Forza Motorsport 7: All known issues and bugs on Xbox One and Windows PC

Forza Motorsport 7 is the latest entry in Microsoft's flagship racing series, bringing physical racing avatars into the franchise for the first time. 700 cars, dozens of tracks, and various other new features make this the best Motorsport game yet, and it's only going to get better when it goes 4K on the Xbox One X.

However, Forza 7 does suffer from a few issues in-game and out, with players reporting widespread download problems on PC. Posted on the official Forza forums, here's the full list of issues Turn 10 Studios is currently working to fix in future title updates for Forza 7.


  • All players on a given PC will be able to play the game but only players who purchased the DLC will be able to access the DLC.
  • Player's mouse pointer will stay in the forefront while actively racing
  • Race track and audio features may not load properly in a race if the player has tabbed out of the game in the pre-race lobby until the race starts.
  • Random Gamertags may appear in the host's lobby when backing out of Public or Private multiplayer sessions and not allow them to join a new hopper lobby.
  • Some players may be unable to create or join voice chat sessions. We suggest restarting your computer and trying again.
  • We are aware that the ['] key may be difficult to see in various menus.
  • Game may become unresponsive when a player is browsing Driver Info in a large public multiplayer lobby during the transition to the next track.
  • Players' HDR settings may reset to max brightness and gamma upon relaunching the game.
  • Players who exit Car Select during Launch Countdown without selecting a car will be left behind in the lobby with no car selected.
  • Players who redeemed DLC on their Xbox One console may not see their DLC available when they play on PC. Players who experience this should make sure the DLC is downloaded to the PC they're playing on.
  • When selecting a car, pressing the toggle option may not toggle the car stats.
  • Driver Tier icon may not display properly on the Event Results or Leaderboard in the Post Race screen.
  • Players will not receive credit bonus rewards for using VIP Forza Edition cars in Rivals events.
  • Wheel rotation for navigating outside of racing may not be supported in menus like Livery Editor, Forzavista, Photo Mode, and the Decal Editor.
  • Players may lose game audio if they unplug their headset and plug it back in while in the game.
  • Unlocked framerate is currently not supported in the Forza Motorsport 7 demo but will be available with a future update.
  • Currently, players cannot change video options during a race. We will be releasing an update in the future that will allow players to change video options mid-race.
  • Benchmark mode may experience long load times or crashes after running the benchmark test.
  • Players may experience the track not loading after using consecutive rewinds. If you experience this, please quit the race and start it again.
  • Players may experience graphics not rendering properly when racing. If you experience this, we recommend turning down your in-game video settings.
  • Changing the Camera Motion Effects will not apply after saving. The setting change should be applied to your second race but if it doesn't, please quit the demo and launch it again.


  • Game may be unresponsive for players who launch that game after their console turned off due to inactivity.
  • Race track and audio features may not load properly in a race if the player has the Xbox Guide open in the pre-race lobby until the race starts.
  • In multiplayer, players may experience their menu to disappear until the next race starts if they are idle on the Driver Level Milestone Reward section.
  • Players will be unable to access their VIP cars and Driver Gear if they are offline.
  • Player ghosts may not appear while participating in Rivals events.
  • While playing split-screen, Player B will be unable to use their purchased DLC if player A has not also purchased it.
  • Some players may not see their VIP crates when first launching the game. Those experiencing this will need to fully close the game and launch it again to claim their VIP crates
  • Cars may be misplaced or appear outside of the environment when loading Replays through Rivals Leaderboard.
  • Player's car may appear outside of the track while in the Post Race screen in Rivals events.
  • Players may only have the option to choose "Rent Car" in Rival events even though they own a car for that Rival event.
  • While viewing a Rivals replay through Leaderboards, DLC cars that are not owned by the player will show as NULL.
  • When signing into another profile, the game will freeze and user will get controller disconnect message. User will need to close game completely and relaunch the demo


  • If the Controller Disconnect message appears while in a public or private multiplayer pre-race lobby at the "Loading Track" screen, the background will turn white and the OK button will flicker red and blue
  • Players may notice performance hitches when loading into a multiplayer lobby for the first time.
  • Player's may not be able to make a selection in the Post-Race menu if they open the Vote for Track window and dismiss it.
  • Game may become unresponsive when changing game types in Free Play.
  • Game may become unresponsive if a player is disconnected and tries to join a public hopper after reconnecting.
  • In a private multiplayer lobby, players who are removed from the lobby by the host may see a "Voted Out" message instead of "Kicked by Host".

We'll keep you posted about future patches and bug fixes right here on Windows Central.

Forza Motorsport 7 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title for Xbox One and Windows 10, launching on October 3, 2017.

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