Planet Zoo lets you manage a bustling zoo and raise animals, right on your PC

Frontier Developments today announced Planet Zoo, an upcoming zoo management sim game for PC. The game will allow players to raise and manage various species, attracting visitors with enclosures, entertainment and the wonders of nature. If you've ever wanted to run your own zoo, this is the game for you.

The developer isn't new to simulation games, with both Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution under its belt in recent years. The major selling points of Planet Zoo include authentic animals you can get up close to, as well as the usual creativity and tools available you'd expect from such a game.

This isn't simply going to be a game where you place animals and leave them be; you'll be tasked with monitoring them, ensuring they have exactly what they need, breeding new animals and ensuring visitors are happy with your zoo. The visuals will help bring animals to life with accurate looking animations and even strands of hair, or fur, being rendered.

Park managers will be able to house not only playful small lion cubs but everything up to huge elephants. Each individual animal will have needs depending on its surroundings, weather, social interactions, and more. There's another side to raising animals, which involves studying the species, helping them thrive in your park, and raising the young to pass the best genes on to future generations.

Much like Planet Coaster, players will be able to focus on the larger park as a whole and get even the smallest details just right within each animal enclosure. Research technologies will be present for you to advance through the field and unlock additional content, and there'll even be the option to release animals into the wild — if you don't get too attached.

If you're familiar with Planet Coaster, you'll feel right at home here. Planet Zoo is set to be released on PC in autumn later this year. Pricing details are unknown at this point.

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