Four new major apps for Windows Phone shown off at Mobile Acceleration Week

Microsoft looks to be hosting a Mobile Acceleration Week this week in New York City and TechCrunch managed to track down some of the devs there building apps. The program itself is a way for developers to come together with Microsoft to get their apps fast-tracked to the Marketplace by working with Redmond directly--it's like staying after school with the teacher for a power tutoring session. These sessions happen often and at various places all the time, so in that sense, nothing new. However here we get to see some new apps that are headed our way. All of these are available on iOS and/or Android, so they look to be bigger-name apps ported over to the Windows Phone--always a good sign.

  • Flud - Another RSS reader popular on the iPhone but with a twist--social networking. Evidently you can see what your friends are reading and vice-versa. So it's like Facebook but potentially less annoying. The app looks to headed our way by January.
  • Get-a-game - Here's an app for you ballers out there who want to pick up a game at your local park. Basically it's more social networking but folks who want to play a quick game...of anything.  Certainly unique and we suppose puts Bing and networking to go use on your phone.
  • GateGuru - This should be huge. GateGuru provides "...airport directories, ratings and reviews for shops within the airports, social media sharing, itinerary management, wait times for security lines, and reviews/tips for airports". Phew! If you travel a lot, how could you not want this app?
  • - is evidently like Foursquare but for things instead of places. Basically you checkin with an item (shoes, services, your coffee) and then purchase and rate the item. You get more points for more interaction. Sounds kind of like Foodspotting but for stuff. We're not too crazy about that but we see some merit in it.

Not a bad lineup if you ask us and those are just a few of the apps coming down the pike. While they may not be the killer, unique apps that the platform could benefit from, it's a good sign that so many devs from other platforms are now embracing Windows Phone. In fact, that's great news as it helps level the playing field.

Source: TechCrunch

Daniel Rubino

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