Quantum Break coming to Windows 10, will be free with Xbox One version pre-orders

The long-awaited Xbox One action game Quantum Break is also coming to Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed that both versions will be released on April 5, and that people who pre-order the Xbox One version (opens in new tab) will get the Windows 10 port for free.

Microsoft says:

"Anyone who pre-orders the Xbox One digital version of Quantum Break through the Xbox Store, purchases an Xbox One digital token at participating retailers, or pre-orders an Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break bundle, will receive the Windows 10 version of the game downloadable at the Windows Store via redemption code."

Microsoft has also revealed the minimum and recommend PC hardware specs for Quantum Break for Windows 10:

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS - Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • DirectX 12
  • CPU - Intel Core i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX-6300
  • GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x
  • VRAM - 2 GB
  • RAM - 8 GB
  • HDD - 55 GB available space

Recommended Specs:

  • OS - Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • DirectX 12
  • CPU - Intel Core i7 4790, 4GHz or AMD equivalent
  • GPU - NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
  • VRAM - 6 GB
  • RAM - 16 GB
  • HDD - 55 GB available space

Microsoft has not revealed the price for the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break for those folks who don't pre-order the Xbox One version.

Pre-order at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • CrossBuy for the win! I'll definitely buy this and play everywhere! Edit: Just bought the preorder. Game on!
  • Techinically not CrossBuy since it only applies to pre-orders and you have to redeem it separately (for example, crossbuy on W10/W10 Mobile you just buy it once at any point in time and it unlocks on both without having to enter a separate code to redeem it for the other), but still cool.
  • I didn't see it in the article, but this game also supports inter-platform saves! That is pretty cool.
  • Speaking of cross buy anyone having trouble downloading tables purchased on 360 on xb1
  • Windows 10 "PORT", LOL. Is it me or it's a bit off that they develop the game for consoles, then port it to the bigger specced gaming PCs? The world works backwards, clearly.
  • Nothing new there. Almost every game works like that
  • Until today it was only ever confirmed for Xbox One. Port is probably a poor word to use. I mean...did you see the recommended GPU? This thing is going to look AMAZING if you have the hardware.
  • Yes, I thought port was a poor word to use as well as it stuck out immediately when I read the article.
  • I guess, but it's going to look "Port-amazing", that is, being developed for a system that has a lesser specification than high end gaming PCs, it can't take full advantage of their hardware. And yeah, "port" sounds bad, that's what struck me from the article, but sadly that's what it is.  
  • did you see the recommended GPU? This thing is going to look AMAZING
    ... or it could mean the opposite; meaning that maybe it's not optimized well enough and requires a monster PC to run it at max. I hope not though. Remedy's PC ports have been good so far.
  • Yeah, like you I'm more inclined to think that it's the "emulator" part of a "port" that makes the game requirements to be higher. This is a disappointment.
  • "emulator"?
  • IF that's how it is, it IS disappointing. But I'll wait and see before throwing and judgment
  • Many new games the last few months or more have required a 760 minimum to run, even non-AAA. This all based on my recent browsing during Steam sales. It will look amazing and be an excellent game, on console or PC.
  • I'm also guessing that GPU recommendation is hilarious overkill.
  • Its probably because they don't want ppl saying "it looked and played great on my xbox, but the PC version played like crap on my really fast PC lumbered with intel graphics"
  • Seeing as A) it wasn't really announced for PC and B) there are likely more console gamers than PC gamers on W10. I think it makes sense, especially when not ALL gaming PC's are specced higher.
  • No, I'm pretty sure there are more Steam users running Windows 10 than Xbox One owners.
  • I never said Xbox one owners now did I, I said console gamers. By my math there are approximately 40 million W10 accounts on steam. 125 million users, around 1/3 use W10, minus some Phishing accounts I think that's a decent estimate. There are WAY more than 40 million consoles out there. Just PS4 and X1 alone beat that.
