam, which I don't think Gabe Newell would ever let happen, Microsoft should work on an enhanced partnership. If you could access Steam games on an Xbox, even if it was just streaming, this could be a huge bump for both Xbox and Steam. 
  • Funny that you mention it. I heard that MS is working on something with Steam regarding streaming.
  • As much as I like Steam, I don't want a Steam monopoly. I have installed all of the gaming distribution platforms for PC: Steam, Origin, Uplay, GoG
  • You missed my favorite BigFishGames :-D however you don't need to install Windows Store,it's already there ;-)
  • You also missed Games for WIndows Live
  • You forgot Blizzard's own platform :)
  • If possible then a pocket edition for mobile too
  • Oh no! burn your Xbox One, set it on fire immediately it's worthless if this happens 0_o
  • Xbox like the Surface and WP is dead :/s
  • If they're going to bring Forza to the PC, I really hope they support ultrawide and triple screen setups.
  • Exactly my thoughts.
  • This is a win/win for MS... If it encourages Windows 10 adoption and Microsoft profit from the game sale no matter which platform it's sold on then what's to criticise? 20 million + 180 million potential new customers against Sony's 35 million...
  • I don't like Forza. Too arcade.
  • You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I think you're confusing it with Need for Speed.
  • I think you obviously never tried rFactor nor Assetto Corsa. So yes, Forza is arcade game to me.  
  • Maybe he is talking about Forza Horizon. That game is arcade with sim features.
  • MS had better remove the online multiplayer pay wall for Xbox owners or include a similar charge for PC.
  • They probably arent going to do either of those things...
  • Part of the reason for ps4 success are graphics power and frame rates. These are what gamers hunger for. Sure those who already own Xbone will surely continue to buy but imagine 3rd parties start doing PC and crossbuy as well and that PC games become a success. I can't imagine where Xbone will be in the future.
  • All things are Windows 10
  • They are taking PC gaming serious again over in Redmond. Cheers.
  • LOL, I don't care one way or another about XBox games coming to PC. But I sure wouldn't mind being able to play my Steam library on the XBox.
  • Pc Master race
  • They should give it to those who purchased the ultimate version for free.
  • Noice! Now there's only Halo missing
  • Another great games! Also great to hear that they are making this game a true cross platform. That way, multiplayer with other consoles/devices are no longer a boundaries. Hope devs will consider for mobiles too, like 3 versions for the price of one!
  • I don't get why people are complaining about this decision. It's essentially just part of Microsoft's One Windows strategy. People don't complain when an iPhone exclusive app is suddenly made available for the iPad.
  • Hope not. Gears of War 4 is the only reason I keep my Xbox One
  • You can sell your xbox to some other person so they will buy Gear 4... Then you can also buy gears 4 on PC :D
  • Keep them coming! Kill off Steam!
  • AT LAST!! MSFT understood what its like to spend $2000 on a PC and not being able to play games that others can play on a $400 console... thank you so much MSFT. looking forward to try the Quantam Break, with my GTX 970. PS: Consoles are for KIDS, you're not a GAMER untill you're a PC GAMER ! :P
  • Says the person boasting like child about their super expensive toy.
  • Forza and Halo, my two remaining holdouts. Get those on PC and I will be set!
  • While this is a boon to the Windows 10 ecosystem, I have my doubts about this rumour.   In my opinion, all new franchises will be cross-buy/cross-play, but the three staple franchises (Halo/Gears/Forza) will remain as solely Xbox games.
  • Might as well trade in my Xbox One then. GJ MS
  • Now Microsoft just needs to make that Xb1 slim/mini that is mostly a windows 10 media box, but that gives the users the option of playing the games being released to the windows with the same fidelity as Xb1.
  • I hope there will be a retail version avaiable. And not only in the Windows Store. I would like to have a disk in my hands.
  • I've loved the Forza series but I quit gaming on console when the Xbone came out and I'm PC gamer these days. The only game I miss from the Xbox time is the Forza series and to see it coming to PC is a dream coming through.
  • I can tell you for a fact that Forza Motorsport 6 is not coming to Windows 10. Once Quantum Break was annouced for the Windows 10 platform, rumors began circulating about other games following suit. The sources of such rumors are mistaken. Once again, Forza Motorsport 6 will not be coming to Windows 10. Thank you for your time.