Free retro gaming Windows Phone wallpapers

David Bandey, the brains behind the ZX Spectrum ringtones and owner of the Retro Video Game (RVG) music blog, has released a number of wallpapers that fit perfectly on your Windows Phone. Titles include Batman, Arkanoid: Revengoe of Doh and Firefly.

The retro wallpapers are available in three styles:

  • Style 1 – A simple enlargement with smoothing,
  • Style 2 – A classic style comic book ink shading applied,
  • Style 3 – Glowing Neon Edges.

Bandey is taking requests, should you wish to see another title be available as a wallpaper.

Source: Retro VGM Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden and Contra be awesome!!
  • Double Dragon (ZX Spectrum & Arcade) added
    Ninja Gaiden aka Shadow Warriors (ZX Spectrum & Commodore 64) added
    Contra aka Gryzor (ZX Spectrum & Commodore 64) added
  • I'd be all over a Galaga background but these are pretty dope.
  • Got the batman one then edited a little black to see the time :-)
  • I have added a few more games: Rainbow Islands, Chase HQ & Wizball
    I'll have a look and see what the Double Dragon & Contra (Gryzor) loading screens are like on the Speccy & C64. I don't think Galaga or Ninja Gaiden ever made it onto the 8bits.
    Thanks for the comments and for taking a look!!
  • There are now 75 wallpapers for you to choose from!
    If anyone has any requests or comments please post here or in the blog! Thanks :)
  • RedHawk on C64 :)
  • Redhawk and the sequel, Kwah? added :)