  • But this conversation SHOULD be about Quantum Break, which isn't available on ALL consoles.
  • Did you read the whole convorsation? Because either you didn't or your reading comprehension lacks quite a bit. In reference to QB, it was originally ONLY for Xbox, so it makes sense to port your game to PC when it's decided to put it on PC, as oppose to starting over. As for the general practice of console first, then port to PC, my statement is ther are more console gamers than W10 (possibly PC gamers). nothing is incorrect in my statements or off topic.
  • Not really.  you work for the lowest denominator and then you add features to take advantage of better hardware. Once xbox one is on windows 10 oneCore  it won't really be as big of an issue.  One company will be able to do both. Most games are actually ported from consoles these days and you don't even notice because they take advantage of features consoles do not have.  But typically a different team works on the port than the original.  I think the only developers that do coding from scratch on PC are witcher developers.  Not sure if witcher 3 was done like that though, but witcher 2 definitely was written from ground up for PC.  Or was witcher 2 ported and 3 was done ground up.  Don't remember.   Windows 10 could be a nice addition to Xbox as it's a huge selling point for developers not to have to make different versions, and as such you can be in a scenario where you pay once and play on both PC and xbox one.  No additional resources are really required, Though MS has to figure out the buy once goal without messing with game revenue.  The question is do people on consoles ever buy the same game on PCs? It's probably not likely.  And with xbox one to PC streaming it becomes even less likely.  
  • Is it possible that the long delay/development (announced in 2013 for an supposed "end of 2014" release window) was because of the win10 port? Spencer did say they would be catering to PC gamers more than what they have been. Anyway I hope (albeit a bit worried) that the game is well optimized and the difference between the x1/win10 version is easily noticeable considering the extremely high “recommended” specs. Btw what about max/ultra settings?!
  • It's not quite like the last generation where the hardware was massively different from PC's. All these games are made on PC then optimised for console. Hell if someone really wanted too, I bet they could get all console games running on PC without an emulator.
  • Consoles is where it's at
  • OMG!!!!!
  • Wow, this is huge!
  • WTF!?! We have to buy computers at 1000$ minimum to play properly at recent games !!
    First it was the x64 limitation and now it's 8GB RAM minimum !!!
    I can't accept and afford such a machine like that.
  • You know you could buy an Xbox One and enjoy Quantum Break for much less. I mean...you don't need to chase the frame rate/resolution rabbit. Could just enjoy the game on the couch. That's what I'll be doing :)
  • An X-1 is like $350. Also 8GB of RAM can be had for like $50, less if you search for deals. Also, that's always been the norm for PC gaming, high specced machines for the latest games, where have you been.
  • I was referring in general. You buy a console for that and you don't have to worry about graphics card requirements, do I have enough CPU power, RAM, etc. You buy the box. You buy the game. You play the game. You enjoy.
  • Oh I get you, believe me. I was replying to the OP, complaining about the high specs and how much it would cost. 
  • Ohhhhh. Yeah, I'd love to play this at Max settings on a PC looking its best. But I can't. Nevermind, feet up on the couch it is!
  • To me, that trumps graphics many times. I plan on waiting a little bit, and seeing more of the game, then likely preordering so I can do both. Hoping to build a new Gaming rig next year anyway lol.
  • That's exactly why I prefer console over PC. Sure, PC is more flexible, adaptable, but in the end of the day, I don't want to worry about a game being able to run on the system. I just want to play.
  • Well, you pretty much can do that on a PC. If you're satisfied with console quality graphics, games run pretty easily with older PCs too
  • Ummm stick to console gaming. Any pc gamer will tell you those minimum specs have been a must for years.
  • Lol, no
  • Its either that or buy a console and just forget about everything else.
  • Whoa!! Wasn't expecting so much replies... Thanks for your messages.
