Friday fun: iPhone 3GS - more Wicky Wicky

Bwaaaahahaha. Couldn't resist. Flame on!

Via Crackberry

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  • ROFLMAO!!!!!
  • Can't...breathe...laughing...too...hard...
    Forwarding link to all self congratulating iPhone users I know. Ok, better now. Flame on for sure but worth it.
  • from a iphone user: lol
  • dude, this is ridiculous.
    apple never said that video editing was never before seen on a phone.
    and it says that copy and paste is easy. and yes it is easy. why have the storm (i think?) next to it. the fact that some other phone has it doesnt mean that it isnt easy on the iphone instead of doing all this video they better make one with the features from the iphone that their own phones wish they had.. it woud take much more time trust me and i am NOT an iphone user neither intend to be one.
    but i know how to respect what apple has done for the smartphone market. and you know what ? if the iphone is so uncool why every review of another phone at one point says 'how does it do against the iphone?' stupid people....
  • Apple sets themselves up for this. The 3Gs is pure, pure catch-up in features to other platforms that have been around for years. So, we should all expect that a company that spends all of it's marketing money belittling the competition to get a little of their own medicine when it's due. Right back atcha, Apple.
  • "instead of doing all this video they better make one with the features from the iphone that their own phones wish they had.. it woud take much more time trust me" This statement only helps to highlight the fact that all to many people actually beleive that the iphone is somehow a revolutionary device, with features that other smartphone can only dream of. The plain fact of the matter is that as a verteran winmob user, I have had these features and more for well over 5 years now.
  • The iPhone is- and always has been an inferior device. It just so happens that it has the world's best marketing team behind it, and shares its name with one of the most popular consumer electronics devices ever. Thanks to Apple for the following, however: 1) They've energized fringe developers. The unique apps for the iPhone from entities like MLB, zipcar, etc are unsurpassed. I think I might even get one in a few years when they've added multitasking, a keyboard, removable battery, etc - because the software base will be so compelling. I love WM, but there are tons of great apps for the iPhone that were somehow never developed for WM. It used to be that less than 2% of all users installed apps on their smartphones. Apple made it cool and easy. The games for the iPhone are also impressive. I'm excited to see whether future versions of the iPhony add gaming buttons to compete with the likes of the PSP and NDS. The games right now are nice, but several levels below NDS/PSP standards. 2) An end to price gouging - once the iPhone sold for $199 w/ contract, it set the bar for other phones. Now you can get just about any phone for $299 or less. Apple has done some great things, but the best part of the iPhone isn't on the device - it's the marketing campaign behind it. Good for them. I want a phone that will actually help me get things done, so I'll use my Touch Pro (soon TP2) with apps like the Softmaker suite. Most people, however, do NOT want that on their phone.
  • LOL
  • You WinMo fans can say "my phone has had these features for years", but it's the implementation and quality of these features on the iPhone that blows your Windows Mobile phone away. The video was hilarious, though.