    Of course, a gamer who want long-term can buy a X1 and will have all compatible games. But the graphics will always be the same.
    With a PC you've evolution of graphics and performances, that's not equal. And on PC you can ddl games.
  • This is awesome but my Graphics card isn't supported for the minimum specs it says 4460 but mines is 4400
  • You will still be able to play it, just with lower than the recommended settings or framerate that the developer feels will best represent their game.
  • Great deal.
  • Do you guys think this will be "playable" on surface pro 4, m3 version?
  • I'm saying no. The processor won't be up to snuff, not to mention the minimum required graphics are way more than integrated Intel. It might load, so if you get it for free, by all means try. But when the recommended GPU is one that costs like $500, that should tell you a lot.
  • I was thinking it might be at least playable with all the graphics settings set to low. Shame.
  • Think more along the lines of impossible. I'd be surprised if the application ran without crashing
  • Newest Trailer:
  • Sorry, Microsoft. With the data sizes of today's games a digital version download (twice in this case) will kill my monthly bandwidth data limit.
  • This is the size most AAA games are today.
  • Thanks for the info, Cpt. Obvious.
  • I'm obviously not familiar with the area you're in, can you just happen to leave a laptop with a flash drive near a starbucks or something while the download happens? I think the idea of Bandwidth limits is just foolish in this day and age where we can get huge speeds. Luckily I haven't had them enforced in my area.
  • Comcast doesn't enforce them in my area luckily. The Xbox itself uses 150-200 Gb per month with a supposed limit of 250 Gb. I don't even download many games, lol.
  • So PAY for more data.  Not MS or a game dev's fault if you're penny pinching your internet service.
  • Allow me to be the first to ask..... what the actual hell is with those recommended specs?! The minimum I get, but the 980Ti?? A Fury X??? Those aren't even a year old yet! And the inclusion of "port"? Does this sound like a possible Arkham Knight level disaster? I'll give Remedy the benefit of the doubt since Alan Wake was a good port. But given the problems I've had with RotTR on the Windows Store in terms of performance (No exclusive Full-screen, no Crossfire/SLI support and no ability to turn off V-sync) I have little hope this will release smoothly.
  • Recommended... That's usually what is sufficient for running it completely maxed out and smooth. You don't have to have everything on ultra settings you know.
  • What? What you smoking man? Tomb Raider absolutely does NOT run smoothly at Ultra with a 970 as it recommends. In fact it doesn't even run ultra 30fps if we're talking just "smoothly". The damn thing stutters way too many times to be even considered as playable! Their idea of recommended literally sounds like just medium settings and assuming the monitor is 60hz. Remedy makes this look like you'd need a Titan X JUST to run the ultra 30fps! EDIT: Just did some reading and saw that this could actually just be the recommended specs for running Medium 1440p 60fps? Which would actually make a whole lotta sense than 980Ti for 1080p...
  • Hopefully the next couple of months Microsoft can do something with the Store.
  • I hope the recommended specs is for playing at 4k@60fps. Or maybe is more beautiful than real life game, or just unoptimised.
  • 16GB RAM recommended and 6GB video RAM? That is insane :o
  • Those recommended specs are brutal. My pc can barely run this game...
  • This is tempting, but I hate digital versions of retail games (with the exception of digital games which have been brought to retail). Disappointing that they won't include the code in retail boxes like most games do in these cases.
  • The problem with that is that a person could preorder the physical copy, get the code for the free Windows 10 version, get a $10 code for microsoft (if purchased from the microsoft store), and then sell the physical copy or return it to Wal-Mart (assuming that you wouldn't have to open it to get the code for the Win10 version out) - basically getting the W10 version and the $10 gift card for free.
  • You would have to open it as the code would be inside of the box, and often you lose a huge amount on the game's worth even if you trade it in the same day of release often not making it worthwhile. Plus it would increase sales numbers for MS/Remedy especially as a full version on both platforms is being "sold".
  • What the deuce! If every MS division was run like the Xbox division MS would be unstoppable.
  • Careful, this article links to the physical version - you have to pre-order the digital version to get the free Windows 10 copy.
  • Which is too bad. I don't have any intention to play on PC, so I will stick to physical. I'm curious as to how the PC version is delivered, though--do you get a second code (meaning you could gift it to someone), or is it automatically attached to your MS account?
  • I think they said it is delivered via an xbox system message with a 5x5 code.  You can redeem codes directly from messages now, so you could either do that - or send the code to a friend to redeem if you wanted.
  • "Participating retailers" will also deliver a Windows 10 key for physical copies too. Amazon should be safe, but GameStop are confirmed not to be offering it (they hate digital lulz)
  • Where did you see this?  I've only seen confirmation that the digital versions get the Win 10 version anywhere, all of the physical copies only mention the Alan Wake games. "purchases an Xbox One digital token at participating retailers"
  • so where would I go to pre-order the digital version of this game? it looks like a interesting game.
  • https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Quantum-Break/23630687-fad2-...
  • thank you :)
  • Unfortunately it doesn't state on that page about the PC crossbuy thing. MS are moving in the right direction but their communications have, and still suck massively.
  • Yeah just checked and I don't see anything about the pre-order bonus (it's not crossbuy, you get a code to redeem the Windows 10 version in an xbox live message and it ends after the game releases.  crossbuy means buy once get on both platforms instantly, and wouldn't be tied to a pre-order time period)
  • Easier to just say 'crossbuy'. I'd be surprised if the buy on xbox get on PC isn't extended after launch.
  • I find those recommended specs funny. They think there is an AMD equivalent to a Haswell i7? I mean, I'm guessing they didn't specify a model because they know one doesn't exist. As for the GPU, I seriously question their demands. Maybe dual 4K will need it, but I'd bet if you're anywhere south of 4K, those $500+ cards will be wasted.
  • It really depends, looking at some of the physics and time manipulation effects in this game, I reckon they could easily max out a top end card, with all the refraction and particles everywhere.
  • So wait, the comments in this post are beginning to sway towards the idea that PC gaming is wrong and that we should all necessarily play on a console with lower specs because everyone does it. Nice way to spin it.
  • I've been a PC gamer my whole life, while my friends who own consoles were like "maaan, consoles are amazing. Everything is smooth and you don't need to worry about system requirements" and were literally mocking PCs can't run games properly.
    So after that i borrowed x360 just to play gta v back in a day. And what did i swe? Barely visible cars on the road in 720p, awful 30 fps with drops to 24 or so, and lowest textures possible.
    Will never believe consoler's words about "smooth" anymore. If PC player is whining about poor graphics and fps, then it's most likely still better than what consoles got, lol.
    It's not the question of what's better, but the question of money, and if you can afford good PC.
  • Quantum Break. It's the sequel to Blinx the time sweeper. Sweet.
  • Cool that it supports Cross Platform saves. Can't wait!
  • If I'm reading this correctly, pre-ordering from Amazon with the prime discount doesn't apply? Bummer. Buying anyway but still a bummer.
  • Is it me or is MS trying to blur the line between Win10 and the Xbox brand? They're making Xbox players upset that they're putting first party titles on the PC as well. You don't see Sony or Nintendo doing it. It's like MS is telling me that I don't need to have an Xbox anymore because it'll be released for the PC.
  • Xbox is Microsoft's gaming brand. For consoles and Windows 10. We even wrote about it after Gamescom. Xbox everywhere. Kinda. People "upset" at this really are being ridiculous. Plain and simple.
  • Omg! 980ti :O if i run the game on my pc the gpu will blow up :D  
  • So which version spec of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book would it be playable on?
  • Well I suppose yuou could flip your SP4 or SB over and use it as a cool magnesium mouse pad, so technically you could 'play' on any surface device.
  • A GTX 760 minimum?? Damn, that's ridiculous. And the recommended a 980ti is overkill... What would it require to max it out, a Titan? Posted via the Windows Central App